Unveiling the New Evernote for Windows


Unveiling the New Evernote for Windows

Posted by Greg Wén on 21 Apr 2016

Posted by Greg Wén on 21 Apr 2016

A while back, we made a public commitment to bring about some large-scale improvements to Evernote. We believe that the best thing about our product is its uniqueness in helping you easily capture, remember, and rediscover things that are important to you.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the all-new Evernote for Windows. For this release, we really wanted to home in on the intuitive essence of Evernote, refining and expanding upon the foundational strengths that make Evernote great.

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A more intuitive sidebar navigation

Our goal for this new Evernote is to provide an experience that feels natural and familiar for Windows users. We began by paring down the left sidebar for a more streamlined workflow, so you can find and manage your content even faster.

Sidebar Compare1

Here’s what’s new in the sidebar:

  • Select ‘Notebooks’ to pull up all your notes in the Note List. Expand the ‘Notebooks’ section to reveal all the notebook stacks and notebooks not organized into a stack.
  • Drag and drop a notebook into or out of a stack to move it to a different location.
  • ‘Trash’ now sits permanently as its own section, permitting easier access to deleted notes.

Slender sidebar option
In this update, we’re introducing the option to collapse the left sidebar into a thin navigation strip—ideal for when you need that little extra bit of working space.

Thin sidebar navigation

To activate this feature, select ‘View > Left Panel’ from the Evernote menu (or use the F10 shortcut). The slender sidebar retains all the key navigation elements of the full sidebar, so you can quickly find a specific notebook or tag by clicking on its respective icon.

Quick navigation by hovering
We added a new feature to let you quickly jump to a specific notebook. When you hover over the ‘Notebooks’ section, you’ll see the option to either search for an existing notebook or create a new one. This feature applies to the ‘Tags’ section too.

Keeping work and life separate
Evernote Business users will see a noticeable change in the arrangement of their content. Previously, personal and business notes, notebooks, tags, and shortcuts existed together within their individual sections, and it wasn’t always obvious which type of content you were looking at. We addressed this ambiguity in our latest version of Evernote.

Now, personal and business content exist in two separate spaces, as indicated by the two tabs on top of the sidebar. You can immediately distinguish where you’re working and toggle between the two views.

Business Split
Select the ‘Personal’ tab to display just your personal content, and select the ‘Business’ tab to display just your Evernote Business content. Another way to switch between personal and business content is to use the keyboard shortcuts Alt + 1 for ‘Personal’ and Alt + 2 for ‘Business’.

Note: To copy content from personal to business notebooks, use the right click menu options.

Smarter search and discovery

We made our search more powerful, so no matter how many notes you have in Evernote or how complex your tagging structure is, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Assist Search

You’ll notice that the search bar sits at a new, more natural place on top of the Note List, closer to your results. Now when you perform a search, Evernote will suggest narrowing down to specific notebooks and introduce parameters to refine or broaden the breadth of your search. Evernote will also scavenge through ‘Trash’ for relevant notes that might have been accidentally deleted.

Colorful ways to organize
Some content is more important than others, but up until now the options to highlight those items were limited. The new Evernote for Windows lets you add color to important notebooks and tags for quicker identification and access to your notes.

Tag Style

To assign a color, right-click on a desired notebook or tag, select ‘Style’ and pick your preferred color. You’ll see it immediately applied to your selection in the sidebar. When you color-code a tag, all notes with that tag will show the color in the Note List.

And more…

The new Evernote for Windows looks crisp and clean even on high-resolution displays thanks to high-DPI support. We’ve made a ton of quality, stability, and feature enhancements to the app too.

Jumping to notes from the note editor
When you’re viewing a note, you can switch to other notes within the same notebook or tag directly from the note editor. Just click on the small triangle next to a notebook name or tag to bring up the notes in the Note List.

Responsive formatting toolbar
The note-formatting toolbar now automatically hides itself when you view a note and reappears when you create or edit a note.

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Our latest version is designed for all types of Evernote Windows users in mind, whether you have just a handful of notes or thousands of them. We hope you enjoy using the new Evernote for Windows. Tell us what you think about the new features in the comments below.


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  • Lloyd

    Nice, but would be even better if it was an UWP app!

    • Igor

      There are lots of people who’re still using Win7 and Win8, and who’ve paid for Premium license and also wish to be updated 😉

  • Giacomo Lawrance

    What a surprise. It still looks rubbish, and search is still slow and clunky. Only difference? Colours and notebook colours. Yay.

  • Jon

    Looks nice but I can’t find my Saved Searches, or create new ones – where have these options gone?

    • Anna H

      We’re bringing previously saved searches back very soon. To save a new one, search a term, then go to File > New Saved Search. For more info, see the forum post here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/95597-new-evernote-for-windows-v60-604-ga/#comment-405090

  • John

    Where are my saved searches?!

  • Janak Kumar Yadav

    Thank you for the latest update, pretty excited to use it. Gotta organise my evernote a bit professionally with this slendered update.

  • JBenson2

    Is the vertical note view (Ctrl+Shift+F5) still available?

    • Greg Wén

      Yes, the vertical note view is still available and you can switch to it from the view menu.

    • Chris

      The vertical view we were used to in the pre-release version is no longer available in this new release. The list view will automatically switch back to the horizontal view.

