Evernote Opens Engineering Office in San Diego

Evernote Opens Engineering Office in San Diego

Posted by Greg Chiemingo on 07 Dec 2016

Posted by Greg Chiemingo on 07 Dec 2016

This week, Evernote has opened an office in San Diego focused on accelerating engineering efforts for upcoming products. Starting with a team of seven, Evernote will continue to hire additional engineering resources to join the new team in San Diego, as well as fill open roles at headquarters in Redwood City and in other regional offices including Austin. Already this year, Evernote has hired 35 engineering staff as the company continues to prepare for multiple product launches in 2017.

“We are very fortunate to have quickly built a team in San Diego to help continue the development work we’ve been doing around the world across our product portfolio,” said Seth Hitchings, VP of Engineering at Evernote. “San Diego has proven to be a great location to expand our expertise with a deep pool of talented engineers to work together with our core global team as we work toward a very exciting 2017.”  

In addition to building the team and ongoing product development work, Evernote engineers are nearing completion of the cloud migration that began in October as a new customer of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The bulk of the migration is on pace to be completed before the end of 2016 and includes more than moving infrastructure and data as product development teams look to take advantage of some new technologies across the entire stack, including the machine learning tools available as part of the migration to GCP.

The power of machine learning and artificial intelligence is that it will help Evernote users not only remember everything but to turn those ideas into actions, to actually help them think,” said Anirban Kundu, Evernote Chief Technology Officer. “We’re looking forward to completing the migration while ramping up the new team and continuing to deliver on products and technology in the pipeline. Together we have a unique opportunity to build on the core functionality of Evernote while unleashing our development resources to bring more intelligence to the collection, retrieval, and organization of user data.”


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  • Brian S

    So can they start by adding the ability to select multiple notes to the new web UI?

  • John McLaughlin

    I’m glad to see engineering ramp up. I’m especially excited to see the increased use of machine learning as you move from owned infrastructure to GCP.

    I’ve been a user for a long time and have more than 10,000 notes — Anything that you can do to help surface the right information at the right time is a huge win (and, as we go forward this is increasingly a big problem….)

  • John Ram

    Great news. I live in San Diego and have Evernote premium. If they do any live events showing latest features let me know.

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  • Brendan

    This is great news. I’m a software engineer myself, and I love hearing about companies setting up shop in my town. I’m sure it’s more affordable than silicon valley.

  • Engineer's Chaupal

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