A New Way to Navigate Notes in Evernote for Mac


A New Way to Navigate Notes in Evernote for Mac

Posted by Greg Wén on 06 Apr 2016

Posted by Greg Wén on 06 Apr 2016

Back in January we held our annual Hack Week, where Evernote employees from offices around the world joined forces for five days of fervent, coffee-driven collaboration. Today, we’re proud to present you some of the results borne out of these efforts in our latest update to Evernote for Mac.

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Evernote for Mac 6.6 lets you zoom in, duplicate, and navigate your notes and notebooks with ease. We also redesigned our audio recorder and added new tag management features.

Navigating quickly through notes and notebooks

Our first Hack Week project to make its way into Evernote for Mac 6.6 is a new navigation and search feature that lets you quickly move between notes and notebooks.

To access it in Evernote, use the Cmd + J (⌘ + J) keys. When the search bar appears, you can type the name of any note or notebook you’d like to switch to.


This shortcut replaces the previous Cmd + J shortcut for the quick notebook selector. You can still access the notebook selector using Cmd + Option + J.

Introducing note zooming

You’ve been asking for note zooming, and now it’s here! Two of our developers responded to this popular request and committed themselves to the cause during Hack Week. Here’s how to zoom:

  • To zoom in on a note: Cmd + plus sign (+)
  • To zoom out of a note: Cmd + minus sign (–)

On trackpads, you can use pinching gestures to zoom in or out.

Mac 6.6 Zoom

Tip: If you want to increase or decrease the size of a selected text without zooming, you can use the following shortcuts:

  • To increase font size: Cmd + shift + period (.)
  • To zoom out of a note: Cmd + shift + comma (,)

A new look for audio

If you’re running OS X Yosemite or newer, you’ll see that we’ve redesigned our audio recorder for easier, more intuitive recording and playback.

In note editing view, click on the microphone in the toolbar, then click the record (red circle) button.

MAC 6.6 Audio Record

You can gauge the loudness of your recording via the decibel volume display in the middle of the recorder. Once you’ve finished recording, click the stop (white square) button and your recording will be transformed into a .WAV file inside your note.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 16.58.37

And much more

The Evernote for Mac 6.6 update fixes several issues that were causing crashes. In addition, we addressed some of the great ideas we’ve heard from our community.

New sidebar selection model
Many of you noticed that the sidebar navigation always highlighted the ‘Notes’ tab. You’ve asked for this to be changed and we listened. Now, when you select an item from the sidebar, you’ll see your selected note, notebook, or tag highlighted.

Managing tags in the note editor
Another feature we’re bringing in this update is tag management in note view. Whenever you edit a note containing a tag, click on the small arrow to bring up a menu with the following options:

  • Filter notes by the specific tag
  • Remove the tag from the note
  • Delete the tag from all notes

Mac 6.6 Tag mgt

Note: Keep in mind that you cannot manage tags in shared notes where you don’t have editing permission.

Duplicating Notes
Our latest update to Mac also lets you easily duplicate any note. To create a copy, right click on a note and select Duplicate Note from the menu options.


This update is available to anyone that downloaded Evernote directly from our site. If you use a version of Evernote that you downloaded though the Mac App Store, then you can get the new version here.

We created Evernote as an extension of your mind, and we hope our latest update will help you navigate between your thoughts and ideas more quickly and easily. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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  • Paul

    Love these updates!

  • Thameera

    Switching between notes was always a hassle and it’s gone now. Kudos for Cmd+J, a much needed addition. EN experience just got better.

  • Dennis Burger

    Indeed, love the new CMD + J ‘switch note / search’ feature! Awesome productivity shortcut.

  • Bob

    Great job on the updates! I would love to see Note Zooming and the new navigation and search feature implemented in Evernote for Windows as I use Evernote for both Windows and OSX

  • Colin Walls

    An excellent update! The new navigation works very well. Zooming notes on my iMac 5K screen is ideal. And note duplication saves me lots of steps almost every day.

    Give me templates or read-only notes and I will be really happy.

    Thanks for the latest efforts.

    • Chris

      Next up? Templates, please!

  • JF

    Thanks for the improvements!
    Love the CMD + J; but please also include tags on this function! 🙂

  • Dave

    Thanks for the new shortcut!

