How to Power Social Media Productivity with Evernote

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How to Power Social Media Productivity with Evernote

Posted by Lolitta Gevorkova on 02 May 2016

Posted by Lolitta Gevorkova on 02 May 2016

I’m a visual woman and love to work in organized, and aesthetically pleasing environments. This is the case for my home, physical workspace, and digital workspace. And without a doubt, it’s something that’s invaluable when it comes to making sure that my job’s responsibilities are well organized.

Social media moves fast and there’s a lot of information to absorb, engage with, and amplify. If you don’t stay organized, performing well is difficult. This is where Evernote comes into play.

Here’s five ways that Evernote can help you stay on top of your game:

1. Create a Content Calendar



As a social media manager with a low tolerance for disorganization, I had a difficult time finding the perfect content calendar tool. I’ve tried a few options, but none that offered a seamless sharing process. When I saw that a talented teammate in Korea created sleek calendar templates, I had to save them to my own Evernote account. I now use these daily, weekly, monthly, and annual calendar templates for almost all my social media calendars. An editorial content calendar is an excellent tool for managing your brand’s social content. With an editorial calendar, you can easily plan themes, identify gaps in your social media scheduling, and track the consistency of your publishing cadence.

Much of the social media content that we produce at Evernote headquarters is relevant globally. By keeping editorial calendars in Evernote, all our social media images, texts, and links are readily available at a glance for regional teams. Ever since I’ve implemented content calendars in Evernote, my work life has been a lot less chaotic when it comes to collaborating, which I can only imagine is what everyone working in the social space strives for.

Additional Evernote Tips:

  • Use note links to your brain’s desire. This feature helps connect different Evernote notes. For example, if I’m featuring an influencer story on Instagram, I’ll add a note link in a calendar slot that leads to the influencer’s profile note.
  • Customize your tables to create a calendar key or legend. This will help identify posts that are part of a campaign, evergreen content, product launches, sweepstakes, and other categories.
  • Use the Color Picker feature to organize your content or editorial calendar by color. Note: This is a Mac only feature.


2. Manage a Creative Asset Library


To tell your brand’s story in a compelling way, you need more than just words. You need supporting images that you can quickly and easily access and share.

I organize our social media digital assets in a designated notebook where each note is titled with a theme. For example, I have notes titled 15 Second Videos, 30 Second Videos, Evernote Logos, Evernote Office Photos, GIFs, and Infographics. I use tables to organize the images within each note and add clarifications on which image to use for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Having an easy-to-share centralized media library has been especially crucial when working with international teams. When my other social media team members from across the globe need an asset, they can access this notebook directly and find the right image during their working hours.

When I need to grab a specific image for a blog post, I can quickly share the correct note. It’s way faster than scrambling to find where that image lives.

3. Organize Influencer Correspondence


Our community is the lifeblood of our brand. One of the best things about managing a community is interacting with people who share brilliant user stories, and presenting them to our Evernote fans. When featuring these stories on social media, I organize the narrator’s contact information, communication, and to-dos in an influencer profile note that lives in an Influencer Correspondence notebook.

In this notebook, I keep a time-saving and Evernote-specific influencer profile note template. When I reach out to someone who has expressed love for Evernote online, I add their name, basic background information, a screenshot of their post mentioning our brand, and a copy of my initial contact message into a table. Once the communication has begun to flow, I paste in the original use case and story that they’ve provided, an edited/paraphrased version, and a to-do list where I utilize checkboxes all in the same note.

If I didn’t do this, my teammates and I would run into the issue of reaching out to the same influencer with the same asks multiple times. This notebook is gold when working with our community team on influencer correspondence.

Additional Evernote Tips:

  • Add links to text and images: Provide quick access to influencer websites and social media profiles. To create links, right click on an image or selected text, then choose Link > Add… from the context menu.
  • Add a reminder: Set up a reminder for an influencer profile note for a story where you’re waiting for a reply from an influencer, or where there’s some action you need to take on your end.
  • Preface note titles with “[Published”]: Add “[Published]” to the beginning of an influencer profile note title once their story has been pushed out to the world. When sorting notes by title, all notes beginning with “[Published]” will show up first in your note list, providing a perfectly organized view.

4. Build Your Resource Library

I only keep what matters most to me in Evernote. I have a social media resources notebook dedicated to content that I’ve clipped from the Internet, such as websites with royalty-free stock photos, lists of current social media image dimensions, guides and regulations for sweepstakes planning, strategy how-tos, and other good stuff that I regularly reference.

5. Plan a Social Media Strategy


I geek out on strategy and planning. I love to research and dig into what we should be doing as a brand, and where we should be doing it. A well-thought-out and researched social media strategy leads to better audience insight, meets overall marketing objectives, and enriches the online community. In Evernote, I have notes for insights, strategies, and competitive intelligence for each platform we support. It’s important to put together individual platform strategies as well as a general social media strategy, as each platform has a different audience type and deserves its own tailored content strategy.

I also keep a summary note for our yearly social media audits (with Hootsuite’s help!) to share with managers. The primary goals of these audits is to make sure our profiles are on brand and secure. As a rule of thumb, I finish an audit before diving into a strategy.

Additional Evernote Tip:

Evernote has enhanced my career today and I can’t recommend it enough for social media professionals and for those generally seeking an organized life.

Did I mention that I LOVE being organized?


