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3 Ways to Catch ’Em All with Evernote

3 Ways to Catch ’Em All with Evernote

Posted by SiNing Chan on 12 Jul 2016

Posted by SiNing Chan on 12 Jul 2016

The word ‘viral’ took on a whole new meaning last week with the release of the Pokémon GO game. Within days of its release to select regions around the world, people young and old took to the streets to take part in this virtual scavenger hunt. If you haven’t noticed already, there’s been a surge in the number of people roaming around town, attempting to snap photos of animated creatures with their phones.

Although Evernote HQ is not a Pokéstop (but there are several nearby), some of us at Evernote are actively playing. Whether you’re just checking out what the buzz is all about, or are a full-fledged Pokémon Trainer aspiring to evolve into a more advanced species, here are some of the ways we are upping our game at Evernote:

  1. Make a Game Plan

Spot an area near you that is densely populated with wild Pokémon just as you’re about to catch a movie? Take a screenshot of the Pokémon map on your phone, save it to Evernote, and head over there later. With your device location turned on, Evernote can even save your note location, so there’s no need to jot any addresses down.

  1. Take it to the Next Level

With millions of players actively playing this game, the adoption of Pokémon GO seems to have pushed the company’s game servers to their limits. Thankfully, there are a number of websites that provide Pokémon server status worldwide. Create a “Pokémon GO Dashboard” note with links to server status and other game-related info:

Just getting started? Check out this starter guide.

  1. The More the Merrier

One aspect of Pokémon GO that attracts a lot of people is how it brings people together who would otherwise have not met. Share your Pokémon achievements with others by taking screenshots of all the Pokémon you catch as shared notes in a personal Pokédex: an Evernote notebook. Evernote saves information such as the location, creation date, and creation time.

Capturing a Pokemon



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