New Evernote Tables and More

New Evernote Tables and More

Posted by SiNing Y Chan on 02 Aug 2017

Posted by SiNing Y Chan on 02 Aug 2017

We’ve heard how many of you love using tables to organize your information and ideas, so we’ve been hard at work to make them better. With the latest release of Evernote for Windows (v6.5 and v6.6) and Mac (v6.12), you’ll notice that tables now have a whole new look—and they’re more intuitive and flexible than ever.


Even if you wouldn’t exactly call yourself a fan of tables, once you start using them to track projects, organize information, and break down complex ideas you’re presenting to others, you may find our newly designed tables hard to resist.

Table editing made simpler

Sometimes, it’s hard to know just how many rows or columns you’ll end up needing. No worries—now, you can easily add as you go. Create a new row or column anywhere you’d like, with just one click.



Not sure where you want a row or column to go? Drag rows and columns around in a table until it’s just the way you want it.


You can also merge cells now. Cell merging is one of our most requested table features, so we made it a top priority.

Geek out by grouping adjacent table cells together, adding more layers of organization to your tables.

Clarify with color

Adding background colors to your tables is easier than ever. Select one or more cells, columns, or rows (anywhere in a table), then pick a color.  It’s that easy.


All the columns you need

Running out of space? No worries. The new tables are horizontally scrollable, which means you can make tables as wide as you want them to be, without worrying about columns getting squeezed together. Go ahead and add all the columns you need.


See the big picture

We all love that Evernote lets you add photos, screenshots, or scans to a note. But, scrolling up and down to see all the images you’ve added can be a chore.

Evernote’s new image gallery lets you browse through all the images without distractions. Simply double-click on an image to launch the viewer, then sit back, and enjoy watching them glide elegantly across the screen.


Watch a replay of our live demo, How to Use Evernote Tables today!


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  • D.Matthew Facer

    Will there be any way to convert existing tables to the new table format?

    • SiNing Y Chan

      It’s more than a formatting update. It’s a brand new way of creating and editing tables in Evernote. No conversion required for most tables. Do reach out to Support if you’ve got more questions.

      • D.Matthew Facer

        Thank you for your reply. After a little digging, there is an option to upgrade table when you right-click in a cell of an older table. This is great! I am looking forward to utilizing this new functionality!

        • G.Campos

          Where can you upgrade to the new table from an older table?

          • db

            How do we migrate a table from the older version to the newer version?? Also, when we enter data into tables on the laptop, that data doesn’t sync over to the iPhone versions; but when we enter data into the iphone, that data DOES sync to the laptop. We have spent thousands of hours with the older tables and this new upgrade has shut us down completely. Any help from the Evernote team on this dual, potentially disasterous problem? We have relied on the Evernote tables for a long time in our business and loved the flexibility and power. The new table-creation format is light years ahead, but has potentially created insurmountable problems in migrating tables and date from the older version. Please help!

          • Pamela Rosen

            Hi! Migration shouldn’t be necessary if you’re running the latest version of Evernote on all your devices. If you’re still running into trouble, be sure to send a tweet to our help team @evernotehelps. Thanks for reading and reaching out! -Pam R

  • Robert

    This is the first truly useful update that Evernote has done for a long while. Forget the UI redesigns and the gimmicky features… these are the changes that Evernote users actually want.

    Well done. The new tables are a huge inprovement. Looking forwards to other editor enhancements like styles and dare I suggest it… code syntax highlighting?

    • SiNing Y Chan

      We’re so happy you like the new tables. I’m happy to say there are more editing improvements to come. Thanks for your feedback!

      • David Yuhas

        Evernote said for years that tables were limited to html functionality.

      • Johan

        code syntax highlighting FTW!!

    • Aarron Pina

      Wow – this is way more than just a pretty, new face on the same old thing! This is the first very useful upgrade I’ve seen, too. For those who believe in the product, this is great evidence that all of our “Evernote could be even more” prayers are being answered.

    • Anthony Cartmell

      +1 here for Evernote adding customisable text styles: a major time-saver for technical notes!

    • Felix

      Agreed. That sums it up nicely. It was feeling a bit stagnant for a while.

  • Chris

    This looks great – thanks guys. Been frustrated using tables on EN for so long. Feels like a big jump forward. Can’t wait for the Mac release – might just have to take the beta plunge.