    • Chris

      I just found the solution today of how to view the list view in vertical format. Next to the search bar there is a drop down and select “side list”. Back to pre-release vertical list view … thank you Evernote programmers for attention to detail. Awesome Job!!

      • Linus

        Thanks Chris (and Evernote)! Saved my day 🙂

  • Paul

    Maybe you should have mentioned that this upgrade will take a significantly long time to complete, and Evernote is unusuable while it’s “tidying up.”

    • Frank

      On the plus side, the release notes offers us the following:

      “Search speed significantly improved. Note that this will require a one-time upgrade of your database when updating to v6.”

  • danny

    where are the shortcuts?

    • Frank

      Read your release notes for a full breakdown. Help > Release Notes. You will find that your shortcuts list moved to the top toolbar… and can be moved back to the side bar. But then probably you’ve found that out already.

      • jpaz

        It is a pitty there the saved searches bar now is not full horizontal and part of it is hidden: one more click to access the last saved searches, one less point in usability score :-/

  • Stuart M

    Really encouraging to see some refinements of the windows desktop app. Please keep the updates coming!

  • Stuart Liroff

    Windows 10: I have Evernote; upgrading to 6.0.4 fails: (,Bootstrapper.cpp:916) 0x643: Fatal error during installation

    • Greg Wén

      Hi Stuart, if you’re experiencing problems upgrading to the new version, please get in touch with our support team at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/categories/200001917-Troubleshooting

      • James Head

        Why not give a more specific url right to solving the installation issue rather than to FAQ where I have to search again. More help, not less.

        • Jeannine

          Great point. The least amount of clicks and input, the better. I’ve used Evernote for a long time; it still needs EASIER OPERATION.

  • Allen Tran

    All these changes seem like a move in the right direction for Evernote. I hope they make their way into the Mac version soon…

    • Maire

      When is the mac going to get tag styles? My daughter and I discussed this over a year ago – and she now has this feature on her windows computer. I have been waiting for tag styles to migrate to the mac for a year! I have started moving tasks to trello so I can get this feature.

  • Stacey Harmon

    Did Atlas view go away with this release? Can’t find it…

    • Greg Wén

      Hi Stacey, yes, we did indeed retire Atlas in this new release. However, you can still assign, edit, or remove a location from a note in the note editor.

      • Stacey Harmon

        Is it possible to conduct a search across all notes in business accounts (ie across both business and personal notebooks)? I only see a way to search all note either in personal, or in business.

        • Anna H

          Hi Stacey – right now, searching is separate between personal and business. However we’re open to user feedback on this, so feel free to join the discussion in the forum post (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/95597-new-evernote-for-windows-v60-604605-ga/), where you can also find a couple hints on upcoming search features!

      • Andrew

        Whyyyy? Atlas was one of my favorite features. Can you please bring it back?

      • Pete

        The Atlas feature was the main reason I used Evernote. After MANY hours entering data I fined that it is now “Retired”. Removing functionality is not my idea of an upgrade. Now it looks like I wasted a lot of time with this app.

        • Dave

          Agree. Atlas was one of the main reasons I use Evernote. I feared this might happen; the more I rely on Evernote, the more worried I am that key functionality might disappear. Time to start looking for an alternative…

      • Ed

        Aw man, the atlas view was one of my favorite features.

      • Cory

        Greg, why did they retire atlas? Now that Evernote is working more closely with Google (Drive) could they not consider marrying aspects of atlas with Google Maps?

      • Rahul Sangole

        Why has the Atlas been retired?! This is clearly a step in the wrong direction! It’s one of the reasons I love(d) Evernote!

      • Tom

        I just wanted to add my disappointed to the list regarding Atlas. I really loved that part of the product. In general I love the product and will continue to see Atlas on my iPad. But please bring it back to Windows.

      • Henry Newton

        Atlas was an important feature to me. Geo functionality is state of the art for organization tools. Please bring it back!

      • Sedat Söylemez

        Why has the Atlas been retired?! This is clearly a step in the wrong direction! It’s one of the reasons I love(d) Evernote!

      • Casey Walton

        Atlas is vital for how I use Evernote for my profession. It is a deal breaker that it has been removed. If it is not coming back we will have to cancel our subscription and find something else.

        • Jim


      • Arturo

        I cannot understand how is it possible that you removed such an important feature!

        Geolocation is probably one of the principal reasons why I liked this app…

        Do you have any plan of restoring it?

        • david

          Incredible FAIL … an up-down-grade?? Now evernote is just a “iphone notes with green background”. I thought it was me who wasn’t able to understand the new version. Evernote guys, with this “evolutions” you are the next Nokia.

  • Kevin Bisch

    Version 6 for Windows looks good – great job ! Premium subscriber for almost 7 years

  • Frank

    I love it that Mac’s “Jump to this note’s notebook” has come to Windows… and you’ve thrown in tags for good measure.

    The way the “Trello-like” colored tags show in the note list is very welcome. It opens up a lot of visual strategies.

    There’s a much better placement of the new search bar. Less mouse travel and more centered.

    When toggling F10, I like it that the Left Panel does not completely disappear. That anchors the page nicely, whether you’re using it or not.

    I see that the relatively new tag filtering tool in the note toolbar was not deprecated, but rather included in the search explanation… and given new powers to interact with it. Very nice.

