A Word of Gratitude to Evernote’s Founder

A Word of Gratitude to Evernote's Founder

Posted by Chris O'Neill, CEO, Evernote on 27 Jun 2017

Posted by Chris O'Neill, CEO, Evernote on 27 Jun 2017

June 24th marked the ninth year since Evernote emerged from private testing to a public open beta. Over that time, more than 200 million people have used Evernote to create over five billion notes all around the world. Much of my time is spent thinking about Evernote’s future, however on this occasion, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on Evernote’s past, its origins and more specifically about the man whose vision and foresight led him to found our company, Stepan Pachikov.

Let me explain who Stepan Pachikov is and how his notions changed the world. Every day, there is a very good chance that you’re touched by something Stepan invented.

  • Ever sign your name with a stylus directly on a computer or handheld device? The ability for computers to read handwriting—that was Stepan’s invention.
  • If you’re in the United States, and you’ve received a nice handwritten letter through the US Postal Service—Stepan came up with the technology used to automatically read and direct handwritten mail to the right place.
  • He was also one of the pioneers of VRML, or Virtual Reality Modeling Language, so you can thank Stepan every time you play an immersive video game, too.

In 2002, Stepan first thought of creating Evernote because he was a smart guy with a terrible memory. He dreamed of a way to make a copy of your entire brain, capturing information and thoughts at the speed at which we think.  He has taught me never to lose sight of the idea that “a person’s reach should exceed their grasp.” He is always one or two (or several hundred) steps in front of everybody else. Stepan is a visionary in the truest sense of the word. I love listening to him talk about his personal passions and ideas on where Evernote should go in the next 5-10 years.

I want to thank Stepan. I want to thank him for insisting on product excellence. He always says, “the best product experience wins.” And he’s right. I want to thank him for his curiosity, which I find inspiring. I thank him for always making me think, and for his confidence and belief in me. And I want to thank him for the immense amount of customer passion that he’s created in the world. For building this community of people who rally around the banner of Evernote.

As the late Robin Williams once said, all of us are “only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” I’d like to thank Stepan for never losing his childlike wonder and imagination even in the face of adversity and for not being afraid to turn outrageous ideas into real, useful products — people like Stepan Pachikov are the ones who have the power to change the world. He certainly has.

Thanks, Stepan.

To learn more about Stepan’s life and how Evernote was born, check out our latest Medium post, or join the conversation using #ThankYouStepan.


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  • Alexei Tetenov

    Thank you for sharing this Wonderful! story!

  • Howard Greenstein

    I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with Stepan. He’s truly a great individual, smart and generous.

  • Steve Martin

    Great Story – nice to know how this great product got started and the vision of the founder.

  • Arjit Mahal

    I congratulate Evernote and the team for this amazing product – which I use regularly. I NEED HELP. I am a premium subscription paying member. For the past 3 months I have problem with my database and have been trying to resolve through the tech staff – online. I am too frustrated because there is NO HUMAN BEING who I can call and get help. I am even willing to pay for someone to troubleshoot my problem. Where do I go from here? HELP?

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Arjit, I’m sorry you’re having this trouble reaching a real person at Evernote. Your best bet for talking to someone from support is through Twitter. Send a DM to @EvernoteHelps, that is staffed by customer service reps during business hours on the west coast. -Pam R

  • Bus Rush 2

    Well that was a great thing to know, Thanks you sir, keep it up sir.

  • Todd

    Nice recognition of Stepan! I was an early adopter and have an original database of notes that is in the original db format. I’m not sure how to access them or if I can load into my current Evernote db without corrupting the current or the old db of notes. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  • Johan

    Been loving Evernote since 2009, and thanks to my getting started with Evernote I’m today a full-time effectiveness consultant! How can I get my hands on such a sweet Evernote t-shirt (Chris’) to spread the love!?

  • Cameron Beeler

    Evernote has literally changed my life. This is my fully life integrated, getting things done, resource reference, not taking, go-to app and content resource pool. Thanks Stepan for your meaningful contributions and Chris, keep moving us forward!!