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Video: Secrets for Using Evernote With Business Teams

Video: Secrets for Using Evernote With Business Teams

Posted by Charlotte Boyd on 30 Sep 2016

Posted by Charlotte Boyd on 30 Sep 2016

Do you want to be more productive within your business teams, or do you want to develop a successful workflow in Evernote? Productivity experts Gabrielle Fishman and Heather Walker have the answers, and they shared them with us in a Facebook Live event on September 19. Watch the whole thing here:

(For best results, skip ahead to the 40-second mark)

As Evernote Certified Consultants who work with small and medium-sized businesses to design and implement workflows using Evernote, Heather and Gabrielle have seen it all, and know all the tricks. “I start and end my day with Evernote,” Heather told host Josh Zerkel.

When asked whether they preferred one way of using Evernote over another, their combined response was almost always “It depends.”

Depends on what?

Every company and every customer is unique, and Evernote can be easily tailored to what each person is most comfortable using, they explained. They need to assess each situation and design a system that works best. “I like to say there are always at least two ways to do everything in Evernote,” Heather mused.

“No matter what device you’re using, Evernote has the same functionality. You might use different steps depending on the device, but the functionality is essentially the same,” Gabrielle mused.

One of the biggest challenges both face is helping employees turn a new process into a habit. Heather felt that once employees realize that the new process, in this case, Evernote, solves a problem and makes their job easier, it becomes a habit naturally.

Gabrielle prefers a different way to establish habits: “I know people hate them, but I believe in meetings. I believe it’s easier to create habits when everyone is on the same page.”

However the method, both consultants have watched clients have “aha” moments with Evernote. “Sometimes it’s Web Clipper, and sometimes it’s business card scanning,” Heather said. “But I see the light bulb come on when Evernote solves their pain point.”

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  • JMichaelTX

    This video starts out so poorly that I quit watching it long before you got to the primary objective. The production quality is very amateur. It did NOT display in my Chrome Browser. I had to switch to Safari, and then I found it it is a Facebook video!?!?! Why would you ever make such a poor choice??? YouTube is the standard, and does NOT require a log in like Facebook does.

    This video is a huge distraction to whatever message you are trying to communicate in this blog.

    • Forrest Dylan Bryant

      Hi, JMichaelTX:

      Facebook Live is one of several avenues we’re exploring to provide more direct and useful interaction with those customers who are active on social media. It’s a simple way for Evernote employees and outside experts to reach people where they already are and answer questions in real time. The archived video and this blog post are provided for the convenience of those who missed the live event, didn’t know about it in advance, or don’t want to watch it on Facebook. We will continue to produce in-person panel events and post help videos to YouTube.

      This video should display well in Chrome, and should not require a Facebook login to watch (although participating the live event does require a login). We’ll investigate the issue you reported. Thanks for your feedback.

  • tennisplayer

    Very unfortunate that this video is not organized to be useful, just an general discussion on how several people use Evernote, but not discussion of a structured approach to Project Mgmt,