Sharing Notes on Android Just Got Better

Sharing Notes on Android Just Got Better

Posted by SiNing Y Chan on 28 Mar 2017

Posted by SiNing Y Chan on 28 Mar 2017

We think your ideas are worth sharing, so we’re making it easier on all our Evernote products, beginning with Android.

Sharing should be effortless

Note and notebook sharing should feel more natural, the way you would expect it to be. If you haven’t noticed, we share things all the time. We share photos of food. We share links to cat videos. Now, when you save those things to Evernote, you’ll be able to share them more easily.

Did you pull a great quote off of a blog post or think of a new way to grow your business? Once you’ve saved these to Evernote, easily share them as a link in an email, a text, or a Slack message directly from Evernote, all without opening your messaging apps.

The best thing about it is that you can share notes with anyone, even if they don’t use Evernote. Learn more »

Easily find what’s been shared with you


Once your friends, family, and co-workers get into the habit of sharing notes with you, you’ll want an easy way to keep track of everything that’s been shared.

We’ve designed a new ‘Shared’ section which lists all the notes and notebooks that have been shared with you. Quickly find what you’re looking for by:

  • Filtering the list by name or type (note or notebook)
  • Sorting the list by title, name, and date

Learn more »

Share notebooks and save time

If you’re working with others on a project or planning a family trip, you may find yourself sharing more notes than you normally do. Save time by placing all your project briefs, travel itineraries, and planning notes in a notebook, then sharing it with others.

Instead of sending email attachments every time you want to share notes, simply send out a quick message reminding your group to check the shared notebook for new and updated notes.

This shared notebook isn’t just another shared folder sitting in the cloud. It’s more like a digital journal with pages you can attach files to and add notes and comments to.

Move beyond simple note-taking and file sharing by attaching any type of file to a note, then add relevant comments, tasks lists, or annotations.


  • Use Microsoft Excel to track your family finances, then attach it to a note, with a bullet-point list of upcoming purchase and travel plans.
  • Annotate PDFs of sales materials in Evernote, then attach them to a note, alongside similar documents you share with customers or clients.

Invite others in the group to contribute. Once they receive an email invite, participants will need to sign in to (or sign up for) Evernote to join the notebook. Once they’ve joined, they’re free to add images, audio recordings, web articles, and any other thoughts and ideas to it. Anyone with access can re-share individual notes from the  notebook with clients, vendors, or potential leads. Learn more »

TIP: If everyone in your group (or team) uses Evernote, a shared notebook can become a resource hub or an information library. Documents in the shared notebook can be created or saved outside of Evernote, then attached to or linked from a note. Sample resources include forms, contracts, templates, sales decks, training materials, pricing sheets, or product catalogs to your notes.


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  • Samir

    I’ve gotten into sharing notes/notebooks with my wife recently and find it very hard. I shared a notebook, but there are two versions of her E-mail (she only has one account). But then, unless I share the note in Work Chat, she doesn’t see it in her notebook. I find it very frustrating since I am not sure how to do it despite being a very experienced and proficient Evernote user for my personal use.

    • SiNing Chan

      Hi Samir—Happy to hear you’re finding ways to share notes/notebooks. I’d encourage you to send specific requests to the Evernote Community forums or contact Support. Two quick thoughts that may be helpful: (1) Best to share notes/notebooks with your wife within Evernote (Work Chat) to the email (associated w/her Evernote account), and not as a link/URL. Sharing notes/notebooks via links is primarily for sharing w/people (or emails) not tied to Evernote accounts. (2) Any note/notebook you share w/her via Work Chat can be set to ‘View & Edit’ so she can add/edit notes to it.

  • Anna

    Everytime my colleague shares a note with me, I need to quit and re-open Evernote to receive her message. Sad!

    • Pamela Rosen

      I’m so sorry you’re having these difficulties! Please reach out to our support team. Send a tweet to @evernotehelps or you can open a support ticket at Thanks! -Pam R

  • Asimmondol

    Thanks for your post .

    • SiNing Chan

      Thanks. Would love to know if there’s anything specific you liked about the post.

  • Adam

    I just started using Evernote again about 2 months ago and love it. I am not sure why I ever moved away from it, but I am glad that you keep making it better. I definitely love this better than any other alternatives.

    • SiNing Chan

      Happy to hear you like the improvements we’ve been working on.

  • Lily

    I’ve gotten into sharing notes/journals with my better half as of late and think that its hard. I shared a note pad, yet there are two renditions of her E-mail (she just has one record). In any case, at that point, unless I share the note in Work Chat, she doesn’t see it in her scratch pad. I think that its exceptionally baffling since I don’t know how to do it regardless of being an extremely experienced and capable Evernote client for my own utilization.