    The ability to navigate notebooks and tags in the Left Panel within their nested hierarchies is fantastic.

    I see the notebook search box in the note list toolbar has been moved to both the search explanation and the Notebooks tab in the Left Panel. Genius.

    Finally! The tag and notebook panels have been done away with. Very good call.

    It doesn’t take long at all to readjust to the shuffling around of some features. The interface is way more cleaner and brings in some of the design elements I like about the “new” Web Client.

    Pop-out note panels do not look antiquated and look really, really good on Windows 10. Welcome to 2016 Evernote Windows!

    I’m not sure when the side list sneak in… but it’s a great alternative to the top list.

    You’re not kidding when you use the phrase “cleaner and crisper”. It’s more of a pleasure to hang out in the Windows client. This has been a long time in coming.

    Each of the changes I’ve mentioned off the top of my head are a resounding yes and are very much appreciated!

    • Greg Wén

      Thank you, Frank, we’re glad that you’re enjoying this new update!

  • Josh siverson

    Awesome work Evernote team!! Stoked to see the labeling by color option.

  • qi

    Wonderful change!

  • Paro

    I would like to see the colors in the web-app! Will this happen?

  • Shane Ellswood

    I’ve updated my Windows Evernote and see the new layout, except for the Personal and Business tabs. how do I enable them?

    • Greg Wén

      Hi Shane, if you’re an Evernote Business user, you should be able to see the Personal and Business visual split upon opening the new version of the app; no need to do anything on your end.

      • Dharm

        So is the split between “Personal” and “Business” only for business users or for all users?

        • Greg Wén

          Hi Dharm, that’s correct. The visual split of personal notebooks and Evernote Business notebooks is an Evernote Business feature.

          • Rick

            I view this as more of a loss than a feature.

          • Ray

            Where can I sign up for Business account? I only got Basic, Plus, and Premium options (I’m a PREMIUM user and can’t see the Business-Personal tabs either).

  • Ted

    FYI – http://betanews.com/2016/04/21/evernote-6-for-windows-marks-evolution-rather-than-revolution/

  • Pedro

    I found the update mostly good, but there’s one thing I really don’t like: the title of the note is displayed separated from the note itself (the note toolbar is now between the note title and the note contents)
    And i think that Evernote is now less responsive… Things just take a little longer.

    • Anton

      I agree about separation. Feels like thу note split in two parts, and it looks less compact

      • jpaz

        Yes, the title should below the formatting tab, nearer the note

  • Anton

    Thank you for this global update! Tell me please, how can i hide notebooks icon from the left panel? Seems like this function is gone…
    And also i have a terrible problem, When i choose one tag, and start searching among it some information, it is automaticaly switch to the searching among all my notes and tags. And i cant find, how to fix it. Is there something i dont understand? Forgive me my poor english

    • TJ

      Yes, please let us know how to search by tag. That is a very useful function I use constantly.

  • Pedro

    What about Win 10 mobile. Is it over? I was really hoping for a UWP app…

    • Ygor

      At a first sign, I though it was an UWP app 🙁

  • Ted

    You can now display and sort by Reminder Time. That is awesome!

  • Linda

    I am unfortunately not so thrilled… Adding notes was much more straight forward before. Why pop up? I can’t even find how to add/edit a titel anymore. Is there a way to ‘downgrade’ because this is not working for me at all.

    • Chris

      go to Tools>Options>Note and uncheck the box for “Create new note in a new window”. That will turn off the pop-up new window. I just found it myself and it was driving me crazy with the pop-up window

  • Anna

    Windows only?! Boo! Way to cut out 28% of the market (me included). I’ve been pleading to color my folders since I started using the app. Mac and Apple apps soon please?

  • Scott

    Great updates, but why can’t we get password protected notebooks?!?

  • Kruno

    Could you guys please revert back the shortcuts toolbar the way it was before when placed in toolbar. You know with its own space so we can actually get to various shortcuts we use all the time. Why would it be competing with menu toolbar icons. There is plenty of vertical room. Please make it the way it was in Evernote 5. It been discussed on the beta forums. Please listen to your users. Thank you.

    • jpaz

      EXACTLY, I have the same complaint

  • Nan

    Any idea when the Mac version will get colors?

  • Jeff

    I like the ability to add color to the notebooks, but that feature would work even better if you could change the color of a notebook stack.

  • Victor

    Loved the changes, how long i waited for colors… But i really liked the tags panel to organize my tag trees- being limited to the vertical list view only is worst with many tags nested. Any chances of the panel making a comeback?

  • uni

    Great update! I liked it enough to now subscribe to Evernote Premium.
    I particularly liked :
    1. Trello like color tags
    2. Easy access through search links
    3. Pop-up menus for notebooks and tags.

    Note : Hope the changes like colors and search links quickly make it to the Android app.

  • Sigurd

    Nice update.

    There are some problems. it’s hard to organize my tags. The tag page is gone. and I have to drag my tags all the way down to make subtags, and it puts more tags (I didn’t select) into the the tag I drag them into. I can’t undo subtags by dragging them out of their parent tag anymore.

    I really liked the overview I had when I clicked on the tags button )=

    • Ricardo

      Very nice upgrade. Agree with the other ones that the tag panel was very useful as an overview.

  • George

    They are not essential updates! We still can’t enlarge note text, can’t change the order of notebooks which are sorted alphabetically.