    • Timothy J McMahon

      I totally agree. Tables are so much easier to work with in the latest update. Great work Evernote!

  • Will

    Dear Evernote Team, the new feature is awesome. Thank you!

  • Salvador Teixeira

    Great changes, Evernote deserves it to become everbetter

  • Miran

    I am a big fan of these changes. Well done Evernote team.

  • Melissa Foote

    Love it. Would love to also see more font editing as well. Colours and changes to text within the body of note beyond basic changes.

  • Eric Burnett

    Thanks for all of the hard work on the update!

    Are there plans to introduce some sort of “night mode” to change the UI color scheme to dark colors? After a while, Evernote’s mostly white interface can certainly cause eye fatigue. YouTube and Twitter have great night modes, for example.

    • SiNing Y Chan

      Thanks, Eric! RE: Night Mode or color schemes: I’m not aware of any plans for that at the moment, but thanks for letting us know it’s important to you.

      • David C.

        This is a request that has existed for years on the forum (2013…)

        • Radha


  • LioTims

    Thank you for this great update. Unfortunately my old tabels (created in Microsoft Word Office) are now broken because of it. I’ll have to wait now for supporting this kind of tables in the nearest updates. All my business and tonns of other information are built in these Word tables… It is critically important for me. Will this kind of tables be supported in future updates?

    • SiNing Y Chan

      Thanks for your comments. Please tweet @evernotehelps or open a Customer Support ticket for more specific help with the issues you’re experiencing.

  • Tanmay Ghonge

    This the most useful update Evernote has provided in quite a while. It used to be so frustrating to work with tables. This update provides a massive relief.

    Something I am looking forward to in future updates is uniformity of experience across operating systems.

    • SiNing Y Chan

      Thanks for the shoutout! Thanks also for your input regarding uniformity of experience.

  • Ali Ganum

    Nice work and update, what about Mac users?.

    • SiNing Y Chan

      Glad you like it. It’s all coming soon to Mac as well. Can’t wait? Try it now on Mac 6.12 Beta.

  • Andrew

    Can you confirm that these tables aren’t available on the online version of evernote…only the desktop version?

    • SiNing Y Chan

      The new table editing options are currently available on Windows and coming soon on Mac.

      • EP

        Will they be available in the web version? And how far in the future is that?

  • Will

    Great Update

  • Silvio

    The update is really good! Let me ask you, will I ever be able to merge cells? Thank you!!

    • SiNing Y Chan

      Yes, you can do that now : ) The blog post includes a short section about cell merging.

  • RicD

    How soon will the new tables be coming to the web version?

    • SiNing Y Chan

      At the moment, I’m only aware of the new table editing experience being available on Windows and Mac.

      • RicD

        SiNing Y Chan — thank you for your response. When our seven year old MBP gave up the ghost we moved to Chromebooks, thus Evernote on the browser. Hope Evernote soon as that tables feature to the Web version. Also, we work off our iOS devices as well.

  • James

    This update completely broke my clipped outlook emails (formatting). The ‘remark’ line is no longer at the top of these notes, instead, email headers are, and the remark has dropped down. If the clipped email was a conversation, the headers of every single email in the convo has been strangely moved to the top of the note, then the remark, then the email conversation. Quite a significant set back for me as I need the ‘remark’ to remain at the top of every note that I clip 🙁

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, James, I’m so sorry that you’re having this experience! I encourage you to contact @evernotehelps on Twitter for support on this issue! -Pam

  • Matthew

    When does this web version upgrade take place. I am on the web version for windows and the tables are not upgraded yet.

  • Kevin

    Wow, this is an absolutely massive improvement. I have never found a product with a table editing experience that I liked. The Confluence wiki was about as close as I ever found, and I think you’ve done an even nicer job than Confluence.

    In the next rev, how about moving a single cell to another location in the table (shift the other cells to make space). That would make it possible to do User Story Mapping directly in Evernote without needing to resort to a specialized tool. I’ve never found a product that can easily do single cell drag & drop relocations. It’s not the same as cut & paste.

  • Andrea B.

    Great update! I’m waiting the Mac App Store release for using the new tables! Evernote… I believe in you!

  • Rob Freundlich

    Wow, this new table functionality is amazing! I especially like that the cursor keys work as one would expect, instead of the way they used to.

    Thank you so much!

