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Take Evernote to Work With These Free Business Templates

Take Evernote to Work With These Free Business Templates

Posted by Pamela Rosen on 14 Feb 2017

Posted by Pamela Rosen on 14 Feb 2017

The small business world has an unfortunate little secret. Most entrepreneurs discover it by accident, and it takes them by complete surprise. The secret? They’re not in the business they thought they were in. Whether they’re handy people, bakers, drivers, manufacturers, or provide a service, doing that work is only a small portion of their day. The rest of the time, they’re behind the scenes, working on the business end of the company.  And for many small business owners, that’s a world apart from what they know how to do.

The less time we have to spend thinking about business paperwork, the more time we can spend doing what we love.

“Evernote is the perfect solution to small business paperwork and organization woes,” said Barbara Fuller, owner of Simplify Days, an online business designed to help individuals and businesses organize online using Evernote. “Entrepreneurs can use it however they want. Evernote can be so much more than a note-taking app. It can be the home for project plans, sales contacts, contracts, budgets, anything.”

Simplifying business forms with Evernote

Barbara acknowledges that facing a blank canvas can be a little daunting at first, so she helps customers make the most of Evernote by creating beautiful and functional templates that they can use immediately. Within seconds, they’re getting things done and staying on track.

We teamed up with Barbara to create an exclusive set of business templates for entrepreneurs that’ll simplify your paperwork and streamline your day. The set includes:

Meeting Notes—This template will help you organize the notes you take when you meet with clients, prospects, and will even help organize your thoughts for later.

Interview Score Card—Use this template to help you make fair decisions about hiring. Score candidates by the same standards, or use the template to get collaborative feedback on candidates from the team.

Employee Goals—Sometimes called MBOs or OKRs, use this template to keep track of employee performance, goals, and objectives.

Sales Contacts—You don’t need an expensive CRM for a relatively small business. Keep sales contact data using this template, and use Evernote’s search function to call up the info you need in seconds.

Meeting Agenda—This template helps you to keep your meetings on track and focused. Plan ahead what you’re going to discuss, and share it with your team and clients to ensure everyone’s prepared.

Project Overview—Organize professional project details fast, and track progress in real time with anyone you share it with.

Project Budget—Call out costs and line item expenses and be ready to send written estimates in seconds.

Work Order—Prepare your Statement of Work, (SOW), so you and clients agree on the scope of the job instantly. Save SOWs for future reference without a file cabinet.

Marketing Plan—How do you plan to get more customers and manage growth? Set a marketing roadmap for your entire business, and use the same template to plan and execute a single campaign or marketing event.

Business Trip Checklist—Traveling for business? Make sure you meet all your goals by using this template to track and even remind you of meeting times and locations, background information on the people you meet, and add new data instantly from any device.

Using Templates

If you haven’t used Evernote templates before, you’ll find them simple and handy.  Check out this how-to and get started using templates to make Evernote a powerful business suite today.

Bonus: Be sure to download the 2017 Evernote calendar templates to turn Evernote into your yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily datebook.


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  • Samuel Lavoie

    Thanks, Evernote and Simplify Days very handy and beautiful yet very simple to use templates!

  • Cassie

    These templates are awesome!

  • Kate Amon

    As a former small business owner (organic gift retailer/etailer), truer words were never spoken! Devil in the details to run a business, and these templates help to mentally “change gears” to focus on a specific task or effort.

  • John


  • Bobby

    These are great, but I wish the templates engine was a little more sophisticated than just “copy this note and use it again”.

    I want to be able to fire up the meeting note template from my iPad in a couple of taps, not have to go searching for the original note and duplicate it.

    Automatically filling in the data would be great too – you have access to my iOS calendar so put in the meeting title, list of attendees and date of the meeting I’m in. Save us doing some manual entry!

    • Derek

      Bobby – I use JotForm to accomplish what you’re trying to do. I use a custom built form to gather all the information and when the form “submits” it’s emailing into Evernote. Maybe that will help?

    • Linda

      I just have a notebook called Templates and keep an extra copy of every template I plan to use again.

      • FoxBlockhead

        LOVE this idea. I just implemented it 🙂

      • Marissa

        Once you have a template saved, how do you create multiples of the same template? I like the idea of a notebook for them!

