Capturing Coffee Culture with Evernote

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Capturing Coffee Culture with Evernote

Posted by Greg Wén on 24 Feb 2016

Posted by Greg Wén on 24 Feb 2016

Whether you like to stick to the classic morning cappuccino, swear by Bulletproof Coffee, or prefer your Starbucks latté on the go, there’s no denying the grip that this bitter brewed drink has over our quotidian routines. First heralded by Yemeni Sufis as an elixir that boosted vitality and vigor, coffee has been seducing people the world over for centuries.

Jeff Newton: Americano Mondays

Jeff Newton is on a mission to document coffee culture across the United States. “From endless conversations to late night journaling sessions, coffee culture has played an important role in my evolution as an artist,” he says. Jeff is a commercial photographer based in Los Angeles and has shot for clients such as Forbes, Nike, and The Ritz-Carlton. Aside from his diverse portfolio, he credits much of his artistic identity to his humble beginnings in coffee shops. “Having worked as a barista in the early years of my career, I fell in love with the community of independent spirits that are often found within the walls of a café.”

Photographer Jeff Newton

His project, Americano Mondays, showcases this passion and dedication through multiple mediums, including photography, interviews, and even music. “We’re about to begin production on the second volume of a series of live, raw music videos that will be shot in local coffee shops around Los Angeles.”

In the beginning, Jeff used physical notebooks to keep track of all of his thoughts. “I’ve been journaling as far back as I can remember, and after years of filling up notebooks, I made the transition to journaling within Evernote. It was a slow transition,” recalls Jeff, “but it’s more important to me to write continuously rather than trying to only use pen and paper. Now that I’m using Evernote to journal, I find myself writing on a more consistent basis.”

From its inception, Jeff has planned and operated Americano Mondays using Evernote. The project has taken him around the country, from Texas to Arizona up to America’s coffee capital, the Pacific Northwest. It’s a daunting and ambitious task trying to curate everything single-handedly, but Evernote allows Jeff to maintain the entire scope of Americano Mondays—video, text, and photos—from beginning to end, all inside one application.

“To be able to access and search across different kinds of material is integral when you’re working on a project of such dimensions.”

Beyond being just a place for storage, Evernote is also Jeff’s workplace. He keeps multiple notebooks within Evernote: one for brainstorming, another for branding, a third for web design ideas, and a fourth for blog posts and drafts. In addition to those notebooks, Jeff keeps an ongoing journal within Evernote about the progress of Americano Mondays. “It’s the one place where I can be totally honest with myself about my successes and failures as I move forward with this project.”

Jeff Newton: Americano Mondays

When not sipping his way around America, Jeff dedicates his time to his other job as a commercial photographer. He began using Evernote in 2011 to keep track of his commissioned projects; since then, the app has become the hub of his professional day-to-day life. Each client has a dedicated production notebook containing all the notes and documents related to the project, such as call sheets, shot lists, gear requirements, and insurance paperwork. Pinned to the top of every production notebook is a note titled Call Log—Daily Notes, a running thread of every email exchange between Jeff and a client. “When I’m not sure if I spoke to someone about a certain topic, I do a quick search in Evernote. It’s helped me out so many times.”

Follow Jeff on Instagram at @jeffnewton to see more inspiring work.


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  • Shannon Duffy

    “Pinned to the top of every production notebook is a note titled Call Log—Daily Notes”
    Can you explain exactly what it means to have something “pinned”? Do we have the ability to pick one note in each of our notebooks that will be displayed at the top, regardless of how we are sorting our notes? That would be very helpful if it is possible!

    • Forrest Dylan Bryant

      Shannon: Yes, you can do this by adding a reminder to the note (adding a date to the reminder is optional). See

      • Shannon Duffy

        Awesome! I have used reminders before, but I guess I never thought of using it like a pinning function. Going to organize my notebooks now! Thanks!!