Evernote and Google Drive Deliver a Smarter Way to Work

Evernote and Google Drive Deliver a Smarter Way to Work

Posted by Greg Chiemingo on 12 May 2016

Posted by Greg Chiemingo on 12 May 2016

More and more in our cloud-centric, mobile world, the secret to productivity lies in linking great services together. Every day, Evernote customers create millions of notes that contain links pasted from Google Drive, and they asked for a better way to connect the ideas they keep in Evernote with actions they take in Google Drive. Today, we’re proud to announce that Evernote and Google Drive now work better together, making it easier than ever to capture, organize, and collaborate on whatever is on your mind.

Google Drive and Evernote: A natural pairing

More than half of all Evernote users also have a Google Account. Now, everyone using Google Drive can access their Drive files in Evernote. Get ready for a rich, intuitive experience where your ideas can flow. There’s no more switching between apps, so your thinking isn’t interrupted.

How does it work?

All the files you keep in Drive are now easier to access in Evernote. Now, instead of seeing only URL links, anyone can browse anything created or stored in Google Drive right in Evernote notebooks. With this integration, Evernote customers can add any file in Drive to their notes without leaving Evernote. And any changes to files in Google Drive will dynamically update in Evernote.

“Making Drive content available in Evernote was very natural for us,” said Alex Vogenthaler, Group Product Manager for Google Drive. “Evernote is a great productivity tool and we want anyone using Drive to have access to their content whenever and wherever they’re trying to get stuff done. That’s the cloud at its best.”

This integration opens the door for millions of Google Drive customers to experience the power of Evernote. Use Google Drive to store your ideas, memories, and work. Then, take advantage of Evernote’s powerful organizational features to make sense of them all and inspire new ideas. “Once people see how well Evernote and Google Drive work together, they’ll use both products intuitively,” says Evernote CEO Chris O’Neill. “For Evernote enthusiasts, this is a natural progression. Google is organizing the world’s information, and now Google Drive and Evernote are helping you do just that with your information.”

Coming soon to a device near you

This new relationship paves the way for greater collaboration between Evernote and Google, and this is just the beginning. Today, this beta integration is available for the web on Chrome, and for Android. Other platforms will follow soon. Look for even tighter integration as we strive to make our customers more successful at whatever they’re working on.



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  • pdw

    Is a copy of the Google Drive document stored locally in Evernote? Or is this a way that I can move my large Evernote attachments to google drive so that they are still accessible, but don’t bloat my Evernote database and fill up my hard drive?

    If I am not connected to the internet, what will I see? The last cached copy of the google drive document, or a blank/placeholder?

    • Stacey Harmon

      Excellent questions. Following thread…

      • Enrico Nahler

        Joining in with following this thread. Great question by pdw.

    • Kruno

      Excellent questions…. hope the evernote team, replies-

    • Geoff Barry

      While this is just the first step in our integration, it does require being online to work for both Evernote Web and Evernote Android. Content from Google Drive is not stored locally in your Evernote account, and does not count towards monthly upload.

      On Evernote Android links will still present cleanly and with a title while offline, but with text that says (for example): PDF: Not available offline. You may still see a thumbnail for images while offline, but those should disappear once the app is closed and reopened. for more info.

    • Jack


    • Josh

      Would love to know the answers to these as well!

    • Dennis

      Dropbox please

      • sjbf

        Another Dropbox vote!

    • Eddie K

      Linking to follow thread. Great question.

  • Giacomo Lawrance

    Finally! Been waiting for this for ages! Thanks so much! Dropbox next please!

    • Darren Huckey

      Agreed. I use Dropbox more than Drive.

    • David Brown


      • Peter

        +1 for Dropbox +1 Onedrive Business

    • Dwight

      Amen to Dropbox!

  • Keir

    Would like to see this with Dropbox.

  • alex

    Glad to see such kind of improvement. Good job!
    BTW, how can I get the beta version on android?

    • Dylan

      This forum post should help you get started:

  • Mark Grabe

    Why is the sharing working in this direction? If Evernote is a tool for quick resource collection and G Docs a way to write, wouldn’t it make the most sense to be able to access your raw sources while writing.

    • Tom

      I got really excited about this when I saw the post, but that’s been (more than) two months ago. Any update as to when it will be available in the stable versions of the Windows & Android apps?

  • Hans

    I choose Evernote to be Google free. Please don’t cross the border sharing my notes with Google or other social media.