  • Lundi Kumalo

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Multiple mail clipping in Outlook is back!!!!!

  • Ygor

    Looks good but, why not a UWP?

  • Dylan Tweney

    Does the new version now support touch properly? I use a Surface Pro 3 and one big drawback of Evernote has been lack of touch support. I can scroll the lost of notes by touch, but not the notes themselves… Only way to scroll the notes has been to use the scroll bar, which is very tricky with fingers and even with a stylus.

  • Hermann

    Will the tag/notebook styles/colors also be synced to web/app?

  • Todd

    I don’t see the created date or updated date stamp anymore on my notes. This was very important to me. If I’m missing it, please let us know how to find it or if you removed it, bring it back on the next update. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to using the new enhancements, especially the search functionality which previously was very frustrating.

  • Scott Graham

    What do the blue icons next to some of the notebooks mean (the notebooks also appear blue) in the Left Panel?

  • John

    Looking good! I understand that a lot of the improvements lately have been under-the-hood, but this one brings out some nice UI updates as well. Great work guys!

  • John

    Overall, I really like the update, but I do not see the heading and other styles selection list. Please tell me I overlooked something. I use that a lot.

  • Nasim Bin Jasim

    Previous version was quite faster that this update . This version is little bit slower than version 5 . Search option is not fast . But I love color . So I get this update . Resolve this issue , I hope it will be great than ever .

  • Taufan

    why the design of evernote on mac is different to the windows? I really really really love the UI on mac

  • Alejandro

    Great redesign.

    I use both, Mac and Windows apps (also iOS and Android), before this update I liked Mac app more than Windows.

    This new App is pretty useful and intuitive.
    I like colored tags a lot…. (When will be available for Mac?)

    Search is better. I like to see all the filters and options when I’m searching. Although I’ve lost my saved searches wich is not good at all. And start to save all of them again will take me a while.

    4 stars for this update.

  • Mark M

    Looks mostly good to me … one issue I have is the apparent lack of a ‘back’ button (previously a solid left arrow) that I could use to go ‘back to the previous viewed note.

    I say ‘apparent’ as it may be there and I’m missing it!

    This is really useful for me as I make a lot of use of note links to navigate through notes and being able to jump back quickly to where I linked from.

    Does the equivalent command exist in the new version?

    • Frank

      @Mark: it’s realy easy. they only hide the buttons. click right on it and add the arrows to the bar. it works well.

      • Philip

        Beware – To customize the toolbar, you have to right click on a button already on the toolbar, and not an empty space in the toolbar, like the other 20 applications I use.

  • Dayton

    Love the updates and love the application – it has great utility for an on-the-go salesperson. Wondering when you’ll provide use of stylus function for Surface Pro users… please tell me it’s in the works.

  • Ruby Konkol

    the new version looks good however I preferred it when all notes were listed alphabetically on the left side bar. It was much easier to find and work with notes. Now only notebooks are listed on the side bar.

  • Ricky

    I’m just baffled why inking is still taking a back seat. I thought that with the new update that inking would get an update but no a single thing has changed. Why in the world can’t I fit inking from Windows on my smartphone properly. And who thought that NOT being able to edit inking on my smartphone was ok? I have the Note 5 and it is so annoying how lacking this is. It is crazy zoomed in and makes me want to stay away from inking all together on Windows? When will this get an update? Will I have to wait for version 7 to get such an important update? I like Evernote and has a lot of advantages but inking leaves more to be desired.

  • Caesar

    Yay. Scaling seems to be fixed, but unfortunately still no touch interface 🙁

  • Justin

    Interface looks great on Windows! Any plans to bring a full-featured client to Linux? The web client just doesn’t cut it.

  • Arlee Hoecherl

    Great to see an update, inclusion of new colors, features , business and personal.. we are a biz – Professional user. Chat window. .. One gap we have seen for a long time. In lists.. We would like to see the ability to Sort inside the NOTE. So if the note uses a Table.. Then sort by the first column. Such as Issue ID. Or if the note is just plain text.. Then sort by (alpha or numeric headings. Ie .. 1, 2 , 3, … Or A , B, C , etc.
    Task would be highlight the entire Body of the note.. and then sort data by the leading indicators. If only bullets are used.. then sends an error message.. “Nothing to sort on ” . Links are nice clips from Email is really nice.. Firefox.. has that been tested? I found the copy from Firefox and paste in Evernote to be fickle.. sometimes changes the format of the pasted data.. Well I guess that is what user feedback is all about right? Making the product better.. so a larger number of users could utilize the software. Cheers.

  • Rick Grunwald

    You still can’t add repeating reminders for birthdays etc

  • AP

    Sadly I still prefer the interface in the Evernote Touch app on Windows.

  • Harry

    Who cares about this stuff. What I want is password protection so that when my computer starts up, it requires a password regardless of the state the last time it was used. If someone steals my computer I am toast!

  • Rick

    Seems like usual, many things taken away or moved, and a few features added. For TWO years in the forums, we have asked for better merging of notes, nothing. Also as long we have asked to be able to change from the GLARING white layout, at least offer the customer the opportunity to change, NOTHING.

  • Myrddin

    And, if you’d listened to us about wanting a DARK THEME.! But, sadly no… still not listening. Ok, good luck with that.!

    • Sam

      Still no dark theme? What gives Evernote?….