        • Pamela Rosen

          Hi, Marissa–Here’s the trick. Once you save a template in the notebook of your choice, what appears is a new note that is a COPY of the original template. Simply rename it to whatever you want, and your original is still in template form. Fill in the re-named copy. For example, I keep a notebook called “Templates,” and when I recently made a business trip, I created a notebook for that trip and copied all the templates I wanted to use (packing list, travel itinerary, etc.) into the new notebook. My original blank templates remain in the “Templates” notebook, and the filled-out templates are in the notebook for that trip. I hope that helps!
          -Pam R (P.S. With Evernote Premium, I was able to also download my trip notebook for offline use, which came in really handy at places where no WiFi was available!)

    • Craig

      I completely agree with Bobby. These templates are great! These features and integrations would be next level. Thank you!

    • Larry B

      well said as a business consultant productivity tools like Evernote are only worth PREMIUM if they add to our productivity… You make great points, auto fill is the best point, much of what we do is repetitive, to anticipate what we are going to say or do next saves us a few steps.

    • Jim McGowan

      This has to be the clunkiest way to implement templates in a note-taking application that I have ever seen! Once upon a time Evernote had a way6 to create and/or modify templates and using them was integrated into Evernote – no copying and reusing these “templates” over and over. Some came already built-in and you could create and add others yourself. You just selected a template when creating a new note. I don’t think I’ll use templates in their current incarnation.


    • Ahmed

      You can use an app like TextExpander for Mac, or use keyboard shortcuts on iOS where you would include all the text in your template then assign a keyboard shortcut to bring it up in an instant

  • robin resch

    Sorry but how does one download the templates?

    • Pamela Rosen

      Robin, you don’t need to apologize if you have a question! We’re happy to help. Here’s a quick about how to get and use templates in Evernote:

  • Lyn

    These are great! I was just thinking of creating a version of these for myself. This saves me the time and is far more sophisticated than mine would have been. 🙂

  • Olga Garate

    Must one have a Premium account to use these templates?

    • FoxBlockhead

      As far as I’m aware, these are just text notes, which are available to any Evernote user. As well, because they are just text notes, they are small and don’t take up a Basic users limit very quickly.

  • Glenn

    Nice! Thanks Evernote and thanks Simplify Days! I have a group of college students whom I’ve let know about this as well.

  • Sam Simione

    Great organizational templates to make my Evernotes more productive!

  • Christopher Korody

    I’m with Bobby. Even more annoying than having to Save As is having to save these things one at a time. Way too manual for a productivity app.. How about some nice checkboxes, I select what I want, you create a folder called Templates where I can logically find them and assign them as needed and load them up.

  • Jeannemarie

    Can not wait to use these! thank you!

  • Natchi Lazarus

    Thank you! Thats is useful.

  • Steve G

    Thank you for the templates Evernote…!!!

  • Laura

    Love these templates, wish I could easily access them in Evernote. Do I need to bookmark this blog post to download a new one. I don’t need all of them now – but I also don’t want to save a bunch of blank form templates for use maybe later. If there is a way to access easily – please let me know!

  • Gareth

    You know what they say about templates…

  • Gareth

    I love me some templates

  • Andy

    Looks like that Business Trip template is working now, after a browser refresh.This is great, do you have an article like this for Checklists? You could create customizable Checklists like: Daily Health (Meds, Stretch, Exercise, Hydrate, Shower), Date Night Prep (Cleaners, Reservations, Hygiene check, Domicile decontamination, room mate exporting, Playlist que, grocery shop for Breakfast Ingredients, etc…) and the like.

  • Nisar

    Thanks, Evernote…
    It’s AWSME

  • Willie Briggs

    I am already a premium (individual) member…how do i download and unlock the templates?

    • FoxBlockhead

      Why do you need premium to download the templates? there is a link to a tutorial at the end of the blog post

      • Pamela Rosen

        Hi, there, just wanted to reiterate that Premium is NOT necessary to download these templates. They are available for everyone. -Pam R

  • Debbie

    Thank you so much for these! I just started a new job and they will come in handy.

  • Sam

    Thank you. I will put these to use.