  • Matthew

    Unfortunately this update broke the ability to tab from cell to cell. Now a tab does the lame “insert random number of spaces” which is so useless elsewhere in the app.

    • becsdrm

      I too am very frustrated that tabbing from one cell to another is now broken. It just moves the cursor over a few spaces. Using the tab key to move quickly to the next cell (and alt tab to move back a cell) was my main way to use tables. Now I have to take my hand off the keyboard to my mouse, find the cursor, and then click into another cell, back to the keyboard to type. Very frustrating. Please fix this in the next version. Thanks!

      • SiNing Y Chan

        Interesting. Tabs in tables are working for me. You may want to contact support. I’ll be airing a Facebook Live Event today with a demo of the tables and I plan to use the tab key to move from cell to cell in our new tables.

        • Radha

          They work for me as well.

    • Geoffrey

      I had this issue too, and found it very frustrating. However, after I right-clicked on the table and selected the option to upgrade it, the Tab key started to work again as it should.

  • Jorgehms

    Are this changes comming to mobile? (tablets)

  • Cardin

    Finally a feature implementation/upgrade that is actually useful! I’ve been waiting for this feature for years, I’m pleased to see it finally arrive. Keep it up!

  • Jason Horadam

    This has just made my work life a whole lot easier. Thank you. This has been on the wishlist for a while now.

  • Jesua Cañizares

    What a great news!! i Wait for a long time this improvements on the evernote tables, the tables were a little dry style long ago.

  • Nick Civitarese

    I don’t use tables often but given the new update, I’m starting to brainstorm on how this can help me organize my business.

    I’d like to suggest a feature – the ability to color code the titles of notebooks as they appear in a list. I have too many notes and it’s getting chaotic; this feature would help restore order.

    Is there a more formal place to suggest this, as opposed to tweeting it at @evernotehelps.

    Thank you!

    • SiNing Y Chan

      Thanks for your comments! If you want to leave product feedback, go to Evernote Forums. Our Product Managers regularly view them:

  • Scott

    Its a good idea but evernote doesn’t convert tables from excel, google spreadsheets, and many web pages (e.g. into the new table format.

    I use evernote a lot for copying key information from these kinds of sources and adding notes.

    It would be handy to be able to use an external table as a starting point for a table.

    I also second the suggestion for a sort feature for the table.

    • SiNing Y Chan

      Thanks for your suggestions. Don’t forget you can also easily attach external spreadsheet files to the note and launch your spreadsheet from within the note itself.

  • mohmicro

    Thank you, great feature. Can you add table editing feature to android version, please.

    • Clare

      I’d like this too please – and the ipad version 🙂

      • Jorge Flores

        I agree, I need both iOS and Android

    • Mike D

      Yes, we need this to work on iPad’s too please! It’s kind of frustrating that it doesn’t already.

  • Arifin

    I like the new table formatting! Instead of plain tables, Evernote is closer to a word processor now! Yabadabadooo!

  • David

    Well done. First meaningful/exciting upgrade I’ve seen to EN in 5+ years. Wonder if this means EN is “back”. That said, unless/until I can sort tables, which I see no mention of, it will be of limited value to me personally. But again, this is a fantastic enhancement.

  • Brian

    Good stuff. Now give me dark mode.

  • John Barone

    Will this functionality be added to the mobile apps at some point? Not being able to use tables when on the iPad really limits their usefulness.

  • Arturo Romero

    Hallelujah! An update for Windows!

  • Jorge Flores

    Is this going to happen to the iOS and Android versions too, mainly iOS (iPad)

  • Mariano Tello

    Thanks!! I feel glad, because you finally heard us!!! This is amazing. Please!! Next update should be presentation mode for smartphones!!1

  • twm

    Huzzar! Tables improvements are long overdue. Keep up the good work

  • Allan

    Pity that as far as I can see one feature which many users have requested, batch updating of reminders, isn’t included in the update. It would be so useful to be able to move forward various reminders en bloc. Shame.

  • John Aylward

    I have the Mac version but there is no Software Updates tab in my Preferences??? I would love to try the Beta

  • Colin Campbell

    To enable beta versions you say go to Evernote > Preferences > Software Update etc but I can find no preferences link in my Evernote?

    • Pamela Rosen

      Colin, you might want to send a quick tweet to @evernotehelps and someone can help you to get where you need. -Pam R

  • Abu

    An anticipated update. Really like it. I’ve been waiting this features.