  • Clay

    I love EverNote and would love it more if it had the feature that would allow me to enter words and short phrases via a shortcut, like WordPerfect. Do you see this in the future for EverNote?

  • Marian

    Is this strictly a Windows 10 or is it still compatible with Windows 7? I can’t run Win 10.

  • Curt Putnam

    I would still like to see the web clipper able to clip PDFs and Emails.

  • Kevin

    Doesn’t work. Keeps telling me I have to be online to register or perform and initial sync. But I am online. I’m posting this on the same computer.

  • Reima

    Sync problems: When I create a note on my laptop, and I sync it. It doesn’t show up on my phone. But when I create a not on my android phone and sync it, it does show up on my laptop. I can’t figure out how to fix this problem.

  • Jamison

    Can I zoom out from an image in this version?

  • Matthew

    Is there an ability to backup Evernote notes WITH formatting to an editable Windows documents and vice versa?

  • Matthew Robinson

    I’m really liking the update guys. I’m not certain when you added the {code block} formatting, but I love it. As a developer, it makes the use of evernote for any sort of code save / tutorial so much easier to read. Thank you.

  • Aaron

    Overall, I like the changes. But still no persistent pop-up reminders. I don’t get the utility I need from reminders that appear in the corner for a second then vanish when they come due.

    • Lee

      100% agreed if it weren’t for the reminders that stay open on my phone this would have been a deal breaker for me…

  • Guthrie

    Man, people are never happy. That’s great if it keeps you motivated, but I’m really glad to see this update as an all platform Premium user. The basic functionality was already there for me, but I live in Windows half the time and I’m glad you’re committed to pushing new ideas. Thanks.

  • Jeff

    I suggested a feature a while back–the ability to print or export a list view of the notes. Is this possible in new Windows version?

  • Sharetha

    I just started using the new version. Can anyone tell me how to get the Date created and revised to appear at the top of my notes again? I can’t seem to find how to do it. Was this feature taken away? Please help! Thanks!

  • Terence

    Overall, I do like the upgrades. The tag page omission is a little disappointing especially since I was starting to develop cohesive stacking system. In the current setup, it is very time consuming to drag and drop tags vertically. Will the tag page return in a future update?

  • Chris

    Ignore the whiners – fantastic upgrade! The new search alone is worth the price of admission

  • Renard

    Hello everyone, great update! I would like some green in it thoug. It’s evernote’s identity, this new version is so blue that it looks like a microsoft product. Please just turn all those blue highlights (i.e note titles, links, location, new note button, etc) into green to bring back the evernote feel.

  • Richard Ugoji

    I can’t find the created and last updated bars on top of the editing toolbar.

  • Chris

    This release made some major changes to the view and feel of Evernote Windows. The vertical list view is now gone. The only vertical view is Snippet and Card view but when you switch to List view it will automatically go to horizontal view which. I really miss the vertical list view. Also, you can not change the order of the Left Panel view. In the old version I would move the Notebooks, Tags, Saved Searches & Shortcuts around to my liking but you can’t move them now. When you add a new note you automatically get a pop-up window instead of being able to add a quick not without the pop-up. That adds several more steps into the process of adding notes. If anyone knows any work arounds or fixes to the things I mentioned, I would welcome your comments. Overall, I appreciate Evernote’s willingness to improve their product and continued support of making Evernote the best note taker & organizer on the market.

  • Danissimo

    Are note styles planned? I mean…Headers,comments,quotes,code blocks are already here but without language recognition and highlighting is pretty useless.

  • Olga

    Using evernote for work, it’s really annoying that adding a new note you automatically get a pop-up window instead of being able to add a quick not without the pop-up in the same notebook. Is there a setting or a work around? As much as I like the new look, I would love to downgrade to get rid of the pop-out New Note.

    • Chris

      Olga, go to Tools>Options>Note and uncheck the box for “Create new note in a new window”. That will turn off the pop-up new window. I just found it myself and it was driving me crazy with the pop-up window.

  • Nicole

    I can’t believe you rolled this out without offering to allow us to retain the old Evernote. Removing the shortcuts section makes it nearly unusable for me, and although I’ve used it off and on for approx. 7 years, I think I will now have to cancel my subscription.

    Very disappointed.

    • Jo

      Shortcuts are still there. I believe the default in the new version is for them to appear in the toolbar but you *can* move them back to the left panel. I was on the verge of coming up with a workaround since the toolbar thing wasn’t working for me but I finally found it under View > Shortcuts > (fly out menu) Show in Left Panel.

  • Chris

    Very pleased to see this update! Just discovered that selecting a ‘parent’ tag now selects all underlying tags. Hadn’t seen that in the release notes, but it’s a game changer for my workflow and immensely appreciated!

  • thomas

    what happened to the back button?

  • Jeremy

    LOVE Evernote, not happy with this update. Mainly one reason, The left panel, I cant hide it anymore, only make it smaller, would like option to completely hide the left panel, I know how to get it back. The F10 shortcut already existed… I use evernote snapped to one side of my screen, so that little bit of screen real estate makes a big difference

    Just updated at home, will not be updating at work where I use evernote all day

  • Dietrich

    I can’t believe that atlas is gone. An Update w/ less features than the version before?

  • Manu

    hey guys
    where’s “All Notes”? is not available in sidebar anymore?