    • Damien


    • Chris

      Amen. The day Evernote fully says “hello” to Google is the day I say goodbye to Evernote. I suppose I should start copying all my stuff over to OneNote, just in case. 🙁

      • Stephen Booth

        I do find it very amusing that the response to Evernote offering integration with Google is to say “Oh noes! Move everything to OneNote/OneDrive”. Yeah, like Microsoft is the moral high ground in this. Every company is going to do things you don’t like to make money, that’s what companies do, make money. You think Bing doesn’t trace your searches then use the data to show you adverts or to sell on to marketers?

    • Jacqueline


    • Palusami

      Damn straight. Please keep Evernote and Google separate or give your users the opt out of this.

    • BabsLouie


    • Mike Osswald

      It doesn’t work that way. You choose to connect, and it helps insert links from Drive. Same as pasting links from drive into the body of a note.

    • Verity

      I’m with others on steering away from Google so will not be making use of the intergration and use Evernote, like others to get away from Google as I don’t like their invasive privacy infringements and back doors to unscrupulous agencies. I prefer to use Dropbox anyway.

    • Shar


  • Aleix Valls

    I like the idea, but when the drive window pops up to add a file, I can’t see my drive folders, instead just a mess of files. Is it too much to ask to be able to navigate thru folders in the drive instead of having a big pile of files altogether? Anyone had a different experience? I’m on chrome.

    • srini

      Yes same here. You can use the search bar on the top to find your file if you know the name (or part of the name)

    • Karen Scruggs

      Hi Aleix! If you click the dropdown in the search field and then select “Folders”, you should be able to see a full list of your folders. That should be easier to navigate 🙂 If you want the familiarity of your file structure, know that you can also copy-paste any link from drive into Evernote and it should convert into a visual link.

      • Ytzen Lont

        I am (or would be) very happy with Evernote-GoogleDrive integration, but (as others have mentions) it is essential that I can see my Drive directory structure to find any file. Clicking the ‘Folders’-option in the search menu doesn’t help much, because that still presents a chaotic mass of folders, and will not show them in their meaningful structure. For example, several integrated applications make Drive-directories by the number of the month, e.g. 05 for May. If I see a loose directory – or several – by the name “05”, I can’t see to which application or function/goal it is connected, so I don’t know which files to find in that directory. Until the Drive-structure is integrated in the Drive-connection it is not very useful for me. So, I hope for a soon upgrade of this integration.

        • Del Simmons

          Agreed 100%. We need to see the folder hierarchy, not just a list of folder names..

  • Calvin Thomas

    Delighted with this feature. Solves a major gap in my workflow where I have large lecture videos and wanted to store them with my notes!

  • Kevin

    Dropbox next please. I have been waiting for ages….

  • Albert

    Wow Evernote, this is a step in the right direction. If you can integrate the big three, Evernote, OneDrive & DropBox, you will be in a very good position. Keep getting rid of the crap junk like Work Chat. I like this. Great job. I may renew my subscription if I see stuff like this happening.

    • Del Simmons

      Agreed that this is great, but don’t get rid of work chat. Some of us like it! 🙂

  • mystrangeworld

    dear evernote team,


    I will try it out.

    One question beforehand: does it allow mutliple Google acounts?

    I am more an Box aficionado – so waiting for it 😉


    • Stephen Booth


      I have a personal Google account and one through IEEE, I’d like to be able to use both.

      Dropbox and Onedrive integration would also be useful. Don’t want to sound greedy but I’d really like all of my online services to work together, so I can be chatting with someone in my works Skype for Business and share an Evernote note with them that contains a document I wrote in Google Drive and one shared with me by a supplier in Dropbox.

      More realistically I do hope the Evernote strategy team are looking through IFTT to see what the popular recipes there are and seeing if they can make some of the Evernote ones native.

  • Mostafa

    Dropbox is more popular, any for it someday?

  • Robert A. Hampshire

    Please tell me we Are headed toward realtime collaboration in Evernote notes that I share with others

    • Patrick K McCarthy

      +1 for better collaboration. I had 8 premium business users for our small company and everyone but me and another person stopped using Evernote because of the poor collaboration. Duplicate notes, synching issues. I don’t understand why this still isn’t possible.

  • Dustin Johjnson

    Just like I have to email addresses associated with evernote, one for personal and one for business, I have two google accounts, on personal and one business. Is there a way to connect evernote with both in this beta version and where can you change the account it’s connected to?

    • Nate

      +1 for being able to connect to multiple Google accounts

      • Magezi

        +1 I would love to connect multiple GD accounts to my Evernote account.

    • Ken

      +1 for multiple google accounts.

  • Frank

    I can browse through Google Drive files to link to via Evernote web’s Google Drive toolbar icon… but I don’t yet see any search results when doing an Evernote search. Is there some other authorization process I have to go through for web… or is this an Android feature?

    • Frank

      Never mind… I see that GD docs are only searchable once they (links) have been manually added to an Evernote note.