  • Stu Jones

    These are extremely well thought out templates. They certainly will help me in my business. Thanks

  • Paul Boucher

    These are a huge help in narrowing focus as Kate Amon mentioned. Thanks Evernote.

  • Cinthia

    I love these templates, would love to see similar versions in Penultimate for those times I’m handwriting notes rather than typing. Thank you for sharing.

  • Spencer Stromberg

    I appreciate the templates, but I also agree that there should be a better way to use them. Being able to make a new note from a template should be fairly simple, like having a “New Note from Template” option, with templates selectable from a list. For something like a phone log, it needs to be very quick, so it can be fired up after answering the phone.

  • Delbert Blackketter

    Thank you for the free templates. They are handy, usable, practical, and will be helpful in the future as I use them.

  • David A Menken

    How do I download a template for use on my iPhone?

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, David! You use the templates on your phone exactly the same way you would use them on a desktop. Here’s a quick tutorial.

  • Kenna James

    How does one download the templates if you already have the Premium service? Frustrating going through this ad and seeing how good it is and clicking buttons to download the templates only to find more promotional ads to get the premium service.

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Kenna! It doesn’t matter whether you have a Premium account or not–the templates are for everyone! You download them the same way regardless of the level of service you have. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it. Here’s a quick tutorial. -Pam R

  • Sandra Cerul

    Looking forward to learning how to use this. Thank you for the templates. They look extremely helpful.

  • J. Lynn Kronk

    I have a great link to an Evernote Infographic on my blog under technology. I have used it for Real Estate, Grad School, and personally for years. I did upgrade so I could access from all my devices (iPhone, iPad, notebook, and nextbook (a mini notebook).


    The templates really get you off to a good start…thinking strategically about the job, billing, and how it will progress.

  • Mark Stradling

    Many thanks for these. Very helpful, and well designed. Appreciated.

  • Michel

    Great business templates. I already saved them in my Evernote’s all business templates directory. Great that such great templates are provided for free. Would be great if more templates, like the one at, would be available directly at Evernote. Really would make my daily business easy.

  • Nathan

    Question? How do you expand a table in one of these templates to have more rows?

    • Jimmy C.

      Table features is one of their main shortcomings which they’ve heard but nothing was done.

  • Charlene

    Wow! These templates are very timely. I use Evernote for status reports and project management with clients but this puts a whole new spin on how I can play with it! THANKS to the whole team there at Evernote!

  • JeffB

    I think the world axis just tilted a bit. This will change some of the things I do daily for the better
    Thank you!

  • Matthew

    More please

  • Mike

    Anyone have a business card template to save them in

  • Linda I Hixson

    Thank you Evernote and Barbara of Simplify Days for making our easier and better!

  • Liz

    Sounds like a great idea – any way to do this in the web interface?

  • Tim

    I downloaded the meeting notes template–love how it looks! Only issue is on tablet versions of evernote the actual notes column is super narrow making it totally unusable on anything besides a desktop browser/app from what I could tell.

    Anyone else have the same issue?

  • Hildebrando

    Thanks to Evernote and Simplify Days!, these templates are very simple and effective at the same time! Great, Thanks!

  • Janet E Brown

    Thank you for this..

  • CD

    Agree that these templates look like way more trouble than they’re worth. But, here’s a suggestion. I use my phone for meeting notes. When I’m in a meeting and I open Evernote and select new note, the title of the note is pre-filled in with the title/subject of the meeting that’s in my calendar. Since i’m in the meeting, evernote is smart enough to figure out that this is why i’m probably writing a note. Brilliant! Now, if evernote can figure that out then why can’t if figure out that i’d probably like to use the meeting note template? I open new note, Evernote checks the calendar, if there’s something in the calendar at the time that i’m opening the note. it either defaults to the mtg notes template – OR – offers that as a choice. I’d be happy either way. it’s way less trouble for me to deny this offer/selection from evernote and type in something new than it is to have to write out the meeting subject. if evernote can migrate the meeting subject from my calendar than it should also be able to migrate other info like with whom I’m meeting and location – anything that’s filled in on the calendar. you’d only have to do migration for Outlook, iCal and Google and i imagine that should cover….90% of the users? This would turn it into a real productivity tool. You’re kind of half-way there already so why not just go ahead and finish?