• Konichiwa Evernote-san!

    At some point in high school, I decided that I would structure my life to maximize my chances of being able to utter these three phrases in serious conversation: “Fire the explosive bolts,” “Set the controls for the heart of the sun” and “I’ll be working from the Tokyo office this week.” One down, two […] Read more

  • Evernote Reaches Three Million Users!

    We’ve got a pretty sophisticated monitoring system at the Evernote datacenter that’s constantly watching over our servers, databases and load balancers. At the slightest hint of trouble, it sends out pre-configured alerts and our 24/7 operations team springs to appropriate action. A few days ago, the following alert flashed across in-boxes and cell phones all […] Read more

  • Evernote gets more style

    Sorry, that headline is a bit of a geek joke. Let’s start again. Something that many people have been asking for is better text editing, clipping and cut-and-paste support in Evernote. One of the issues was the way notes were stored in Evernote; basically we converted the note structure into something very similar to HTML […] Read more

  • Evernote for iPhone and iPad Update: Major fixes and improvements, plus a new feature

    Great news. Apple just approved the newest version of Evernote for iPhone/iPad/iPod (v3.3.2). Here are the highlights of this version: Big fixes Fixed all known syncing and crashing bugs that affected some users of the previous version, including the notorious “u2” sync bug. We started referring to that one as, “where the bug has no […] Read more

  • iPhone / iPad bugfixes and workarounds

    [Big Update: We were able to get all of these changes into Evernote for iPhone and iPad version 3.3.2, which Apple just approved. This should fix all the high-priority bugs on iPhone and iPad, significantly improve syncing performance and add new a much requested new feature – full screen viewing – to the iPad version. […] Read more

  • Ask the CEO

    We’re going to try a new experiment on the blog today. For the next six hours (11am – 5pm PST), I’ll answer all questions submitted as comments to this post. To ask a question, just leave a comment and I’ll reply in the conversation thread. Three things to keep in mind: Before asking your question, […] Read more

  • Evernote for iPad is here!

    Two months ago, we sat glued to our browsers as details of the iPad started streaming out of Apple’s launch event. It didn’t take us very long to formulate our official strategy for the new device: we were going to support the hell out of it, and we had 60 days to do it. Today […] Read more

  • Happy Tablet Day

    Evernote loves tablets. We’ve got a long and storied history with tablets of all kinds. Got an old tablet lying around somewhere? Chances are we either developed technology for it, had applications that ran on it, or both. Usually both. Read more

  • We can finally say “Millions”!

    “What do you want for Christmas?”, Robert De Niro asks Jean Reno in Ronin, just before engaging in some spirited gunplay. “My two front teeth.” Well, all we wanted for Christmas was two million users. And we got it, big time, pushed over the line by great numbers from our recent Android and iPhone launches! […] Read more

  • Just when we needed it

    I came into the office yesterday and there were two bottles of wine on my desk along with a note. Someone had dropped them off at our door. Read more