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Four Ways to Improve Note-Taking Right Now

Four Ways to Improve Note-Taking Right Now

Posted by Pamela Rosen on 16 Aug 2016

Posted by Pamela Rosen on 16 Aug 2016

When you’re in college, your job is to take notes. But lectures can go too fast, you can get too many handouts and drawings. Even when you’re trying to do your best, you might miss something important. Here are four ways to improve your note-taking with Evernote Premium:

Take notes like a pro. Set up class notebooks, or label notes with tags or just search for keywords. Evernote syncs across your devices. So even if your laptop’s battery is dead, you can write and find every note on your other devices, or log into your web account from any computer.

Record the lecture: With Evernote Premium, you can record a lecture and save it in Evernote, and play it back later. Or share it with someone who missed class.

Capture every idea: Use your device’s camera to scan handouts, take pictures of dry erase boards and presentations, and put it in an Evernote notebook so you’ll know where to find it quickly.

Scan handwriting: Evernote scans and reads handwriting, so even sticky notes and sketch pads become searchable.


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  • Urbano Filipe Vargas Freitas

    This features are really nice, but I think Evernote must go further!

    Must start having, as fast as possible:
    – Better formatting capabilities. In particular in Headings creation;
    – Bookmarking and Table of Contents creation;
    – Text editing tracking capabilities.

    This is something Microsoft Onenote already do, and allow a better Note Taking.
    And although I’m a Pro Evernote user, I see myself using Onenote more and more.

    Please bring this quickly to Evernote, to better justify your valueprice.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Colin

    Microsoft OneNote is getting better. serious competition!