Seriously Playful: Evernote’s First Hack Week


Seriously Playful: Evernote’s First Hack Week

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 26 Jan 2016

Posted by Jeremy Brand Yuan on 26 Jan 2016

Put down your day-to-day projects and build what you think is important. That was the challenge posed to the Evernote team during our very first Hack Week, which took place January 11-15.

The idea had been kicked around for a while: encourage engineers and non-engineers alike to gather a team outside of their everyday work groups and hack away on an impactful passion project.

Evernote hack week

The turnout and participation exceeded expectations, with 54 teams from across the globe coming together for four busy days. They built projects that ran the gamut: R&D innovations, popular user requests, and concepts of new product features.


On Friday, the company came together for a Hack Week science fair where barristers judges awarded 13 prizes with names such as “What’s in a Note?,” “Smooth Like Butta,” and “The Coolest S*** We’ve Ever Been Hyperbolic About.

While playful in spirit, the week yielded seriously useful results. It’s contributed to the Evernote verve and a number of projects are making their way into product pipelines. In fact, some projects and fixes have already been committed to Evernote’s code base.

It’s early yet, but it feels as if a new tradition has begun at Evernote. Check out the pictures below for more of Hack Week #1.


Gettin’ wiggy with it.


A disturbance in the Force.


The key to every winning project: a proper doggy paddle.


Testing the rumored relationship between number of screens and victory.


Fun fact: we won these engineers from a claw machine at Pizza Planet.


The Niners didn’t get the memo this year, unfortunately.


Putting on the game face for the science fair. 


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  • Aleks

    All that teasing and no mention of what some of the projects were? 🙁

    How about a fan choice award? 🙂

    • Jeremy Brand Yuan

      We just don’t want to spoil the surprise when they make it into the product 😉

  • Toby

    I would like to know who out there uses Evernote for Construction Projects.

    • Lolitta

      Hey Toby. I encourage you to post this question on our user forum: – You’ll have more luck there!

  • Ivan Siladji

    Love the idea! What a productivity boost. Can’t wait to see some of the outputs.

    Ah, the next question though, all those post-it notes from the events? Are they now in Evernote? Haha.

    Love your work.

    Ivan Siladji

  • Patrick

    Please, archive feature! Please, archive feature! Please, archive feature!

  • GG

    Hopefully you won’t neglect PCs, as I can’t see a single one in the pictures….

    • kevin

      Holy Cr@p. All those Macs. Please make sure that the 90+ % of the world population using Windows is not overlooked when releasing any new features for desktop and essentially 60% of globe on android mobile. Please?

  • Superman Smith

    Good stuff guys, but to be honest, I think you need a few more macs in there. I could hardly see Apple’s glorious creation at all in that video, come on! I mean, if I counted, I could probably find at least 4 seconds of footage that doesn’t contain an Apple product, and that’s pretty unacceptable. Step it up.