Introducing Evernote for Outlook


Introducing Evernote for Outlook

Posted by Greg Wén on 06 Apr 2016

Posted by Greg Wén on 06 Apr 2016

At Evernote, we have a passion for productivity and getting things done. And when great apps work together, your entire day goes more smoothly. That’s why today, we’re happy to introduce Evernote for Outlook—a new add-in for Outlook users that helps you preserve important emails and easily share your notes.

Evernote for Outlook is available to users of the new and Office 365 users using Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook on the web. The add-in allows you to clip email messages and attachments from Outlook directly into Evernote. You can also attach notes from your Evernote account to any email you’re writing in Outlook.

Getting started

For users, you’ll need to check if your account has been upgraded to the new version. If you’re not an user yet, you can sign up to get the new version immediately and start using the Evernote Outlook add-in.

To get started, simply follow the steps below:

  • If you’re using Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016, click the File menu and then Manage Add-ins. If you’re using Outlook on the web or, click the gear icon to the top right and then select Manage Add-ins.
  • In the Manage Add-ins page, click the + sign and then select Add from the Office Store.
  • Select the Evernote for Outlook add-in, followed by the Add button to begin installation.

Note: Evernote for Outlook works in Outlook 2016 for Mac in message read experience only.

Saving an Outlook email into Evernote

Save important email conversations from becoming lost in a cluttered inbox and keep them together with related project notes and notebooks. With the Evernote for Outlook add-in, you can save an email (including its attachments) or entire threads directly into a notebook of your choice. You can also add tags and remarks on the spot. Once you’ve clicked Save, a clean version of your email will appear as an editable note in your Evernote account.


Tip: If you receive weekly reports or status updates from your teammates by email, save them into an Evernote notebook. This way, you will always have the reports on-hand as editable notes and save yourself from digging through your mailbox later on.

Attaching notes to an Outlook email

The Evernote for Outlook add-in also allows you to attach a note to an email. You can select a notebook from the add-in sidebar or search for a specific note.

Evernote_OutlookScreen@1280_KT_v2 (1)

Once you’ve selected a note to attach, a preview of that note will be displayed in your email. Anyone who receives your email can then click on the preview and view the note in full.

Read our Quick Start Guide or visit our App Center for more information on using Evernote for Outlook, and never lose an important email again.


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  • Dennis Dean

    Is there a plan to have full functionality for the Outlook 2016 for Mac version in the future?

    • Stijn


    • Barry Gledson


    • Pinch


    • S


  • Gomes

    I can’t install on my Outlook. Why that? An error message!

  • Rick

    Is this why my Email to Evernote feature suddenly quit working?

    • Greg Wén

      Hi Rick, the Evernote for Outlook add-in doesn’t affect emailing into Evernote. As a Plus or Premium user, you can still send up to 200 daily emails directly into your Evernote account.

      • Mark

        So you are saying that saving emails to Evernote via the Outlook plugin is not subject to the 200 email limitation?

  • Tom Callaghan

    I’ve gotten the Evernote for Outlook addin working for How do I get it to work on the desktop version – Outlook 2016? It is not showing up as an available addin (File/Add-ins/Com Add-ins/Go…. The only two Evernote addins showing are Evernote Clipper for Microsoft Outlook and Evernote Outlook Contact Connector, both of which are checked.

  • Todd Adams

    I know this isn’t email related, but one of the reasons I keep using OneNote is because of the “one button” linked meeting integration with Outloook. If Evernote matched that, I wouldn’t use OneNote anymore.

    • Eric

      If you have Evernote installed on your Windows Machine, there is already a “Save to Evernote” option when you right click an email or event from your calendar. It quickly creates a note in Evernote with the meeting or email content. Just like OneNote.

      This Add-In uses the new model for extending Office applications and also works on the web, and also without Evernote needing to be installed on the machine.

    • Jamison

      yes – the right-click take meeting note in OneNote that gives a summary of the attendees, their acceptance status and check boxes next to their name is a fantastic tool.

  • Dave

    Any plans for the desktop version of outlook?

  • Carson Samson

    I only have access to my personal notebooks. I’d prefer this service connect to my business account (I only use Outlook for work). Is there a way to change this setting?

  • Stefán Esekiel Hafsteinsson

    What about Outlook for Mac 2016 ?

