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5 Favorite Ways to Collect Content in Evernote

5 Favorite Ways to Collect Content in Evernote

Posted by SiNing Chan on 22 Feb 2016

Posted by SiNing Chan on 22 Feb 2016

Just as the founders of Yahoo and Starbucks found inspiration for their company names from novels they’d read, we, too, often stumble upon our best ideas from the least expected places.

The name “Yahoo,” for instance, was derived, in part, from a legendary creature found in Jonathan Swift’s novel, Gulliver’s Travels. And the name “Starbucks” was inspired by the chief mate on the whaling ship in Herman Melville’s novel, Moby-Dick.

Had Evernote been around when the founders of Starbucks were brainstorming for names, they would’ve had an easy way to collect all their ideas into one place. When the founders came across the name “Starbo” on the old mining map they’d found, I could imagine them snapping and saving a photo of it into Evernote. A little while later, when they decided to search for words beginning with “st”, they would’ve seen the name “Starbuck” highlighted in a PDF version of Moby-Dick they’d saved to Evernote months earlier.

Creative ideas, like start-up ventures, often start from humble beginnings. And only after they’re cultivated and given time to germinate, do they begin to sprout. If the founders had failed to make that crucial connection between the map and the novel, we’d be drinking coffee from “Cargo House” (the name they came close to adopting).

Whether you’re starting a new coffee shop or redesigning your company website, Evernote serves as a great incubator for ideas and has a considerably large capacity to collect and retain information.

Here are five ways Evernote can help you collect and save content:

1. Web Clipper


Web Clipper lets you capture full-page articles, along with the images, text, and page layouts as they appear in your browser. Download and install Evernote Web Clipper as an extension for your web browser. Learn more »

Try it out:
Search the web for your favorite coffee-related words, then, highlight and save words or phrases you like to Evernote.

2. App integrations

Evernote works well with many of the productivity, photography, or lifestyle apps you already use. Use applications such as IFTTT or Zapier to extend the power of Evernote by automating connections with other online services. Learn more »

Try it out:
Create a recipe in IFTTT or a Zap automation in Zapier that sends you a Slack notification whenever your partner creates a new note with more name ideas.

3. Add photos and images to notes

Use the Evernote camera on your mobile device to snap a photo or use it as a handy, portable scanner. You can also attach image files from your computer to any note. Evernote can search handwritten or printed text inside images saved to your account. Learn more »

Try it out:
Snap photos of the company names you and your partners scribbled onto a whiteboard (or on the back of an envelope) during your last brainstorming session so you don’t have to spend time typing them all out.

4. Drag and drop

Got documents and files on your computer you’d like to save to Evernote? Simply drag and drop them directly from your computer into a note. Each file is saved as a separate note. You can also attach files to any opened note. Learn more: Mac | Windows

Try it out:
Attach PDFs, Office files, or anything else you’ve collected from your desktop computer to notes in Evernote.

5. Save emails to Evernote


Save travel reservations, meeting notes, or other emails to Evernote. These notes can be organized into notebooks alongside other notes related to the same topic. Learn more »

Try it out:
Save the email thread where your team decided on the final three name options for your fantasy coffee shop.



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  • Dawn

    I notice this feature works best when the docs are in final or near final form, less so for changable or updated sources. I had hoped to use an excel doc for a simple crm, but found it doesn’t update, hmm. Got any solutions for that? Thanks for the ideas!

    • SiNing

      Evernote lets you edit external spreadsheets with a compatible app on desktop computers. See

  • Nancy

    I keep getting an error when trying to download. It says “Safari can’t install this extension. An error occurred while installing the extension “evernote web clipper”.

  • Mike Glish

    Here’s a “keep it simple” idea I’ve asked Evernote to implement for a long time but I’m still waiting… There are many times I just want to write a note to capture a thought, outline some ideas, etc. How about a way to launch a note window without also popping up the main UI? This is the idea behind Alternote but it still has to sync with Evernote. I’ve tried this with Day One but it can’t sync with Evernote. Just a note window please. Take the web clipper. You can click on the icon, click on save, and you’re done. The web clip is now in Evernote. Do the same with a note window: Ctrl-Opt-Command+N (on a Mac) and up pops just a note window. Enter your thoughts. Click the red circle. Done.

    • Luke

      Mike, Try FastEver. It cost me $1, but I keep it on my home screen on my phone and use it to quickly capture a note, which then uploads to Evernote as soon as I am connected (in case I am in offline mode).

    • Lee Herman

      @Mike Glish: Quick note from Evernote does just what I think you’re asking for.

      • Daniel Cowan

        Thumbs up

      • John Mason

        You are correct Lee. Check out quick note (located on the menu bar on a Mac) and it does just what you are asking.

    • Christy K

      Mike, I’m not sure if this works the same on the Mac, but here’s what I do. I added Evernote desktop app to the startup menu. When you close the app it remains running in the background and can be seen in the system tray. You can right click on the icon in the system tray and choose New Note or simply use Ctrl+Alt+N to open a new note from anywhere in Windows – only a new note will pop up not the full UI

      • bnp

        Nice…. like the anywhere tip…

    • Barbara Lee

      @Mike: That exists now on the Mac OS, at least. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the Evernote elephant in the menu bar. NOT the web clipper, which is in your browser next to the tabs. This is above that. It got installed when I installed the Evernote app way back when. Just click on it, and voila – new, instant quick note. Just start typing or recording.

