• Evernote Tops Ten Million Users

    You know what I love? When you add an extra digit to something. 100,000 miles. $1,000,000. 10:00 PM. That click when a new 1 appears at the left and all the other digits spin back around to 0. So satisfying. Well, we just heard a really satisfying click at Evernote: we passed 10,000,000 registered users. […] Read more

  • Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection

    Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection

    Evernote has grown amazingly fast in recent months. It feels like we're getting closer and closer to fulfilling our goal of being the permanent, trusted and ubiquitous place for all the world's memories. Each of those words is very important to us, so I thought this was a good time to clearly spell out our core guiding principles for how we treat your data. Read more

  • Japanese Earthquake Relief

    In the past year, Japan has become our second home. We are deeply saddened by yesterday’s enormous earthquake and tsunami. In the hope of providing some help to those working to recover and rebuild from this disaster, we are doing two things: Donating 100% of this month’s revenue from currently-paying Evernote Premium subscribers in Japan […] Read more

  • Mac App Store more than doubles new users

    People are interested in what effect yesterday’s launch of the Mac App Store has had on Evernote. I’ll let one graph tell most of the story: Each column shows the number of new users that signed up for Evernote every hour starting at midnight on New Year’s Day, up until a couple of hours ago. […] Read more

  • Evernote 2010: A Year in Stats

    We’re a little sad to see 2010 go, it was quite a blockbuster year for us! A few numbers speak a thousand words, so here are some stats…and 667 words: Users We passed six million users! With remarkably good timing, our six-millionth user joined us just a few hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve. […] Read more

  • 5 Million Users: We’re gonna need a bigger boat

    Twenty two thousand one hundred and thirty new people joined Evernote yesterday. Seriously. 22,130. That’s a record and it pushed us over the 5,000,000 user mark! We’re actually setting all kinds of records in the past few weeks: Highest daily revenue from Evernote Premium subscriptions Most single-day Windows users ever (thanks to our recent Evernote […] Read more

  • Evernote raises $20 million, led by Sequoia Capital

    Evernote raises $20 million, led by Sequoia Capital

    Things are moving quickly at Evernote. Thanks to our amazing users, partners, employees and investors, we’ve built a thriving business with self-sustaining revenue and a solid organic growth path. In just the past two months, we’ve signed up more than 10,000 new users each and every day, released major new updates to most of our […] Read more

  • 4 Million Evernoters and Counting!

    Evernote reached another important milestone today, and we did it in record time: four million users! As always, I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who found us and stuck with us over the last 2+ years. We’re working hard to make sure Evernote is constantly improving and your feedback and support […] Read more

  • Evernote’s July 1st Server Problem

    Evernote experienced a series of hardware failures on one of our servers between July 1st – July 4th, which potentially affected 6,323 users worldwide. As a result of the failure, some of the notes created and edited by these users between July 1st and July 4th were not properly recorded on the Evernote servers. We […] Read more

  • Evernote Turns Two!

    Today, is the second anniversary since we launched the Evernote public beta. We’re two years old now! Here are some celebrations, big and small, from yesterday’s meetups all around the world. We are both humbled and energized by the outpouring of support we’ve received from our user and partner community. It’s satisfying to look back […] Read more