“Hey Siri! Create A Note In Evernote”

“Hey Siri! Create A Note In Evernote”

Posted by Anthony Bartlett on 19 Sep 2017

Posted by Anthony Bartlett on 19 Sep 2017

Inspiration can strike at the most unlikely times. Paul McCartney woke up one morning with “Yesterday” playing in his mind; Sir Isaac Newton (allegedly) developed his theory of gravity after an apple landed on his head. History is filled with stories like these, but how many great ideas were lost because there was no way of capturing them in the moment?

Now, with the launch of Apple’s iOS 11, it’s easier than ever to document your own “Aha!” moments, whenever and wherever they appear. Thanks to a brand-new integration with Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, you don’t even need to touch your device to create, add to, and search your notes in Evernote. So you’ll be ready when your next brilliant idea comes along.

What’s the big deal?

In a world that seems to be moving faster every day, keeping track of your thoughts and ideas can be a real challenge. To-do lists and business ideas compete for space in your life with long commutes and endless meetings. But now that Evernote is integrated with Siri, you don’t have to stop being productive simply because you’re busy doing other things. Create a shopping list on your iPad while you’re making breakfast; add to-dos to Evernote on your iPhone while you’re stuck in traffic; create a note with your EarPods while you’re working out.

Here’s how it works

Before you begin, ensure that Evernote is setup to use Siri by going to Settings > Siri & Search > Evernote > Enable “Use with Siri”.

Awaken Siri on your device (either by holding the Home button or, if you’ve enabled it, saying “Hey Siri”) and then give your instructions directly to Evernote. It’s that simple! For example, here are a few commands you can try right now, once you’ve updated your device to iOS 11:

  • “Create a note in Evernote called Meeting Ideas,” or “Create a note called Meeting Ideas in Evernote.”
  • “Add ‘I should bring pizza’ to my Meeting Ideas note in Evernote.”
  • “Create a list in Evernote with ‘Order lunch’ and ‘Make itinerary,’” or “Create a list with ‘Order lunch’ and ‘Make itinerary’ in Evernote.”
  • “Show me the notes I created today in Evernote.”

Using these simple commands, you can create a note or list; you can add to your existing notes; and you can search within your notes to find exactly what you need.


With Evernote and iOS 11 integrated seamlessly, you never need to worry about losing your ideas again.

Learn more about using Evernote with Siri »

UPDATE (September 26, 2017): Thank you for your comments regarding our new integration with Siri in iOS 11. Your feedback is invaluable as we work to improve our integration with Siri. Over the past weekend, we released an update (v.8.4) that resolved issues with using this feature when your phone is locked, and our team will continue to work on improvements.


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  • Lance

    Guess I’m missing something. iOS11 GM beta, latest Evernote (with iOS 11 support). I’ve enabled Evernote in Siri settings as well. When I say “Evernote, create a note called testing” Siri dutifully creates it… in Apple Notes.

    • Greg

      Same for me. I say “hey Siri, Evernte create xxx” and it creates the note in Apple Notes….

  • Will Woodard

    This doesnt work for me. I get the message “Evernote hasn’t set that up for me yet.” iOS 11, latest version of Evernote…

  • Jason Sturgeon

    I figured it out. You need to go Settings > Siri & Search > Evernote > Enable “Use with Siri”

    • Surcy

      I keep getting “something’s wrong, try again.” I have Siri enabled in the setting under Evernote.

  • Ray Gonsalves

    Suri show me what notes created this week in Evernote

    Siri displays a list BUT I cannot open any note n the list

  • Raymond Gonsalves

    Me: “Show me notes created this week in Evernote”
    Siri: Displays a list of notes
    Me: Click on one of the notes to open it
    iPhone: NOTHING!!!!!

    This is a major fail guys… what am to do now remember the name of the note then search for it via Evernote’s search box. This is a waste of time!!!!!

  • Joo Yoon Chung

    The first three examples in the blog post don’t work. The first two create / modify Apple notes. The third creates an Apple Reminders list. Only the fourth on actually opens Evernote. After some trial and error, I’ve discovered that saying “Siri, create a note in Evernote” does the intended thing.

  • Martin

    Same in German version.

  • Thomas

    Really really easy append to last note. And not have to repeat which note to send the text every time. Can it be:”evernote this continues the note” ???

  • Terry Portis

    Nice idea, doesn’t seem to work. I end up creating a note in the notes app almost every time. Work to do.

    • Scott

      Not working for me either; keeps creating the notes in the “Notes” app. Is this working for anyone?

  • Dave

    Great idea. Doesn’t work.

  • Ben

    Doesn’t work

  • Ali

    What about drag and drop?