Evernote Comes to Windows Store, Edge, and the Outlook App

Evernote Comes to Windows Store, Edge, and the Outlook App

Posted by Forrest Dylan Bryant on 14 Sep 2016

Posted by Forrest Dylan Bryant on 14 Sep 2016

It’s been a busy season here at Evernote HQ. We’re rolling out product improvements, finding new ways to make productivity easier by linking Evernote to other great apps, and listening to amazing stories from our customers. And with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2, we have several pieces of great news to share.

Evernote for Windows enters the Windows Store

Evernote for Windows received a major upgrade recently, and we’re pleased to announce that the latest update is being made available in the Windows Store. This full-featured version of Evernote replaces Evernote Touch, a companion app that offered only a limited view of what Evernote can do. If you’re currently using Evernote Touch, updating to the full version of Evernote for Windows will allow you to take advantage of all the best features of Evernote on your Windows 10 devices.

Learn more about the update »


If you have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update with automatic updates turned on in the Windows Store, you don’t need to take any action. Evernote Touch will automatically update to the latest version of Evernote for Windows. Your notes and notebooks will not be affected.

You can continue to use Evernote Touch on older versions of Windows. However, the app will no longer be available for download or updates.

New: Web Clipper extension for Edge

Microsoft’s Edge browser brings a fresh web surfing experience to Windows, and with it comes a fresh Evernote Web Clipper extension, also available in the Windows Store. Clip interesting web content directly into Evernote and it’s easy to find again, whenever you need it.

Discover Web Clipper »

Sunrise calendar integration moves to Outlook

Apart from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we’re also excited about the addition of Evernote capabilities inside the Outlook app for iOS and Android. Now you can use reminders in Evernote to link notes to your calendar.

This idea will be familiar to the many fans of Evernote’s integration with Sunrise, an advanced calendar management app that Microsoft acquired in 2015. Microsoft retired Sunrise on August 31, but similar features are now built into Outlook, so you can keep your notes and calendar connected.


In the Outlook app, just swipe left from the calendar to find the Calendar Apps feature. Tap the Add button to connect Evernote. After your Evernote account is synced, when you set a reminder on a note in Evernote, that reminder will appear on your calendar, complete with a link to the note.

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  • Alexandre

    It’s still missing a good pen support. I am a surface user, and I stoped to use the evernote since i bought my surface.

    • Dutch Marc

      Yes, Still waiting for Pen support so I can start using my Surface with Evernote …. Pretty useless now…

  • Dave

    You know, these are all great features, but it would be even better if Evernote would somehow include keyboard shortcuts in the web version. I have requested this several times on the forum, but the response has been tepid at best. It’s just some JS, and I don’t understand why it’s so hard to implement. So i thought I’d post the request here.

  • Gerry Wallace

    Will touch/stylus input be made available on the Windows version? We need to be able to open a new note and write directly onto the screen. It’s not good there are still many differences between the iOS and Windows versions i.e. advanced formatting, template creation, hand writing within the application.
    Please let me know if these things are within the current version.

  • Samena

    The difference between the iOS and Windows drives me crazy. I have a win comp at work and I am so used to evernote.

  • Pavel

    What about Windows 10 Mobile? There is still old app that is not really usable.

  • Andre

    I’m glad that some of the Sunrise features are now available in the Outlook App for iOS, but until similar integration in the Outlook Calendar on the web this is a job half-done. The iOS integration is nice when you are on the go, but on a day-to-day basis the most useful feature of Sunrise was the web calendar and it’s integration with Evernote.

  • Adam Bender

    Need to at least be able to use touch to scroll through notes in the Windows app. The app is not touch friendly right now.

  • Jeff

    I upgraded my hardware to a Microsoft Surface to get tablet functionality in my one Windows PC. Knowing Evernote Touch was available was a big part of that. Now I see Evernote abandoned it, suggesting it’s replaced by the Windows version. But as noted here and elsewhere by other touchscreen users, even this newest version of Evernote is not at all touch friendly – it’s actually unusable to me on a tablet. That makes Evernote nearly unusable to me now. This isn’t the first time Evernote made a move, right when I was ready to upgrade, that made me change my mind and wait. But this time, as so many others have said, I’m now looking at migrating my notes to OneNote.

  • Steven Kaufman

    When will they replace Workchat? It is the single worst way to share a note, and it is universal among all devices and users. Only Admin have ability to share a notebook that does not require user to check Workhat.

  • Krishna

    template creation, hand writing within the application, The iOS integration is nice when you are on the go, but on a day-to-day basis the most useful feature of Sunrise was the web calendar and it’s integration with Evernote.

  • Corey

    As a long time Evernote user (since 2008) and a paying customer for many years, it is a huge disappointment that you killed Evernote Touch. It was my favorite version BECAUSE it didn’t have every feature that the desktop version does. Though I have the desktop version and used it as well on my Mac and PC, the Touch version was simple, straightforward, and touch-friendly. It was my favorite app on the Microsoft Surface. I have used all versions (iOS, Google Play, Mac, and Windows) and since I have had my Surface, I used Evernote Touch more than any of them. Please bring it back!!!