  • Marcelo Sabia

    Since more than half of all Evernote users also have a Google Account, it will be fantastic to integrate Evernote with Google Calendar. I actually use SUnrise (with integrates with Evernote) but it was bought by Microsost and is shutting down on August 31.

    • Peter

      Marcelo, perhaps you should take a look at taskclone ?

  • Himanshu Singh

    Hi, how do I get this to work ? I cant seem to find the Google Drive icon on my Evernote App on Mac or on my phone ?

    • prosen

      Thanks for writing in, Himanshu. Take a look at the help page at Also, it only works on Evernote for the Web and on Android right now, but further integrations will be coming soon.

      • Lauren

        When do you think you’ll be integrating the Google Drive feature into the Evernote app — not the online version?

  • Dave

    Need help

    • prosen

      Dave, be sure to check out our help page on how to get started. Please note that for now, it only works on Evernote for the Web and Android.

  • Tai

    Well, I think you guys just brought me back to Evernote. I stopped using it in favor of OneNote. I’ll be logging back into my Evernote account to get things situated again today. Great improvement

  • Arie Bagus Bagus

    It would be nice to not only save notes in Google Drive but also in Yandex Disk and Dropbox.

  • Adam

    Is there a timeline to bring this to the Windows client?

  • Jason K

    Evernote devs rock. way to get this working. very slick!

  • Bob

    This is great! Are their plans for Google files linked in EN through this new service to open the Google applications in iOS (docs, sheets, slides). This integration is very helpful. I look forward to its progression.

  • Lou

    I would love to see this same feature for Office 365.

    • Nate


    • Jean-Philippe Chetcuti

      I’m a Onedrive user besides an Evernote super user. Would be great to see Evernote integration with Microsoft – I’m sure it opens up to more enterprise level applications.

  • Wil Case

    I’m probably pretty dense here, but isn’t this just a graphical representation of a hyperlink? I’m failing to see what the big deal is. I was able to do that before, but it just didn’t look as pretty. If anyone sees something I do not please let me know.

    • Thiago Oliveira

      I agree, it seems just a graphical representation of a link. You can’t search for keywords inside the file, so there isn’t a real integration. Hopefully, they will implement the search at some point.

    • Lee

      I agree, it’s just a graphical representation of a hyperlink which I’ve been doing for a while already. The integration announcement seems like much ado about nothing.

  • misterbreen

    When will other clients support the integration? E.g. Mac?

  • Kenneth Lawson

    I haven’t been able to find a GDrive icon on either my Android app, or my desktop program, where is it?

  • Gerwin Schalk

    When I search in Evernote, can I find content from inside of the attached Google Drive-files?

  • Jaden Kim

    But why? I hate Google’s nosy behavior … Ugh
    In this case I have to say goodbye to you, Evernote

  • Ashton Mouton

    Why go from basic to Evernote Premium!

  • Bill_____

    I have stopped using google drive because the client software seems to be problematic in that it doesn’t shut down properly when I turn off my computer. Searching online forums, it has been a problem for years. Make sure your partners are the best of breed.

  • Tova Yemin

    Sounds great!!!

  • Scott

    This is an awesome next step. I don’t use Google Drive. Is there any chance Dropbox will soon be added?

  • Uzi

    Does not work on a mac 🙁 other than the beta flag that does nothing…

  • Cara

    Absolutely fantastic! My client’s and I use Evernote and Google Drive heavily in our workflow and typically have to keep notes with links to the Google Drive docs we’re working on.

    This will dramatically improve ease of use overall.

    Thanks for thinking of us!

  • Tom Henricksen

    This is going to be really helpful. Looking forward to using this soon. Great work!

  • dan

    I guess HIPAA compliance is totally out of the question not for sure.

  • Joe

    One of the frustrations of using Evernote for me has been the differences between the clients for various platforms. I don’t use just one platform! I work in Windows a lot at my main office and I work on Mac OS X when I work from home, which is quite a lot. I also use IOS when I’m somewhere in the middle and they all work so differently. You folks really need to pull the features and interface together so they all work as expected when using different devices.

    • Amanda C.

      This is what’s keeping me from getting into evernote. I keep trying because it should be excellent for professional (teacher) and personal use, but trying to learn 4 systems is frustrating, online, app for pc, ios app, mac.

  • Anna

    Is this only for paying/Premium people. I do not see any Drive folders.

  • Charles Babcock

    Great idea, but why do you announce it when a large portion of your clients can’t use it and there is no instructions on how to get the two to communicate.

  • eyeonthescreen

    I dislike the Madison Avenue approach…here take this you’ll like it, even if you didn’t want it in the first place. Stop futsing with Everynote, I like it the way it is (was).

