Seasoned Leaders, Fresh Ideas: Meet the New Evernote Team

Posted by Chris O'Neill, CEO on 17 Mar 2016

Posted by Chris O'Neill, CEO on 17 Mar 2016

At Evernote, our team makes a positive impact on millions of users worldwide, every day. To connect with those users takes a special kind of leadership—a strong, flexible group with the expertise to build upon Evernote’s successes and the vision to see what’s next for the company as a whole.

We’ve assembled a new leadership team that combines the best of both realms. Drawing from global companies such as Google, Skype, HP, Logitech, Microsoft, Motorola, and VMware, the seven people I am introducing today are experts in building great customer experiences, scaling cloud services, growing brands, and developing talent. They are also rolling up their sleeves, working alongside the teams they lead while keeping our focus solidly upon Evernote’s end users. I’m excited to introduce them.

In taking charge of our Product team, Erik Wrobel is leveraging 20 years of experience in product management, most recently as VP of Product at VMware where he started the cloud management product line and got hands-on with deeply technical engineering teams. He brings a wealth of technology experience to Evernote, along with the sort of deep understanding that can guide the business for years to come.

In China, we now have more than 16 million registered users and an independently operating business known as Yinxiang Biji. Raymond Tang, our new leader for Evernote China, has more than 20 years of tech industry experience with companies such as Nokia and Microsoft. Raymond’s ability to work seamlessly with teams from multiple functions will be essential for growing and scaling our burgeoning business in China, bringing the organization together to ensure that we are one Evernote team.

On the Marketing side, Andrew Malcolm exemplifies the ability to fearlessly dive into the details while also thinking at scale. In his first 100 days, he’s taken huge strides in evolving our brand narrative, identifying emerging market trends, renewing our marketing infrastructure, and helping new users discover the value of Evernote more quickly. Andrew’s experience guiding Skype through years of 40% increases in users gives us the foundation required to manage hyper-growth, while time spent at technology investment fund Silver Lake gives him a broad perspective about where markets are headed.

Ben McCormack, our new head of Technical Operations, has spent his career building and managing large scale infrastructure to support the needs of a diverse customer base. More recently, he has deep experience in cloud computing and is bringing that experience to Evernote as we map a future architecture for our service.

Great user experiences begin with great design. Nate Fortin has brought an increased focus on early prototyping to our Design team, with regular feedback from users driving a more focused and engaging Evernote experience. Nate brings a wealth of expertise from his time at Motorola, where he led design for the mobile device market. The critically acclaimed Moto X phone and Moto 360 smartwatch products exemplified Nate’s context-driven design approach.

By hiring leaders who are team members first and foremost, Evernote is building an organizational culture that innovates, looks forward, and helps its people do their best work while adding the capabilities we need to manage growth. As the new leader of our People Operations team, Michelle Wagner is applying nearly 20 years of experience in HR for software companies to grow and find some of the best talent in the industry.

Finally, Azmat Ali joins us at the head of our Brand organization. Azmat brings 20 years of experience in marketing for major technology brands like HP and Logitech, but it’s his start-up scrappiness that really stands out. Here is a brand leader who not only conceives of the Boom Bus to launch the UE Boom but also personally drives it up and down the California coast. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do for us.

These talented executives join a group that includes Seth Hitchings, a six-year Evernote veteran who has assumed the leadership of our Engineering organization, and Jeff Shotts, our CFO and a passionate champion of Evernote. Seth, Jeff, and many others across the company will ensure that even as we pass the baton from an incredible founding team to a new generation of leaders, we will never forget how we got here.

I am proud to have these colleagues by my side. As human knowledge and creativity expand exponentially, we are forging a product, organization, and brand that will help hundreds of millions of people reach new heights in productivity and success. We now have the team in place to boldly write the future of Evernote.


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  • Josh Jodel

    Nice! Go Evernote!!!

  • Valentin Cojocaru

    Maybe a platform where people can randomly connect and share their notes would be an idea to centralize the database. I am sure Evernote is such an institution that people would be happy to meet other people just because they use Evernote. In the meanwhile I have created a Linkedin group where my guess is that a lot of people would like the share some of their notes and grab others if they were aware that just a possibility exists. My intention is the increase the availability of the group and any kind of exposure would be helpful.

  • Kruno

    It all sounds nice, but unfortunately Evernote has a bad history of too much talk, not enough do. I would personally be far less skeptical if we could feel this change trough actions on the user side more than just blog post that always seems to skew the reality in Evernote favor. That being said, if only 1/3 of what is being written here is true that is good news indeed and is to be saluted. Time will tell, sooner or later.

    • Dustin

      This is very true.

  • Helen Crozier

    Congratulations to Evernote – this will ensure this fantastic product remains the first choice for managing our digital work and lives. #forevernote

  • Chris Handy


    I’m glad to see this season of renewal at Evernote, which has served as my “external brain” since 2008. There is a lot of uncertainty in the community about the lack of focus on the core product in recent years. I’d love to learn a little bit more about the direction some of these wonderful folks will be taking Evernote; which at this point, I can’t function without. I know you can’t give the full roadmap (as that would be silly) but it would be great to hear from you on this topic, even a little bit.

  • siti

    Welcome to Evernote’s new team. My sincere hope is Penultimate can be further improved and be integrated into Evernote itself for seamless note-taking. Thank you.

  • Ridwan Jaafar

    Hope the new leadership team make my favourite app less bloated and more responsive. Good Luck.

  • Tom Murphy

    “It all sounds nice, but unfortunately Evernote has a bad history of too much talk, not enough do.” HOW TRUE. “Time will tell, sooner” HOPEFULLY NOT “later.”

  • Mikej

    “…we will never forget how we got here”. Well it started with very good note taking software. The last group certainly forgot that and butchered the thought of it. Now that I’ve been forced to the OneNote ecosystem (which I am not entirely happy with either, but it works), it will be a very hard sell to get my notes and money back. But I will admit, not impossible because Evernote image search is clearly more accurate than OneNote, as the one benefit I miss. If MS gets that working better before big changes at Evernote trickle down to the end user, I`ll have no reason to switch back.

  • Ian McKittrick

    As Chris has said . . . “There is a lot of uncertainty in the community about the lack of focus on the core product in recent years” I love the product and want to see stability, growth and innovation – I DO NOT want to be thinking about moving to OneNote for that stability and consistency. Welcome aboard new team – give us confidence!

  • Larry Kenner

    Nice to see positive changes at Evernote! Please try to develop consistency across all platforms. How about something more robust for Chrome OS?

  • Dennis Gehrke

    Looking forward to some fresh thinking. Im optimistic that we will get local encryption availability. It seems if you want to be a 100 year company, you need to do the things your clients are asking for. If you don’t do it, someone else will.

  • David

    Evernote is an amazing product. I am looking forward to the new team achieving its goals and making Evernote a 100 year company. There is a small amount of negative press about Evernote on the internet at present. I suspect this press is written by people you are developing other note taking apps who do not have a clue about how Evernote works. You only need to look at the app store and android play store to see the number of positive reviews of Evernote compared to other similar apps. My final point is Evernote does need to find way to getting ‘freeloader’ to pay for the service. This could be through advertisements or introducing paid features. Evernote cannot keep on providing such an amazing application at no cost.