Guest Post: How Evernote Makes My Life Better

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Guest Post: How Evernote Makes My Life Better

Posted by Jeremy Yancey on 20 Jul 2016

Posted by Jeremy Yancey on 20 Jul 2016

Jeremy Yancey_Colour (1)Jeremy Yancey is communications and marketing professional, blogger, and author who works with companies to optimize their brand online using digital, content and social media marketing. He is also an Evernote Community Leader based out of Sydney, Australia.

I’ve been using Evernote for around five years, and it’s changed my life. I’m not being melodramatic, or even exaggerating in the slightest sense. I’ll prove it to you.

I used to struggle with two things that cost me considerable time, and caused major frustration:

        Taking notes, and having them easily accessible. 

        Maintaining and retrieving organized files.

I was fed up with trawling through paper notebooks, which were typically abandoned halfway through because of the scribbled chaos and overwhelming mess. My filing cabinet was more of a dumping ground than a systematic storage unit.

Surely there had to be a better way.

I picked up a copy of The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss (still a favorite book of mine). From this book, I first learned about Evernote – an app that would soon not only solve my problems but would also become a pivotal productivity tool that I rely on daily.

Evernote…not only solved my problems but also became a pivotal productivity tool that I rely on daily.

I’m not writing a sales pitch. This is a genuine case study. Thanks to Evernote, I always have records and information I need, whenever I need it. I could be at the accountant’s office doing my taxes, and need to pull up a receipt, and it’s no problem because I stored it in Evernote. My boss might be trying to recall what was said at a recent meeting. A quick check of the meeting minutes in my Evernote answers his question. But Evernote isn’t just for work notes or housing vital records. Evernote is at the center of everything I need to remember. These could be scans of old printed photos, random, brilliant ideas I had while walking the dog, a shopping checklist (without one, I always forget something). When I triage my email inbox, I clip important messages straight into Evernote for later reference. If I’ve found a great article online that I want to keep handy, I clip a ‘simplified’ version of it, which removes all the junk (like ads) from the page and gives me a clean copy that’s easy to read. When out at dinner with friends, I can snap a picture of a wine label I like and jot down a quick note detailing when and where I had it.

I’ve now cut out about 90 percent of the paper in my life. I rarely keep physical copies anymore, unless paper is required. The rest sits safely in Evernote, ready for when I need it. The only notebook I keep is my Evernote Moleskine, which I use to take handwritten notes.  I scan them into Evernote later. The Evernote Moleskine Notebook is optimized for use with Evernote app, which can turn handwriting into searchable text (my father-in-law was amazed by this, and is now using the Moleskine with Evernote too).

I’ve now cut out about 90 percent of the paper in my life.

There are no rules for how you set up your Evernote system. It is flexible and customizable, so it’s easy to set up exactly the way you want. With Evernote, you don’t have to deal with putting things in folders. Instead, there are notebooks and tags, which, for me, at least, works much better with the way I think and organize Evernote’s powerful search feature makes it straightforward and fast to dig up what you’re looking for, from almost any device.

Evernote made my life better because it helps keep me organized and more productive. I’ve cut out the chaos and freed up time to focus on what matters. It’s an app I can’t live without.

See more from Jeremy Yancey at his website, and follow him on Twitter @jeremy_yancey

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  • Ramniwas Bhushanrajwada Dheet

    I’m saddened when I read this knowing that only the rich will be allowed to be so productive with the new pricing scheme

    • mystrangeworld

      dear Ramniwas Bhushanrajwada Dheet,
      this post is interesting and is giving back the feeling a lot fo evernote users have.
      you may still use the free subscription of evernote.
      on the other hand, when you would like to use more useful features of the evernote system, why not pay for it. the developpers, support team and the whole eco system who built and is maintaining as well as enhancing the evernote system also deserve to own their living.
      you can not get everything for free, other peaople also deserve to get the fruits of their work.
      on the other hand if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
      finally, IMHO the pricing structure of Evernote is reflecting value for money.
      if you want less features or support you select the adequate tariff plan but then do not complain of the shortcomings.

    • The Future of Writing in Evernote

      “…only the rich…” Oh, c’mon…what a gross exaggeration!

    • Robin

      Yeah, or only the Apple-people. And here I am, with a chromebook (not as well designed and non-intuitive UI) and an android :p

  • Enrico Nahler

    Jeremy, my Friend!

    Evernote is our companion in every situation life puts us in. 

    Whether we pay for Premium or invite others to the tool we love with our referral link or get some companion tools like Post-It notes, Moleskine planners or notebooks and use the points we receive to get premium — everybody can be more productive and organized with Evernote.

    Before I switched to Evernote Business I used to hardly ever pay for premium, but always had people around me in university, the workspace, and my private life who were curious about Evernote and wanted to try it. Evernote’s referral program made it possible that I could use Premium for years, even when I did not have the money to pay for it. 

    All these cases you described in your article, Jeremy, are the reason why I wake up with a smile every day. I hardly ever forget anything anymore since I can rely on the fact, that Evernote holds the information I need to get things done. ✅ 

  • Glenn Donald Hubbard

    Nice to see you are using those cheap, affordable Moleskin notebooks. They can’t sell enough of them in Bangldesh!

  • Petr


    I’m quite dissappointed about new restrictions you set about synchronising devices. Could you leave at least 3 one.

    If you want to monetize you app, why don;t you cross-sale something, for instance some coaching and self-development stuff. Or modules that can be benefitial for those who want to develop themselves (I consider you app is used by this audience).

  • EverBlind

    Evernote makes you blind Jeremy! Why are you using a note application that has no font-size option?

  • Lou

    Great post Jeremy! I enjoy reading your tips and learning about how you use Evernote. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kendall

    I am not complaining about a free app. But, because of the 2 device limit and uncertainty about further limitations, I am now looking at alternatives that are more consistent with what they offer.

  • Rod

    Actually, a year ago this month I paid $5 per month for Premium. Then late last year I saw an increase of $12 per year. Late July I got an email stating my Premium would increase another $24 per year for a total “increase” in less than a year of $36 per year. An increase of $36 a year in less than 12 months? WTH? I’ve been an Evernote user since 2008, but may have to reconsider. I get that businesses need to make money but when my Evernote account costs nearly as much as my entire monthly subscription to Office 365 with 1TB of storage, the newest versions of Office when they’re released, a full featured note tool called OneNote, access from ALL of my devices on any platform anytime, and more……hmm. Is the $7.99 per month for just a note tool worth nearly as much as my $9.99 a month Office 365 subscription? I’m not sure the business is as stable as it was, nor that I’m getting as much value for my $$. I mean heck, it’s a great tool. But not that great. Before you grimace……remember, I’m just one of many long time paying members that have been with you from nearly the beginning. And some of us are honestly not happy.

  • Naveed Ahmad

    I’m really disappointed about new 2 device restrictions about synchronising devices on basic plan. Though other alternative note taking apps were already included in my other application suites, I still preferred to use Evernote due to its simple and intuitive user interface on all my devices. Now due to these new restrictions, Evernote asking for money for even basic usage on multiple devices, and reading other comments about how Evernote keeps increasing the prices, I am now finally moving on to other alternatives which are already included in my subscriptions.