  • Captain Dave

    Having used the new version for a couple days now, I can state that I really don’t like the separation of Business and Personal notebooks because it is much more difficult to copy content from one to the other and, as far as I can tell, impossible to move it. Used to be fairly intuitive, but now you cannot drag and drop or move multiple notes at one time. You really need to add a business option to the “Move to Notebook” functionality in Personal and vice versa.

    In this day and age, where people work from anywhere at almost anytime, work and personal data do not need to be in separate silos.

    In my humble opinion, this is a step in the wrong direction. It is already hurting my efficiency by making me jump through extra hoops.

    Sometimes, good enough is.

    • Mike Moreau

      Another updated that changes how I do things but after a couple of weeks I have adapted and appreciate most of what has been done. What I don’t understand is how we can decided to separate business and personal notes and don’t supply a separate EN email address to forward content. Many of us use gmail filters to forward content to EN which goes to the default folder. Now I have to go in and move manually to business side. This is a set back for me. About 30-50 emails per day are forwarded and now an additional and very manual step must be done to get into the appropriate funnel to be manged by other personnel. A second business side email would work for me but I am open to suggestions.

  • Hany

    Hi, is there any plans to add handwriting functionality in Evernote for Windows? I had to switch to OneNote because of that 🙁 A quick search online, you will find quiet a lot of potential customers that are waiting for this feature. Especially, windows tablet and surface owners. Cheers

    • Stephen

      Me too, sad to say goodbye to Evernote but since they limited devices for even small-time personal users like me, and still no handwriting support in Windows, OneNote wins hands down. Took a bit of getting used to, but now I’ve got the hang of it it’s much better. Pity that Evernote’s marketing team dropped the ball over that particular customer relations issue.

    • Bradley

      I’m absolutely waiting for the handwriting functionality to become available for Windows… I have a SurfacePro3 and I use OneNote – but I use my personal Surface to take notes at work but can’t sync them with my OneNote on my work laptop, due to the different usernames, instead I have to export and import all the time..
      My colleague told me about Evernote, and I was excited, downloaded Evernote Touch (thinking well there’s a different version SURELY that’s a good start) however no – I downloaded it, and thank goodness I took it for a test drive before paying for Premium, because the only thing the Surface Pen does is move the curser around like a rogue PC mouse!! I was so underwhelmed.

      Fix it, and you’ll open the door to a HEAP of customers! I’m just so annoyed the iPad Mini allows handwriting with your finger, but Evernote TOUCH doesn’t…. Sigh.

      Sticking with OneNote I guess…

  • Kirstie

    With this new update I can say that in our office we’re missing the old automatic search all option, the update has made things buggy and clunky, and the color coded notes… useless.

  • John

    Date created and date changed no longer display for edit

    • Martin

      I miss this feature as well!

    • Chris

      You can edit the date fields – but you need to select “info” on the top right and side of the screen – then you can edit the dates.

  • Gerry

    Guys, it would be handy to be able to write on the screen in the new Evernote for Windows, similar to what you can do in OneNote. I use Evernote, however this feature is missing. Someone help me if I am mistaken.

  • Martin

    Thanks for the new look! It’s more streamlined and has more levels of organization. Best part is that the app looks sharper on high resolution screens (looked blurry and disproportional before the update).

    However, is there an option to open new notes in the same main app window? After the update, every “new note” I create opens up as it’s own window, which is quite annoying.

  • Manasi

    Can we no longer view all the tags together like we used to from the “View” command? That’s a bummer! It was so easy to see all the tags in one shot, and move them around to organize. 🙁

  • tavya

    Since this latest upgrade i can’t use evernote on my microsoft outlook 7 which i’ve been using until now! Anyway to sort this or downgrade to previous version?

  • Mary

    Can I search All Notes? I don’t want to search in only business or only personal.

  • Chip Sprague

    It used to be that “New Note” would create a new note in the snippet view (not open a new window). The new behavior is that there is a new popup window which requires the note get at least once character before appearing in snippet view and allowing you to work there.

    Can this be reverted?

    If I need to jump between notes, my experience has been that it is faster to go back to the main Evernote window and preview between notes there. Even using Win10’s task view, there just isn’t enough resolution in previews to differentiate between text notes clearly. With snippets though, I can read the first few lines of recent notes and bounce around that way. Ergo, the new window feature is additional overhead for me.

    • Matt

      Oh my goodness it would be nice to have the new note pop up window feature reversed, or if there’s an option to disable that someone please tell me. I hate the new window opening up every time I want to write a new note.

      • Greg Wén

        Hi Matt, to disable the pop-up windows, go to Tools > Options > Note > and then untick “Create new note in new window”

  • Simon

    Guys, you know this thing, I have read about it, but know nothing, is there anywhere I can find help for a beginner?

  • Anthony

    Another “great” feature is Evernote outlook clipper is no longer functional with word 2007, which given how often I used that, was a really helpful surprise from this exciting new “update”… After I spent 2 hours trying to fix it before being told it no longer existed. Thanks guys.

  • Ed

    Just a word about a personal crusade. The word ‘hone’ should be ‘home’.
    In the late 70’s Social workers were honing their skills and homing in on the significant concern of clients. Slippage occurred.

    • prosen

      Thanks for the extra pair of eyes! Even the Evernote Grammar Hawks missed this one! We’ve made the change!