    Just wonder whether the table functions like excel table? can we use formula function like in MS EXCEL? if simple calculation formula is included, it will be very useful.

  • Capuchon

    I don’t understand why this feature comes so late for a company that pretend “to do only notes but do it well”. However, I’m happy that this long awaiting feature is finally coming.
    However, my most wanted request from the beginning I use Evernote is: when this will happen to iOS ???
    Tables was always minimally supported in Evernote, and not at all on smartphones/tablets (except for reading). Now that tables are about to be good on “workstations”, I think its time to put all devices in par. And then Evernote will be THE tool to takes notes.

  • Michael Curtis

    Thanks for this upgrade. I use tables a lot. Can I set a table to auto format? One row is grey, next is white, next is grey etc. Can’t wait for the Mac release

  • Duane

    This is a good revision, thank you.

    How do I request the capability to add a comment to a phone app web clipping of full article? I can add a comment to clipping on Windows desktop, but when I’m on the move and only have access on my phone, not being able to add a comment makes the clip/share process far less elegant, adds many steps and slows things down.

  • Jorge Flores

    Love it, great now the windows client has a little bit more functions like the mac version, I love the mac version. Now the Big, HUGE question, when are you going to add table support to the mobile apps (iOS and android)?

    I use an iPad Pro, Samsung Tab S, and Sony Xperia, and love to have that functionality since I use a lot the tables, and the iPad is my only travel companion and it’s a pain to use Evernote without table support.

  • Sam Crowhurst

    This looks absolutely fantastic! A major step forward, however, will it be available on android or iOS at any point in the future? This is a feature that I would love to see!

  • Emma C

    I use tables a lot at work as they’re great for small team planning. The most frustraring thing I’ve found is when printing (I know, but sometimes I need to print things or save a pdf of my team’s workplan), is that the on-screen look never carries to pdf/paper, the formatting is all over the place and a pain to get on one sheet or put page breaks between two tables in one note. Does the update solve this? Will look into trying the beta for mac if so.

  • Blake

    Great news! I really hope evernote continues on this path to bring their currently very lacking editor up to par with other note take apps such as word & onenote, bear, etc.

    Please consider these other editor features:
    – formatted headers/sections in a note
    – math equations
    – syntax highlighted code sections

  • Willa

    I’m using EN through desktop and still have the old version of tables, how can I update to the new one?

  • Marc Vos

    This is great! Finally, and then good at once! I would lilke two additions: auto-resizing of a table Yes/No and custom cell background colour-swatches. I use very light cell background colors, and the default ones are too prominent. I would like to be able to add my own.
    Thanks for a great update!

    • Jody

      Fantaaaastic! I use tables regularly to be able to size in pics and screenshots, and this update is a huge help in formatting – the perfect “third year anniversary present” for me as Premium member. Just one more reason why I can’t imagine life without Evernote!

  • Patrick

    Is that a useful and TRUE update?! Y E S! At last! I use tables a lot and it was painful before, but now sooooo smooth. Well done Evernote team!

  • Paris

    This is the update I’ve been waiting for. I love my tables and now I can use them in evernote. Awesome Update!

  • Rona M Florio

    I love my tables! So psyched about all the new functionality. Great job Evernote. Thank you! <3

  • Chris

    YES! Long awaited. The old tables were the #1 item on my list causing me to think of leaving Evernote Premium back to OneNote.

    I’d only ask for a keyboard shortcut for some table operations – especially “add new row.” Nice that you can click with the mouse, but CTRL-ENTER at the end of a table in OneNote is so fast…

  • Dante

    Besides this, if you ever allow us to create note sections inside notebooks (kind of like notebooks inside notebooks), you will have an ex business premium user back.

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Dante! Are you aware of notebook stacks? That does what you’re suggesting. Take a look here: to learn how to do it. Thanks for reading! -Pam R

  • Nathan

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I thought this update would never ever come.

  • Jacob

    BUG REPORT: Tabbing from cell to cell works as expected, but not via a script. If creating a table via a script, tab will only work within a cell. Any ideas for a workaround (besides manually creating tables??)

  • Jason B

    This update is fantastic! The tables are terrific and the new notebook layout is a much needed change! Best update EVER. 🙂

  • Neil Rutledge

    YES! Not only have all the previous table limitations been addressed but the new functionality is extremely useful and well thought out. Thank you Evernote team!

