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How it’s all work and all play with Evernote

Posted by Anirban on 03 Jul 2014

Posted by Anirban on 03 Jul 2014


So every time a sports event comes back, be it the biggest football spectacle on earth (FIFA world cup) or the popular Indian Premier League, it brings back a lot of fun and excitement with it. But for few, it also brings some work woes as they might get a bit too swayed with the spirit of the game and miss out on that important office assignment. There will be a significant uptick in the number of folks skipping work, watching games in the break room or calling in sick at work.

With Evernote at hand, you can check into work while keeping an eye on the pitch from your office, or someplace a bit more festive. Best of all, you can still stay in touch with the important tasks and work that needs completing. Evernote makes sure you catch up on your favourite sport without ever missing a deadline at work. It offers you the workspace that ensures your productivity won’t miss a beat ever. Here’s a line-up of apps that work seamlessly with Evernote and Evernote apps that would kick your work into action, while you catch up with the action on field:


Stay Productive

· Azendoo (Android, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, web) – Bring your Evernote notes and content into the heart of collaboration for more effective task and project management.

· Zapier (web) – Easily connect Evernote with the web apps you use, making it easy to automate tedious tasks.

· UberConference (web) – If you have to take a call during the match, UberConference is a free visual phone conferencing service that lets you share Evernote notes during calls. From within the call, any participant can navigate through or search their Evernote accounts for personal or business notes, and there is even a related notes feature that will suggest notes that match the names of the conference call or participants.


Check Email

·  EasilyDo (Android, Android Tablet, iPhone) – Never miss anything, which sounds perfect for a day sprinkled with your favourite sport. The app proactively organizes contacts, reminds you of birthdays, checks traffic, notifies you about bad weather, tracks packages, and more!

· CloudMagic (Android, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone) – CloudMagic Cards connect your Evernote account with your email. Create a Note from an email with just a tap and associate it with a tag or notebook of your choice.

· Boxer (iPad, iPhone) – Save all your important emails directly into Evernote.


Plan Moves

· Glympse (Android, iPad, iPhone) – For the sports enthusiasts on the go, use Glympse to make plans with friends to meet and watch all of the big matches and tournaments. You can easily save itineraries and share your location with friends in real-time.

· Mysms (Android, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Web, Windows 8) – Send and receive text messages on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Perfect for the fan on the go, your messages always stay in sync, no matter which device you are using. Texting to other mysms users is free. And best of all, you can send as many texts, pictures, and files at no charge.


Keep up with the News

· Pocket (Android, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac) – Save all the important articles about your favourite match or your most loved player’s news, directly into Evernote. Pocket syncs to your computer, device, or tablet so you can read anything at any time, even without an internet connection. Score!

· IFTTT (iPad, iPhone, Web) – With this one powerful app, you can create recipes to automate your work day. Save news articles, tweets, and send email directly into Evernote.

So, with these apps Evernote makes sure you get the best of both worlds, your productivity and your recreation. So no more fretting because everything will organized and remembered with Evernote.


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