  • James

    Can I return to the previous version of Evernote? It used to work exceptionally well but now with your latest update, it’s a certified clunker. Nice work guys.

    The entire reason for even having Evernote is to be able to store and FIND that stored stored content, quickly and efficiently. And that’s how it used to work.

    A big part of that functionality was your tagging system that not only allowed users to tag content various different ways, but also provided an easy method to manage and edit tags and groups of tags. Now, by shoving tags to bottom of the sidebar and removing valuable functionality, managing tags is a chore. And that means that Evernote is becoming a chore.

    I realized staff up there in Evernote HQ sit around thinking you have to keep shaking things up to keep it fresh, but change is useless if it means your customers loose functionality and now have to jump through hoops to get stuff done that used to be simple.

    So please, let me go back to my previous version of Evernote. I could care less about color coding. Help…

  • Helen

    Please advise why the workchat button has disappeared with this update? Now when it is being used you have to tick view and tick WorkChat. Every time you want to use it you need to go back to View and tick it. This is incredibly frustrating.

    • Helen

      Have since discovered that the workchat button is just hiding. Right click on the taskbar, select customize and drag it on up. Phew!

  • Salman

    Wow Awesome! with Tag coloring now I evernote is unbeatable, I really love their Windows version…the best part of evernote is it let you organize information in the way you prefer..truly an amazing tool.

  • Brian Hruska

    How can I get the list of favorites on the left side at the top, like I used to?

    • Marco

      Checked my iPad, atlas still exist in the iPad version. But with the functionality I like in Windows. But then I found the plug in Idea Places. Suggestion to the evernote team: make that the standard functionality in all evernote platforms.

  • Mark

    No Atlas? Jeez, some upgrade.

    • Marco

      The atlas feature was for me the reason to use evernote. Can’t believe that the atlas is gone. Please install back

      • Marco

        Checked my iPad, atlas still exist in the iPad version. But with the functionality I like in Windows. But then I found the plug in Idea Places. Suggestion to the evernote team: make that the standard functionality in all evernote platforms.

      • David

        Yes, please bring the Atlas feature back!

  • Maurizio

    Still can’t zoom. On my monitor everything is too small to read comfortably.

  • Nigel

    I’m happy with the tweaks – would still love for the tags in business version to be able to be nested within groups (as they are in the personal version).

  • Lisa

    It says here http://www.giftick.com/raj/43/ if you purchase the Moleskine Evernote Notebook you get a coupon code along with it for 3 months free access to premium plan for advanced Evernote features. Is this offer still valid? I am a science student and looking to buy a notebook, so I thought why not to go with Moleskine Evernote Notebook and it will give me free access to premium plan as well.

    • prosen

      Hi, Lisa,
      While the Evernote store is no longer active, some of the products are available from our partners. You can get the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebooks from http://www.moleskine.com/us/collections/model/evernote-smart-notebooks. They do come with three months of Evernote Premium. They are really nice, too.

  • cyril

    I am still using version 4 which I find nicer (there are colors, all of these black and white stuff is really sad). I am surprised that the layout or look of an application is imposed to the end user…
    This was understandable back in the 90s, but frankly, nowdays there should be no post about look and feel as it should be customizable…

  • Heydon

    Why would you move the default shortcut position away from the left panel. I’m glad we can change it in View – Shortcuts but the default should still be it in the panel.

  • Adriann

    I use Evernote every day and for everything I do. I do however not have more than one person in my business and buying the business package does not allow for less than three people. This will escalate the cost unnecessarily. How can I get the business /personal tabs? It will increase productive and clarity and do away with a lot of clutter. Please consider the functionality for premium customers. Thanks for considering

  • Peter

    Card View (ctrl + F6) was one of the most useful features whereby I could see 16 notes tiled on the screen at a time with the brief glimpse of each ones content. Hopefully im wrong but it seems now that I can only see a handful of notes 4-4.5 on the left bar at any one time and I have to keep scrolling up and down and opening each in turn to see content. Can you please advise. Peter

  • Joel

    Still slow and clunky on Windows. Always freezes on me and there’s no change in text editing. It’s like you have a novice programming the Windows version of it. It’s always felt that way to me. Use OneNote on Windows and get to understand the look, feel and the features and you’ll understand why established OneNote users have a hard time moving to EverNote. One has to give up a lot in order to make the move. EverNote – still failing.

  • javier

    new & missing features.
    I need this program to work better on a windows surface tablet. it actually lacks being completely touching compatible. For example, if you try to slide your finger, you end moving something you don’t want to. That’s very annoying.

  • Rico

    where can I suggest to include a “None” in the search drop down? I want to see all content in a folder not including nootes with a certain tag. Currently I can choose between “All” and “Any”.

  • Bruce Phares

    What have you done to Atlas?!? An incredibly important function for a large portion of your users, and it’s just gone? I see Greg Wen’s casual dismissal statement below “Hi Stacey, yes, we did indeed retire Atlas in this new release. However, you can still assign, edit, or remove a location from a note in the note editor.”, and when other users reply, no response back to us. Do you have any idea how many of us had invested time and confidence in the concept that our notes were safe with geo-tagging via this, as parts of our business? This isn’t just some casual issue, you’ve essentially destroyed an immeasurable amount of professional data via this backwards move. Sorry to be so harsh, but really? Why aren’t more users raising their voices on this issue? Anyone in real estate, anyone in a business where they are on site in different locations, anyone who keeps visual notes and knows they can pull them up by site locations? Come on, folks, speak up on this!