  • flxiglesc

    Well done! It’s a huge improvement

  • Tim Connolly

    Love the new feature – have a question regarding horizontal scrolling when the table is wider than the window. This is in the WIndows 10 App. The table scrollbar is at the bottom of the table, not at the bottom of the note’s window as in other apps like Word or Excel. If I am in the middle of a note’s table and need to scroll right or left I have to go to the bottom of the table to do so. Very cumbersome. Seems a scrollbar at the bottom of the note window would be better. Is there another way to horizontal scroll that I may be missing? Thanks!

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Tim,
      Thanks for writing in. I’m going to refer you to our support team for help with this. Just send a tweet to @EvernoteHelps and someone will be able to help you with that issue. Thanks for reading! -Pam R

  • Eilat

    I use Evernote exclusively on my iPad so I still need to create tables on google docs and then copy them to a note. If this isn’t embarrassing I don’t know what is. But I am glad for all of you computer users that enjoy the new feature 🙂

  • Felix Erazo

    This is a great update. Thank You!

  • Jake Faulstich

    The table updates are stellar! A whole new world of Evernote for project management. Thanks!

  • Brendan Bone

    If only every Evernote update was this amazing, Evernote would then be the greatest software available.

  • Jim Hanna

    +1 on kudos for the table upgrade! EN Table handling has been a frustration for me for years. Very happy to see this.

  • Jimmy C.

    Great stuff! How about doing it on smartphone – to what extent this is facilitated?

  • Tullar Barbara

    I use the tables feature and I’ve found it very helpful. Very handy to add information to the table. However, I haven’t found a way to sort the rows so I’m forced to manually rearrange the rows alphabetically after I’ve added them. Is there a way to sort rows by the first word in the first column? If not, I hope you’ll consider adding this formatting option.

  • Yosmel Chiang

    Yes! Finally, Ive been waiting for this feature since I found out about Evernote, been a couple years now.

    Will there be any future updates that allows the possibility to import excel files by simply copying and pasting and converting the format into tables?

  • Pavlik Kiselev

    Wow, that’s amazing! Thank you very much for this update. I use tables on a daily basis – the most useful feature for me is coloring of cells.
    The only thing preventing me from buying Premium now is foldable blocks! I hope it will be implemented soon

  • Charlie

    Finally!!!! This is a dramatic improvement, thanks guys!!

  • Cam Jamieson

    Any plans to bring basic spreadsheets into evernote?

  • RR

    Great update – thank you. Is there any way to freeze column headings so they remain visible while you scroll down in a table?

  • Ann

    Thank you Evernote for improving your table functions!
    I have been a big fan of Evernote for years, although admit I didn’t love your tables. Now you’ve made Evernote even better!

  • nagen

    it would be great if you can add the merge cells feature

  • matt

    Is it possible to export to an excel type file or a csv? Thanks for this great update!

  • Jackie

    My tables are still plain. Is this for a reason? I am running Windows 7.

  • Sviat

    I’ve been waiting for this for years. Many thanks.

  • Paul

    Are there plans to allow sorting of rows?

  • Jennifer

    Can you sort the content in alphabetical order? Also, are there header rows/columns so that when you sort they aren’t counted? Thanks!

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Jennifer! Evernote tables can be easily confused with spreadsheets, but they’re not really the same. We help you organize your data, but Evernote tables can’t manipulate data the way a traditional spreadsheet can. This help document says it best: . -Pam R

  • Carol Egan

    Why won’t my Evernote Table show the customization features, like all that are shown above (and in typical table building). There are no editing tools at all in my Evernote, not even the go-backward, and go-forward buttons. BUT for the moment, I do need help with the Table. I’ve spent the entire morning trying to figure this out. There are no Table editing tools in my Evernote and would really love your help. Thank you!

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi there! We get what you’re looking for. You might find some answers by looking at this help doc: . However, there is a difference between a table and a spreadsheet. Evernote tables are designed to help you display data in a more organized way, but it doesn’t manipulate data the way a traditional spreadsheet would. Hope this helps! -Pam R

  • Michael S. S.

    Table-update is very usefull. Sorting the table would be great too. Another useful option would be the option to limi entries to e.g. 10, 50 or 100.

  • David

    I ma having trouble printing these tables, is there a way to set parameters so they print in order, they seem to print across numerous pages.