  • chodorowicz

    Nice! Finally some updates that make sense. Keep up the good work!

  • Andrea

    Very good! I love the direction of Evernote: more feature but more focused on the fundamentals of taking notes and organize them.
    I’d love the possibility to omit a note, or a group of notes, so they don’t appear if i make a search, but i can resume when i want.

  • Patrick K McCarthy

    For me, the note highlight is not working. When selecting a notebook in the shortcuts sidebar, I have to click twice for it to become highlighted. Not sure if others have this. Mac app, latest OS etc.

    • pmm

      I have a similar problem with sidebar highlight- when I click on a note, it highlights it momentarily, then jumps right back to highlight “Notes.” Other than this I love the new features. I am using a Mac with updated OS.

  • Siti Zufina

    Mine did not work too. I downloaded the update from this website adn replace the Evernote from App Store in the applications. Latest El Capitan. Any idea why?

  • Siti Zufina

    Any update for the iOS? Ability to change colour, font, font size and palm protection in the sketch window, would be great!

  • skrotpræmie

    Thanks for the improvements!

  • Gilbert

    I’d love the possibility to omit a note, or a group of notes, so they don’t appear if i make a search, but i can resume when i want.

  • George

    How about Windows version? Coming up soon?

    • Greg Wén

      Hi George, take a look at our newest update to Windows here: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2016/04/21/evernote-windows/

  • Innokenty Andreev

    Is it possible to view tags in one window? I have near 200 tags. almost personal ontology – so “side bar view” is extremely uncomfortable for me.

  • Byron Brown

    The sidebar selection model doesn’t work for me as indicated. When I have a note selected it is highlighted if it is in my sidebar, but when I select a notebook, the highlighting bounces back down to the Notes item below my shortcut list. How come?

  • Byron Brown

    Also the zooming doesn’t work with pdfs unfortunately as I import many of these into Evernote for storage and retrieval.

  • Scott

    I think Cmd+J just became my new best friend. Awesome update.

  • Steve

    I can not get the web clipper installed with Safari – has anyone else been successful? I got it working with firefox

  • Doug

    What I could really use the zoom for is when I run a downloaded PDF article into an evernote note, and the article is in 2-page format and the text is thus smaller. The zoom function does not seem to work within an incorporated PDF.

  • Billy

    Thanks for the updates and the information. Very helpful.

  • Hank

    Would love to see better integration with email tools (esp. Mail (for Mac))…

  • Bernie

    Where is the Everbotes update for iPad?

  • Christian Karasiewicz

    Fantastic updates! I especially like the command + J feature. This will save a lot of time. Keep up the great work!

  • Judi Short

    Fabulous! How did I miss there was a way to record a meeting while taking notes? Now, find a way to create a default note, so when we open up EN we are there. A place for a main TO DO list, rather than buried inside every notebook where they are hard to find and check. Love this app!

  • Anton

    As much as I appreciate the new features, I wish you’d concentrate on fixing existing bugs first. For instance, Evernote plays very badly with other mac programs when it comes to copying and pasting content. Particularly problematic are CR/LF characters, which frequently appear double or not at all. I love the idea of Evernote, but in practice it’s one of the more frustrating programs I use…

  • Steve

    Would like to see a “Slides mode” so can flip thru cards/notes aka iPhoto style

  • jack

    A year or so ago, on Mac OS, you could sign out AND quit with just one command. Now you must sign out and then quit. Two steps. Can we get this one step process back?

  • Dori

    Cool ideas… But still hoping for an option to tag with color. I want to make each notebook (or a stack of notebooks) a different color so I can identufy them easier at a glass. Thx

  • Les

    Thanks for adding the zoom options, ⌘+ and ⌘-. Very useful. You neglected to mention in your description above that you can also use ⌘0 (that’s a ‘zero’) to return the zoomed note to it’s original size.

  • Hieu

    You should do hack weeks more often 🙂

  • andrew everett

    Love the updates. Templates would be the awesome next step.

  • Simon Choe

    Hi, I love the update, especially the quick search.
    Can you explain more on the “New sidebar selection model”, I don’t really get it.

  • Guncha Kesharwani

    Superb – the zoom especially has changed my life! Thanks and keep on delivering the awesomesauce 😀