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  • mystrangeworld

    dear mrs gevorkova,

    many thanks for this insightful and interesting post.

    i also like being organised and evernote together with scannable, box and swipes are my lifeblood for this – i am nearly fully paperless.

    thank you also for the idea of using tables with pictures to get an overview


  • lgevorkova

    Hi, mystrangeworld! You’re most welcome. So glad that you found it helpful.

  • Adriana

    Hi Lolitta,

    Thanks for the great content!

    I’m wondering what exactly you save on each category of your social media table of contents. What sort of content goes into vision, what goes into strategy and what goes into competitive intelligence?



    • lgevorkova

      Hi, Adriana –

      Thank you! I’m glad you’ve found it useful. I have different notebooks for different aspects of social media (see post). For the U.S. Social Media Content Calendar notebook, here’s what the table of contents looks like:

      01. 2015 & 2016 U.S. Social Media Monthly Calendars
      02. Content Backlog
      03. Month & Year | U.S. Social Media Calendar Template
      04. Metrics
      05. September 2015 | Instagram Content Calendar
      06. October 2015 | Content Instagram Calendar
      07. November 2015 | Instagram Content Calendar
      08. December 2015 | Instagram Content Calendar
      09. January 2016 | Instagram Content Calendar
      10. February 2016 | Instagram Content Calendar
      11. March 2016 | U.S. Social Media Calendar
      12. April 2016 | U.S. Social Media Calendar
      13. May 2016 | U.S. Social Media Cale

      I also have notes that aren’t in the TOC that are prefaced with either [Archived] or [Backlog]. They show up on top (I sort by title) so I know they’re there and not forgotten, but they aren’t important enough to be in my TOC.

      The type of content that goes into company vision and strategy directly correlates with your company’s and your marketing department’s objectives. For example, is one of your company goals to hire great talent? If so, perhaps you should post recruiting-branded content on your social media pages to reel in interested candidates. See example:

      I highly recommend Hootsuite’s social media strategy material for putting together your own! It’s a wonderful place to get started. Peruse through these:

      Hope this helps!

  • Linda Bee

    Soory to post here – but I’m a Premium User and have in the past 3 months been unable to get response to my Support queries. The frustrating thing is the Support section just goes in a loop that never links to the ability to lodge a query. I would like to know HOW I CAN CONTACT TEAM SUPPORT TO GET THE MANY ISSUES THAT DO NOT ALLOW MY PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION TO WORK PROPERLY. And the fact that I cannot even gt into contact with someone through any form of communication is sending my slowly batty. Can someone contact me please at the email given –
    Thank you …

    • lgevorkova

      Hi, Linda! Please contact support via this link:

      Or, tweet at @evernotehelps for assistance.

      Hope this helps.

  • Lou

    I just love what you have here. Do you have the templates you created available to share?

    • lgevorkova

      Lou, you’re too kind. Thank you.

      You may download the calendar templates from here:

      Here’s my customized monthly calendar template with the key (super easy to add to the above templates by using the ‘tables’ feature):

      Here’s my influencer template, which you can customize to your own process:

      Hope this helps!

      • Kyle D.

        Thank you for sharing these templates! This post is very helpful, and your item on planning social media strategy has encouraged me to rethink how my organizations manages our entire communications plan – and more importantly how we can use Evernote to make it a relevant, evolving tool instead of an increasingly outdated reference document.

  • Steve Tannuzzo

    I’ve been using Evernote for years. These are by far the best tips I’ve seen for organizing social media and web content. Thanks!

  • Scott

    Something that the Evernote people might want to consider is a template option. Templates would be in their own notebook with tags to identify the notebook they would be used in. There would be multiple tags for multiple notebooks or an ALL tag for all notebooks. Then, when you create a new note, you have the option to apply a template to the note.

    Finally, maybe Evernote can set up a Template exchange accessible by premium users. In fact, make templates a premium user option! (Yes, I am a premium user)

    • NYC25Kate

      Dear Ms. Gevorkova,
      I echo one of the respondents below who wrote: “I’ve been using Evernote for years. These are by far the best tips I’ve seen for organizing social media and web content. Thanks!” I am in awe of your organization and helpful suggestions. I second the respondent Scott who asks about templates. Yes, please do that.

  • Joshua

    Great stuff, never thought this was possible, and they look great too. Evernote is so flexible. and free so useful. I wonder if they would consider their own office suite, would be so interesting :-).

  • John Forex

    I think the content calendar tool is really good idea. I use a similar program , so that it easier for me to plan posts and content.

  • Dominic

    This is really solid information. I’ve being doing the paper note taking for so long – but this can become really inefficient. Your organization tips in the article seems like it may address some of my info overload challenges. I’m going to give it a go and see how it goes – thanks!

    The Bare Naked Entrepreneur

  • Gerard Byrne

    Great post. Thanks.

  • James Longley

    Fantastic post – definitely the best I’ve seen on using EN for social media. One question, Lolitta, is there a specific structure/template you start from when creating your insights & strategy notes (as per Point 5)? Obviously each person’s strategy will vary but it would be interesting to see how you get started with yours.

  • Amy Walsh

    technical Q here. I downloaded the excellent content calendar template and tried to add my own table – but I don’t seem to be able to format my table in Evernote – for example, dragging around the table borders to change the width of columns, or changing the border colors…how is it done?