    • Daniel Cowan

      SimpleEver or Journal both by Voyager apps from the App Store does just this on iOS, not sure if there is OS X app that does it also.

    • Damon

      I agree Mike. That would be awesome and reoccurring reminders too!

    • SiNing

      To create quick notes on your desktop, use Evernote Helper (the elephant on the menu bar, not the Web Clipper extension). Notes go into default notebook. For Mac, see For Windows, see

    • Anita

      Mike, I noticed if you are on the PC if you right click on the Evernote either on Task bar or in start menu you can go directly to new note. On phones and tablets the widget is amazing for exactly that quick jot down note you are wanting!

      • Brian

        Nice, thanks! Just added the widget to my home screen on my phone and selected Simple Note and defined a new Thoughts notebook. I can then process those thoughts later when I have some time.

  • Lori

    One issue I have when clipping web pages or emails is designating where they are saved in Evernote. Maybe I’m missing something (probably am), but can you help me send these items to the note of choice, rather than simply as a new and separate note? Thanks a bunch!

  • Ruben

    Didn’t YAHOO come from the acronym “Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle”. 🙂

    • SiNing

      @Ruben YAHOO is, like you say, an acronym. The other part of the story is that the founders were reported to have had an affinity to the characters from Gulliver’s Travels and may actually be a backronym, with the name preceding the acronym.

  • PCB

    I just discovered Business Card Integration. I’ve been using evernote for about a year now and think that this capability has not been well publicized. I was looking for yet another app to add to my iPhone that included integration with Evernote. I didn’t think to look within Evernote itself. There is no ‘business card’ button but the photo app scanned and translated the business card (better than the business card app I tried)!

    Everyday I am amazed by the flexibility and simplicity of evernote that decrease the complexity and stress in my life. While there are features (i.e. recurring reminders, or ability to schedule the creation of a new note from an existing note (template) – There is high value to doing what you do well very well vs. doing many things not so well.

  • Andy

    Would like to be able to dictate a note into Evernote through Google Now by saying OK Google > Note for Evernote and start talking in my car. Possible? How?

  • Joe

    I use Siri, i.e. “Hey Siri. E-mail Evernote.” (I created a contact whose name is Evernote,” and the e-mail address is (duh) my Evernote e-mail address. Then I dictate the note to Siri and send.

    I can also say, “Hey Siri open Evernote.” Then I press the text icon, press the microphone icon in the keyboard window and dictate a note. When driving that makes me look away from the road twice and take a hand off the road twice so… safer to do e-mail version.

  • Tracey

    Is there a way I can create a new notebook when using Web Clipper? Many times, I clip an article and don’t have the appropriate notebooks setup. I don’t see a way to add a new notebook in clipper. Right now, the article saves to the default notebook, then I go to Evernote, create a notebook and move the article. Am I missing something in Clipper? Thanks!

  • Terry Lange

    Will there ever the ability to append to an existing note by adding additional pdf or jpegs? Or the ability to merge two notes together

    • Ann

      Merging two notes works in the desktop client in the side list view option at least (probably others, haven’t tried it). Select both notes from a list (maybe from a search or in the Inbox) and a dialogue box shows up, merge is one of the options.

  • Jim

    Adding images to a note is easy. Resizing them, not so easy…impossible w/o editing them in a photo app.

  • Ann

    I could not for the life of me get Siri to understand the word “Evernote” so I made a contact called “Elephant” for my email forwards. Now if I could just drive into my brain “@ for notebooks, # for tags” so I could file them as I send them.

  • Ed McDevitt

    I use Web Clipper extensively for the reasons everyone does, I’m sure. I always, always clip the entire article for a lot of reasons, but the main one is: articles and web links disappear, go dead, become inaccessible. This might seem obvious, but I know a lot of Evernote users who clip the Simplified Article or the Full Page or the Bookmark. Good for some things, but if you want everything in the article – clip the article!

  • Ruben

    I need help, how come every-time i save a note, a picture, etc.. on my phone add’s the title of whatever i have going on on my calendar? – Can i change this? if so… what are your recommendations?

    • SiNing

      Auto-populated note titles is an option you can disable by unchecking selected calendars. On iOS go to Settings < General < Calendars. Explore the Evernote Community forums for info, including similar Android options.

  • Marco

    When will we be able to append text or images to a note from the web clipper (and iOS)? I end up creating tons of separate notes every time I’m researching a topic. Apple Notes makes this so much faster, but it isn’t Evernote…

  • Kat

    after adding images, the note went haywire! i couldn’t edit the note properly on my mobile app. it’s all single lined editing while error says unsupported version. thought i had updated the app and that was only few weeks ago when the problem still existed. i had to remove the images (didn’t work still) and copy paste to Word then to a new note. how troublesome.

  • Des

    I would use it a lot more for saving documents except that I cannot search for a string of text in all notes, on my Android devices. This limits its usefulness severely.

  • David Clark

    Lost all the notes on my Ipad, but they are still on my Iphone. Had a note on my Ipad that said I needed to sign in, did that and all the notes came back, but they soon were gone again. What can I do?

    • prosen

      David, I’m so sorry you’re having this trouble. It must be frustrating. I’d encourage you to send a tweet to @evernotehelps on Twitter for assistance. -Pam R