  • DaveM

    If I have two tables in the same note that are crammed together with no space between them, how can I insert a space (carriage return), a horizontal line, or anything to separate the two tables from each other a bit? Thank you!

  • Keriane

    I knew there were tables, but these new features make me really want to test them out. What would you suggest if I want to create a habit tracker? I tried creating a 7×5 table with checkboxes, but I’m wondering if there’s an alternative that I’m not thinking of.

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Keriane, Remember, you can always add cells and rows to the tables, so if you think of new habits you want to add later, you can always do that. You can also find several good habit tracker templates for Evernote if you want to go that way. We like Simplify Days 30=Day Habit Tracker that you can download for free from -Pam R

  • Kerry Macaskill-Smith

    I would like to be able to make the bordelines of the table disappear – I often use the tables for laying out information to look tidy – I can’ see how to do this – can you tell me please

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Kerry, So glad you love the new table feature! It is possible to make borders disappear. Just go to Format–>Tables–>Table Properties. Set the color bar for borders all the way to the left to white, or no color. Your borderlines will disappear! -Pam R

  • Cristian Gonzalez

    Why can’t we text align around tables? This would help with readability.


    The new Tables are the single most important change that has been made to Evernote since I started using it 5 years ago. A big thank you to the team for doing this. Regards Dab.

  • Linda

    I wish I could automatically create a graph based on the information in my table.

  • Ken Rossman

    I have to go along with whoever said the new tables are one of the best new features to hit Evernote. I had been recording tabular info in Evernote in plaintext previously because I just didn’t know I could do tables before. Now, not only can I do tables, they are even better than they used to be. Thanks Evernote Folks!!!

    • Ken Rossman

      PS – Evernote is SO COOL!!! 🙂

  • Lorena

    Is this only for those with premium?

  • Bob Neufeld

    These new features are great. However, blank tables default to the 10 pt Tahoma typeface and left alignment in the cells. I want to change that to 8 pt and centered text in my cells for better presentation on my phone, but I can only format non-blank cells that way. Pre-formatting in the blank cells before I type in them is not saved. When I re-open a pre-formatted table, the blanks cells have always reverted to the 10 pt, left alignment format. I did not have this problem with the old tables tool.

  • JM

    Hello Guy! I tried to find an easy way to copy/paste a table template I build in evernote, BUT from my phone. It’s a template for journalize. I don’t know why but it doesn’t seem working. No option seem appearing for manage table, copy or dupplicate it. JM

  • Tony

    Are there any ways to calculate in the tables sections?

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Tony, Evernote tables are for design and organizing purposes. They’re not the same as spreadsheet cells, so they don’t have any calculation abilities. Hope that helps! -Pam R

  • Karen Berlin

    There does not appear to be a way to delete tables or the contents of a single cell. Am I missing something here? I’ve tried backspacing, deleting, highlighting & cutting, but no luck.

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Karen,
      Sorry you’re having this issue! You should be able to do this easily. When you click inside a cell, you should be able to select whatever is in it and delete it. If you aren’t able to do that, please send a DM to @EvernoteHelps on Twitter and they’ll be able to work out the issue for you. -Pam R

  • Chris

    I look at all these updates and I wonder why we are still paying you. How can you ignore the need to resize columns? Its one of the most basic and essential elements of using tables and you make it worse with everyone update. Right now, I have to create a table in Word or Excel and then paste it in. You are driving me to use another app.

    • Pamela Rosen

      Hi, Chris! When you’re working with tables, all you need to do is grab a cell wall and drag it to resize the column horizontally. As you type or even drop in an image, the cell will resize vertically automatically. To add a column, just click or tap on one of the little dots floating above or to the left of each cell. Please let us know if you have any other questions, and remember, you can always send a tweet to @EvernoteHelps and they can help you out! -Pam R

  • Henry

    Hi, thank you for the beautiful upgrade! I have a question about the new table. After I upgraded my old table, how can I make the surrounding go away after editing the table?

    Also, can we add a format painter for the table background color? My old table has a background color that I can’t find in the new color selection.

  • Yeremy Turcios

    When can we expect the new tables in Evernote Web? This is a must have for us Linux users.

  • Matt

    This is fantastic, thank you! I only see this feature in the Desktop App and not the web browser version. Will this feature be available for the web version sometime soon?