  • GLA

    Evernote continues to have the most useless videos. I know the the creators know the Evernote functions, but we don’t. Providing background music and rapid, unexplained cursor movement explains nothing. People seem to learn Evernote in spite of the training videos.

    • Amanda C.

      Glad I’m not the only one. I feel like less of an idiot.

  • Damien

    THANK YOU! I didn’t even know I wanted this—or that it was possible! Woohoo!

  • Yosef

    Great feature! Looking forward to using it

  • Valery Fradkov

    For me, a real integration would mean that I can access docs kept in Evernote and Google Drive through the same interface, so that their location is mainly transparent for me.

  • Docko

    Let’s be clear here. I use Evernote because it has (had) nothing whatever to do with Google and Microsoft. That seems to be changing. If one bit of my information finds it’s way onto a Google server I’m outta here. Please say it ain’t so…

  • Joel

    Awesome! good to hear, look forward to using it.

  • John

    I am working on the website Evernote, changed to beta and still can not see the google drive. The article is not helpful to me, or I am overlooking something. HELP

  • Bruce Maples

    Two quick questions:
    1. When will it go the other way? When will I be able to access Evernote notes from within Google Docs? If I use Evernote as my resource folder, and Google Docs as my writing platform, I need it to go that way.
    2. When will we see the same integration with Dropbox?

  • Luca

    Need this feature in Mac!

  • Anastasia Levina


    But Dropbox would be great!

  • mike miller

    How long until it’s available for IOS?

  • JudL

    Nice work Evernote. This could really streamline my workflow and solve my duplicates conundrum!

  • Will

    I’ve been surfing online more than 4 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
    It’s pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the net will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  • Greg

    I’d love to see Evernote integrate with Things and multiple cloud storage solutions – iCloud or Box.

  • Leo

    Dropbox support should be implemented next!

  • Sorin

    Awesome news, coherent integration! Congrats!

  • Bob Garbett

    What about evernote for iOS?

  • Steve Gresty

    It would be brilliant to see this facility with Dropbox.

  • Kazeem Ayodele Okusanya

    That is good idea. because hacked can get your data in different websites. so is good thanks you guys. not like security in matter of web

  • AQ

    Dropbox next please

    • Bert Breeman

      Dropbox next please.
      And after that: Box.
      Then the integration will be more complete!

  • jimmy Tan


  • Raffy

    They must have transferred some cash to get this done.
    Can’t even use Evernote web on Android Chrome!!!!!

  • Anupam

    How about doing the same thing for One Drive users?

  • rwl

    Tried to load several times. Kept getting an
    “aw snap”

  • rwl

    Looks like you have to be in the “new” EN web version. Otherwise called by me ENUSELESS 1.0. If this is true I’ll never use this feature.

    • prosen

      The Google Drive integration is available for the web and on Android right now. Look for additional integrations to appear soon.

  • Paula

    I’m really excited for this 🙂 thanks for coming together you two

  • VK

    This does not make sense. We have google drive for searching stuff on GDrive and Evernote for our notes. Instead of using Evernote I would use Google Keep if I wanted integration!

  • Mfahrenreich

    I am implementing my own cloud file access. Would I be capable to use my own storage in the cloud? Do I have that choice?
    I have both Google and Dropbox accounts, but see the same issues everyone is complaining about. Hence going with my own storage online. Does anyone have an answer for that?

  • Andrei Androsoff

    Can I ask what the music track is for the video? It’s so inspiring!

  • Jim Gribbin

    I would also like to see Evernote integrated with Box a similar fashion.

  • sim


  • Agase

    Got one free web app called MultCloud that can integrate with Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, etc. Anyway more than 20 cloud services supported. I tried it to connect three Evernote accounts and added one Dropbox account as well as one Google Drive.

  • Deborah

    I would like to turn this feature off and just see the link to the document I want to access – the Google drive widget is not helpful for me, and shows “No Title” instead of the title of the document I pasted. How can I do this?

  • Ian Heim

    Drive is not showing up anywhere.

    • prosen

      Hi, Ian, Thanks for letting us know you’re having this trouble. What device and browser are you trying to access Drive from? Currently, Google Drive is available on Evernote for Web (Chrome, Safari, Opera), Android, and Mac. You can get some assistance from here: -Pam R

  • Jay Mahoney

    Is this just a one way vehicle? Can you take notebooks from your Evernote account and drop them into Drive?

  • Jacob Skriver

    can’t believe isn’t working in Firefox… which is still considered a major platform

  • Jess

    +1 for onedrive. I cant use evernote anymore at work because the security standards dont meet our internal requirements.