• Documenting a Business Workflow Using Evernote, Skitch, and Clarify!

    Documenting a Business Workflow Using Evernote, Skitch, and Clarify!

    Contributed post by Joshua Zerkel, Productivity Ambassador If you or someone in a key role were to take a sick day or a vacation, would someone else be ready to pick up the slack? Would a new hire be able to learn a specific task without you sitting next to them and walking them through […] Read more

  • Evernote Pick: EasilyDo

    Evernote Pick: EasilyDo

    EasilyDo saves time by letting you accomplish tasks quickly, from RSVP'ing to events to adding hotel confirmations to your calendar. Download the app and let it send emails and receipts to your Evernote account with one quick action. Bonus: when you receive an email from a new person, EasilyDo will prompt you to capture the contact information to Evernote and Evernote Hello. Read more

  • How Architect Russell Curtis Uses Evernote Business

    How Architect Russell Curtis Uses Evernote Business

    Russell Curtis is Evernote’s Architecture Ambassador, and a founding director of London-based architects RCKa, an award-winning design practice specializing in community, public and residential buildings. In this video Russell shares his experiences of using Evernote Business as an Architect entrepreneur. Read more

  • 12 Ways to Use Evernote to Get Ready for Baby

    There are a number of big projects you'll find yourself tackling over the course of your life. Whether they're work-related or personal (like planning a wedding or a getting ready for a big trip), these projects often involve many moving parts that are hard to keep track of without the help of a tool like Evernote. One of the biggest projects you may ever work on is planning for and taking care of your family. After all, it's a project that lasts a lifetime. Here are a few ways you could use Evernote to get ready for a baby. Read more

  • Evernote Pick: CloudMagic

    Evernote Pick: CloudMagic

    CloudMagic will let you do one search across multiple services so you can quickly find what you need whether it is in Evernote, Google Apps, Dropbox, Twitter, and more. In Evernote, it will search text in a note title, body, or tag. Available across devices, CloudMagic will give you fast and easy access to all your data. Read more

  • Evernote World: Using Evernote to Plan an Indian Wedding

    Evernote World: Using Evernote to Plan an Indian Wedding

    I’ve been a user of Evernote for Windows Desktop since 2009 and started using it on Windows Phone as soon as it became available. I regularly use Evernote for work and used it extensively to plan my wedding. Evernote helped to ensure everything went smoothly, and that our special day was filled with happy relatives and cherished memories. Read more

  • How a Columnist and Author Used Evernote to Write His Latest Novel

    How a Columnist and Author Used Evernote to Write His Latest Novel

    I started writing full-time in 2008 and have been using Evernote consistently to the point where I don't remember a time before Evernote! I use it so much, it's become transparent. Everything goes into my Evernote account — from recipes to notes for my next column. I recently finished my latest book — a project that I worked on for two years — and Evernote was there every step of the way. Read more

  • Evernote Pick: HelloFax

    Evernote Pick: HelloFax

    HelloFax lets you send and receive faxes through your computer. Just pull in documents from Evernote for easy faxing; no paper or fax line needed. All sent and received faxes are saved in your Evernote account so you can stay organized, and you can even set  up a personalized fax number. Read more

  • Evernote Pick: Bubble Browser

    Evernote Pick: Bubble Browser

    Explore your Evernote account in a completely new, visual way with Bubble Browser. Tags, notebooks and dates are shown as colorful bubbles of different sizes, where the size of a bubble corresponds with the number of notes in that grouping. At a glance, see where your content is, and quickly find what you need. Download Bubble Browser […] Read more

  • Evernote World: London Calling!

    Evernote World: London Calling!

    We recently held our first European Evernote Business Meetup in Central London. Over 80 Evernote users gathered at  the HUB Westminster for an evening full of Evernote Business tips and use cases. Two Evernote Ambassadors, Jim Cregan from Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and Russell Curtis from the award-winning London architects RCKa, shared their entrepreneurial challenges and how Evernote […] Read more