How Six Amazing Women Get More Done with Evernote

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How Six Amazing Women Get More Done with Evernote

Posted by Forrest Dylan Bryant on 02 Mar 2016

Posted by Forrest Dylan Bryant on 02 Mar 2016

What’s in a note? Not just words, checklists, or attachments. It’s people and passions, ideas and inspiration: these are the things that bring note-taking—and, by extension, Evernote—to life. Together, they make the difference between a chunk of information and a creative breakthrough.

With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8 (and Women’s History Month underway in the U.S., U.K., and Australia), we’d like to take a moment to revisit some of the dynamic entrepreneurs and artists who have shared their Evernote stories with us. These brilliant women continually find new ways to follow their passions, exceed their goals, and impact the lives of others. We’re proud to be a part of the way they work.

Empowering creativity with Brit Morin

“Human beings were made to be creators,” says Brit Morin, and that belief is the driving force behind her company, Brit + Co. Fostering creativity through a combination of craft, tech, and fun, Brit + Co attracts over 12 million visitors each month. Brit is also devoted to paying it forward, encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial women through initiatives like the #IAMCREATIVE Foundation.

Bringing history to life with Amy Stewart

Writing historical novels often means making unexpected discoveries. Take Amy Stewart, for example, who stumbled across a gold mine of forgotten history when she found the odd headline “Girl Waits with Gun for Black Handers” in a 1914 issue of the New York Times. What followed was a fascinating research journey, managed in Evernote, that led to the bestselling novel Girl Waits with Gun.

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Working smarter with Shaa Wasmund


Author and businesswoman Shaa Wasmund has built a career out of helping small business owners find success. Shaa’s books—Do Less, Get More and Stop Talking, Start Doing—are full of lessons for achieving meaningful results in life with more happiness and less stress. As founder of Smarta, she uses Evernote to capture visual inspiration in the moment and empower her entire team.

Building a company with Yana Vlatchkova

“Despite all obstacles and falls, you must rise up and keep on going,” says Yana Vlatchkova, co-founder and COO of Swipes. Her company is on a mission to redefine the way we work, connecting people and projects in a single dynamic workspace. But getting there wasn’t easy. We talked with Yana last year about her journey and some of the hard lessons she learned along the way.

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Exploring color and texture with Marta Spendowska


Abstract artist Marta Spendowska balances an organized workflow with the muses of beauty and spirituality, creating enigmatic works in watercolors, acrylic paint, and ink. To manage the unpredictability of her mediums, she tracks every stage of the creative process in Evernote, carefully noting process and results. “My life and work happens in Evernote,” she says. “It’s my own personal encyclopedia.”

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Staying inspired with Krisstina Wise

As she built up the GoodLife Companies, a nationally recognized real estate brokerage, and a consulting firm helping real estate agents go paperless, Krisstina Wise learned first-hand the importance in believing in herself and her dreams. Along the way, she also developed a sense of personal mission that inspires her to do more. “Who I am and what I do impacts the lives of others and that allows me to live my best life possible,” she told us. “Squeeze the juice out of life and stay present.”

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