Coming Soon to an iOS Device Near You

Coming Soon to an iOS Device Near You

Posted by SiNing Chan on 03 Jan 2017

Posted by SiNing Chan on 03 Jan 2017

We’re so excited, we can’t keep this news to ourselves any longer: We’re almost ready to release a fully reimagined Evernote experience for iOS that’s faster and more powerful than anything we’ve done before—Evernote 8.0 for iOS. Our team met with customers, pored over the feedback, and tested out many new ideas before arriving at the new design. “The beta community is thrilled with the updates so far,” says Chuck Pletcher, iOS Product Management Director. Many are saying it’s “the best release of Evernote yet.”

This update follows some of the exciting new features we introduced recently, including iMessage sharing and 3D Touch quick note creation.

Stay tuned for the fastest and most intuitive Evernote iOS experience ever. We can’t wait for you to try it!


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  • Melvin

    when will this be available? 🙂

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Melvin, I’m glad you’re so excited for it! So are we. Right now, we can only tell you to look for this very soon. -Pam R

  • Patrick

    Ohhh! Can I use the Apple Pencil to write directly onto text or pictures?

    • Aaron

      The ability to write anywhere and on anything thing like Notability would be perfect. Being able to merge notes and add date and time stamps in iOS would be a great help. Looking forward to it.

  • Les Hoverd

    Thanks Evernote, can’t wait. You have an amazing product!!!

  • James G

    Please, please, PLEASE(!!) have an enhanced editor! Seriously, OneNote have had this over you in spades for years and it really is getting tired. Looking forward to the update regardless.

  • Frank Phillips

    Sorry to tell you that I plan to drop my Evernote back to basic when my premium renewal comes up. The bells and whistles are fine but $70 or even $35 per year is too much when I can use OneNote practically for free. Sorry!

  • Bruno

    Can’t wait!!

  • Erica

    Will it support real-time collaboration in Notes? Need that so much!

  • Andrew

    Now, if only we can go back to the old Web version of Evernote (sigh)

  • Dmytro

    Any major updates for an Android app?

  • Kashif Magbool

    Hurray.. Can wait to try this?

  • Peter

    I’m just hoping that it looks something like the Windows and MacOS versions. I like to see reminders by due date, not by created date.

    • Pamela Rosen

      Peter, we hear you about reminders. Although this feature is no longer supported, we’ll let the team know that people like you are asking for it. -Pam R

  • Aaron

    Still your pricing is unreasonable. I’m not going to pay for an expensive note-taking app. OneNote is better and much more flexible compared to your editor.

  • Alan

    I just really want a word count on my mobile devices. Only my laptop gives me word counts.

  • William

    Forget all the fancy features, can this one enlarge text? That basic feature has been missing and I have stopped using Evernote because of it.

    That and the immensely confusing email a note feature on iOS, seems to lock into Evernote system and not allow me to simply email a note with the other receiving it as an email text.

    Those two things fixed would be great.

  • Jim

    Better ability to take handwritten notes with Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro! And same ability for Microsoft Pen on my Surface Pro when you do your next Windows 10 Update.

  • Ram

    I’d love to have styles in my notes. Title, Heading 1, Heading 2, Body, etc. It would make my notes far easier to parse.

  • southernforge

    Really? It’s not ready for release yet…

  • Alison

    Are the pictures a clue perhaps?

  • Guillaume

    Any chance it will be released in January ? I hope it will be so good I’ll be able to switch to an iPad as a primary device. Can’t wait.

  • Jim Riggs

    Can we get a date?

  • BobC

    It will support hierarchical tags, right?

  • Jim Riggs

    I think they’ve moved on and our now ignoring our comments

  • Thomas

    I’m really looking forward to it!
    Any idea when it will be available?

    • Pink

      You’ve got it in one. Colu’ndt have put it better.

  • Erick

    Excellent tool can’t wait to know what is new. I hope they allow to use Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro. Also draw features. When can we know more about this new release?

  • Ricky

    Any announcements for the next Windows verison?

  • Gigg

    You will have my props when you tell me the handwriting experience will be increased significantly.

  • Nick

    I hope I am able to use my Apple Pencil properly on my iPad Pro. Currently as soon as I rest my palm on the screen I get all sorts of lines on the page. Most apps – including OneNote are perfectly usable with the Apple Pencil.

    Please fix or I will move.


  • Jan

    I can not start EVERNOTE on my iPad, iPhone – it is crashed 🙁 if i try to “Sign in” – it switched me via appstore to unfunctional app 🙁 help me please! My workshop need evernote for life!

    • Pamela Rosen

      Jan, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue. We have been made aware that this is happening to some customers, and we’re actively working on it. Some of our customers have told us that reinstalling the app will clear up the issue. If that doesn’t work, you can always reach out to our support team by sending a DM (Direct Message) on Twitter to @EvernoteHelps. You can also open a support ticket at -Pam R

      • Jan

        Reinstalation helped. Thank you. New Evernote is nice!

  • Priscilla Bell

    I have used Evernote for years. Now I cannot even begin to figure out what has happened. It is unrecognizable. I cannot get to the main page or find anything. Right now it wants me to sketch which I just want to escape. What has happened and how do I get my favorite tool back?

    • Pamela Rosen

      Priscilla, I’m sorry you’re having trouble adjusting. It’s often difficult at first to get used to something new when you’re used to doing things the old way. We’re sure that once you have a better understanding of the updated Evernote for iOS, you’ll come to love it. Start with this document that will walk you through the new interface and hopefully answer your questions: . If you still have trouble, don’t hesitate to contact support. You can do that by sending a tweet to or by visiting -Pam R