  • Alan H Salls

    Does this add-in supposedly work with Outlook 2016 installed locally (not from Office 365, from Office 2016 Professional)? I cannot seem to get it in my Outlook at all – in fact from my Outlook I can’t even access the Store to download add-ins? I’d really like to try it with my Evernote Premium, but what can I do? Maybe it only works with Outlook 365 and TIA

  • Debra Ingendoh

    I have Office 365 with Outlook installed which is what I primarily use but I also have an account. I can add the add-in to but not to my Office 365 account. How do I add to the Office 365 account?

  • Glenn

    This does not seem to exist: Outlook on the web or, click the gear icon to the top right and then select Manage Add-ins.

    There is no manage add-ins…only manage rules and manage categories

    • Greg Wén

      Hi Glenn, it seems that your account needs to be upgraded to the new platform. All users will get the upgrade soon, and there is no action you need to take to trigger the upgrade.

  • Anders

    Can anyone explain what “message read experience” is?

    • Greg Wén

      Hi Anders,

      Message read experience means that you can see attached notes in an Outlook email, but you do not have the ability to attach a note.

      • Wally MacNaughton

        Not much good for me then. Looking forward to Outlook 2016 for Mac compatibility.

    • Ryan

      Does this work for Outlook 2016 for Mac?

  • Rique Santiestevan

    “Message Read experience” seems to really mean that there is no way to exercise this feature in the Mac application, but if it was applied elsewhere (web client, Windows app) then we would be able to read that note in the Email – correct? That seems like a somewhat crafty way to say that the feature is not available in the Mac… period. Or am I missing something?


  • Layne White

    This seems like a very clean and simple way to share data with one another. I don’t use Evernote much myself, but this will definitely help get me back into utilizing it more, if it is free that is.

  • alberto

    i use outlook on a mac and cannot see where to install the Evernote ADD-In?

  • Alexander Irving

    Anything for us Outlook 2010 users?

  • Katie

    I have been using this plug-in with Office 365 and loving it!! Is there any way to add checkboxes in the remarks area? I have been adding “to-do” items here, and then creating checkboxes once it has synced, but being able to do this in one step instead of two would be helpful! Thanks!

  • Michael Bouton

    I see a few comments regarding Office 365 and the inability to get this add in to function. I do not see any response as to how to fix it. I have the same problem, Office 365 with Evernote Contact Connector add in but not Evernote icon nor the ability to right click an email and send to Evernote.

  • Nick

    I am using Outlook 2013, and my File menu has no “Manage Add-ins” option.

  • Tom

    I installed the add-in but I’m not able to send multiple e-mails at once to evernote.

  • Diane

    I’m still waiting for the return of the clipper for Outlook 2007. I don’t need a new email client. It’s not as if you have to develop this plug-in as you already had it and it worked well. Not sure why you would cripple a product.

  • Caroline

    I see no replies from evernote to the earlier questions about outlook 2007 and 2010. I use outlook 2007 and can see the clipper in my add ins. I have paid for premium evernote. Why doesn’t the old clipper work? I don’t want to use an email address and forwarding to evernote, it isn’t nearly as convenient.

  • Gel Nail tips

    Hey, I adore the site and you have some greawt info.
    But I hadd a wierd error message show up and I’m not sure if
    youu know aboutt it orr not. It went away
    quickly though so I’m not sure exactly what it
    said. Anyway thanks for the article.

  • warren lammert

    Is there a plan to answer the repeated questions about establishing functionality for Outlook for Mac?

  • S

    You guys REALLY need to distinguish between platforms when you are writing these articles. There is a difference between “Outlook 2016” and “Outlook for Mac 2016”. Those are different programs, on different platforms, with wildly different capabilities. I just wasted my time on this site looking for answers to questions about Outlook for Mac 2016 and Evernote. Please write more carefully.

  • John W

    I really want to start using this feature. Currently, I use Evermail on my Mac Mail. It is no longer supported for Sierra. So, I am stuck with el Capitan OS. They main feature that Evermail has over Outlook’s add-in relates to Evernote’s date and time created/updated for the email. Outlook’s add-in shows the created/updated time for when I saved the email to EN. Evermail coordinates the created/updated time in EN with the date and time of the actual email. Any chance this will be supported by the Outlook add-in in the future?

  • Oskar

    Would love to have a “create meeting notes” from O365 Web outlook that crafted a new note with the meeting title, list of participants and the agenda. To me this would be infinitely more useful than the current save email functionality.