Evernote Community Leaders and Consultants: Trained, Connected, and Coming Your Way

Evernote Community Leaders and Consultants: Trained, Connected, and Coming Your Way

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 13 Apr 2016

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 13 Apr 2016

By using Evernote, you’re part of a global community of over 150 million people who are looking to improve productivity and reach their goals. People from all around the world have told us their stories of how they use Evernote, the value it’s brought to their work and lives, and how they’ve shared Evernote with others. If you’d like to learn more about Evernote from expert users or professional consultants, we have two new programs designed to connect you to them.

If you want to reach out to others who love using Evernote as much as you do, the Evernote Community Leader program is for you. Evernote Community Leaders work both online and offline to share knowledge and to provide great tips about how you can get more out of Evernote in your professional and daily life. Community Leaders host events, teach classes, lead online chats, and serve as spokespersons for the global Evernote community. We’ll add even more Community Leaders around the globe in the weeks and months to come, so be on the lookout for events hosted by an Evernote Community Leader near you!

Would you like a personal guide to help you get the most out of using Evernote in your life or work? Get in touch with an Evernote Certified Consultant, a specialist trained to give you personal guidance on using Evernote for maximum productivity. If you’re using Evernote on your own, a Certified Consultant can teach you the ins and outs of Evernote Premium. If you’re getting a team started with Evernote Business, an Evernote Certified Consultant can help you develop custom workflows tailored to your group, train all your team members, and create reference documents for you to use later. More than 150 consultants are ready to help you now, and more are joining all the time. Find an Evernote Certified Consultant in your area.

To celebrate the launch of these new programs, Evernote is embarking on a world tour to host panel events on productivity and efficiency. In the coming weeks, you can meet our Evernote Certified Consultants, hear from productivity experts, learn tips and tricks for using Evernote, and find out more about how to get involved in the Evernote community. See where we’ll be by visiting the Evernote Event Calendar. If you can’t attend live, follow #EvernoteCommunity on Twitter for updates.

Interested in becoming an Evernote Certified Consultant or an Evernote Community Leader? Share the knowledge—and the love. Learn more and apply now.


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  • Colin Walls

    Do these programs only apply to the US? The application form implies that this is the case.

    • Forrest Dylan Bryant

      Thanks for pointing that out, Colin. Applications are open to everyone, not just those in the US. We’ll take a look at the form.

  • skrotpræmie

    Do these programs only apply to the US?

  • skrotpræmie

    I want to learn

  • Bud Ward

    What are the primary differences between a consultant and a community leader?

  • Mark Heffernan

    When I’m writing notes, after a very short time my notes shut down and I have to find the notes again. I used to have more time.

  • Sing Chan

    Does Evernote premium allow me to mark the passages from articles I want to import from sources? For example I’m reading an article from the Journal . Would I be able to mark passages from the journal and import it to Evernote? Or import the article to Evernote and mark passages in Evernote?

  • Joel

    This is quite interesting… Ill have to look into it.

  • TL Chan

    I upgraded to premium some time ago but the app still hasn’t been upgraded. Who can help me?

  • Marsha

    I have tried several times to use Evernote on my computer and I have not been able to get it to work easily so I just gave it up. I used it on my phone but have not used it now for months.

    • John

      What kind of computer do you use and what is the OS? Have you signed in successfully (using your userid and password)? If you are using the most up-to-date version of Evernote, you should have no problems if you have a successful login. You might also try a manual sync if you have signed in correctly.

  • Robert De Luna

    Does anyone know how I can transfer my Evernotes to my mobile phone? Can it be done? Please let me know.

    • John

      If you have downloaded the Evernote app and signed in correctly with your userid and password you should be able to access your notes. At least, that as how easy it was for me.

  • Jay

    Quick Question: if I am not able to make it for an webinar, are they recorded so I can listen to them later? Thanks, Jay

  • Tania

    Is there a faster way to search for Evernote file based on dates? Noticed that whenever I update some earlier notes, it will appear first on my list of notes.

  • B Fritch

    I don’t know how to use it, but after reading that you can’t get things out the way you put them in it doesn’t seem as interesting. Yes, I need someone to talk to.

  • Martin Zapletal

    Hallo everybody. I would like to ask, when the program will start?
    Cause i got an email about my confirmation if Im still interested in.

    • prosen

      Hi, Martin,
      The program is underway now. You can still apply if you haven’t done so yet. -Pam R

      • Zaplo05

        HI, I allready get an email with information ghow to log in. I sent all documents but I did not get any answer or invitation 🙁