    • Austin

      The decision to retire Atlas was based off of low usage (less than 1% of Evernote users), and a depreciation of the service/ API that the atlas feature used.

      I apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused. For iOS users, Idea Place’s Evernote integration may meet your needs: https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/ideaplaces/iphone

      • Bruce Phares

        Regarding Austin’s answer to my incredulous question as to why Evernote arbitrarily pulled Atlas without providing warning to any of us who professionally relied up on it and had been building contextual storage based upon location: Well, Austin, that’s just not an acceptable answer. Evernote touts “We’re humbled and thrilled to announce that Evernote now has over 100 million total users!”. So, whatever that number is (if one were to believe you at this point…) less than 1% were “using” Atlas, we, as your paying professional users of it were given no warning, no heads up and you just deleted our extremely valuable location data. Because of “depreciation” of an API?!? Just what the h*$l does that mean? I used to be an evangelist of Evernote. I even gave classes on it to other Realtors. “It’s the world’s greatest digital file cabinet!”. Only, you guys may just decide at some point to pull out another file drawer from that big cloud file cabinet and toss it over a cliff and all that data goes with it. And the “less than 1%” of us are just screwed. Let’s say it’s 1%. Just for fun. One million of us. Data gone. This data wasn’t just “gee, look what fun photos of turtles we took on Maui!” data, it was geo-tagged notes that meant that whenever I was at a particular site, I could save and search notes, photos, conversations, etc., and know that I could simply pull up the atlas location and immediately review info based upon that location. Gone. So, maybe you guys just want to get rid of notebook stacks? Hey, why not, just, one day, you press the button and, POOF! all of the second level notebooks go away and all those notes are now just a big hodgepodge of notes inside of the parent notebook? And gee, you can just apologize to us like you just did here. And, gosh, you can give us another shiny new app that we can start using to sort of replace it in the future. Until you pull the rug on that too. Well, carry on with the happy-shiny promises for a better tomorrow. Epic Fail.

        • david

          totally agree… FAIL. I stopped using evernote since.

  • Dustin

    Keep progressing! I love Evernote, however, Is handwriting functionality coming? I have a premium account but my need to switch to onenote for it’s handwriting features.

  • Martha

    okay, another so-called “upgrade” that removes options rather than refines them. The “view” choices seem reduced. aren’t you so proud of yourselves with what you give, and oblivious to the value of what you take away. what perverse corporate decision-making process led to this???

  • Keith Hudson

    I got all hyped about Evernote and once I installed on my laptop (Windows 10) I am confused, disappointed, and highly upset. First, I’m a premium subscriber (brand new) and my Evernote looks nothing like the Evernote screens I see on tutorials, etc. Second, my left panel does not have Notes, Atlas, Market, and Premium. Third, and most of all, I cannot even customize my toolbar with any dragging and clicking. WTF EVERNOTE?!!! Anyone, please help before I go back to OneNote.

    • Greg Wén

      Hi Keith,

      Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with Evernote for Windows. As a Premium subscriber, you can contact support by visiting https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/categories/200001917-Troubleshooting and clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

  • Joshua Prieto

    What a joke! Everytime Evernote makes a big change to their interface I, the user, has to make changes to the way I use their product instead of coming up with something that allows me the functionality I need. They eventually bring back what I need, but not after waiting around. I’m done, I’m already paying for OneNote and it does what I want it to. So long Evernote. Maybe you’ll stop screwing around with your user interface. If you are wondering what feature to add back to Evernote first, answer this question; where the heck is my previous note button?

  • wan fadzil

    Will evernote for windows support pen inking and handwriting?

  • Fabio

    Hi, I just wanted you to know that I am too still shocked by the disappeared Atlas View on Windows. Even more shocked by the claimed reason I found on this blog (“less than 1% using it”). So I am now expected to continue paying, and a fee that has been increased, and well be not surprised if tomorrow you suddenly retire, I don’t know, Hyperlink or Clipper or Encrypt Selected Text? Evernote, please reconsider your decision and give us back Atlas on Windows. Think about the pitch it has on new potential customers! And come on this story of 1% …. can you picture yourself Henry Ford in 1910 dropping the Model T because 99% of people were still using horses?

  • Jan Szilagyi

    For some reason, the notebooks that appear in the left sidebar are not all showing up in the dropdown menu in the middle upper part of the window where it allows you to move notes from one notebook to another? In particular, it seems that many of the shared notebooks are missing from the dropdown menu. Any idea why?

    • prosen

      Jan, you can get support by sending a tweet to #evernotehelps. They’ll be able to answer your question right away! -Pam R

  • Carol

    I liked the Evernote Touch interface better. Specifically, it had an Undo button!

  • Val

    Colour coding sounds great, but it seems Basic users miss out.

  • Gerri

    Since updating i try to ppen evernote on my phone ipad and mac. It flashes then goes back to phone/ipad display

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Gerri,
      Please open a support ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action for help with this issue. Alternatively, you can tweet to @EvernoteHelps and our support team can help you with this issue. Unfortunately, the Evernote Blog staff isn’t equipped to help with support issues. Thanks for understanding. -Pam R