How Women in Corporate India use Evernote

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How Women in Corporate India use Evernote

Posted by Anirban on 08 Mar 2015

Posted by Anirban on 08 Mar 2015


This Women’s Day, we look at how a successful women professional use Evernote to make her life easier,more organized and productive at work.

In today’s crazy world most women live life feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and out of control. As Businesswomen, homemakers, friends and mothers, you tend to cram more and more into your busy days. And there comes a time when you’re drowning in your ‘to-do’s and are clueless about where to begin. Women have different needs than men when it comes to technology. They manage different things at different times and for technology to integrate itself in their lives doesn’t come easy. For the myriad roles a woman undertakes every day, she needs an app that can offer her the assistance to help her stay organized and be more productive. Evernote makes life simpler by balancing your different responsibilities. While Evernote may not stop your child from breaking that vase, or make your boss less cranky; but it can still do a lot, with much success to make things less complicated for you. With Evernote you will never have to say, “Oh I left it in my other purse,” or “Oh it’s in my hard drive.” You can access all your information, wherever you go.

Lets hear from Mrunmaiy Abroal, Director of Communications – South Asia at Opera Software @mrunmaiy has to say :

“After my email client and the Opera browser, Evernote is the app that I use most often from my MacBook Pro and Galaxy S5. Evernote breaks across operating systems, gives instant sync and is the easiest way to capture thoughts and keep information handy.

I use it to stay organized. I’m a big lover of checklists for professional as well as personal tasks and maintain those on Evernote. My work happens across devices, online and off-line – Evernote takes center stage as a common factor that tracks progress, reminds me of pending activities and helps in maintaining an overview of day-to-day life.

I store reference documents here. My preparations for important meetings and calls happen on Evernote. I save word documents, PDFs, web content and my notes as a collection for quick reference during discussions. It’s extremely handy and information can be accessed easily even from the mobile phone.

I use it as a notebook. I find Evernote as the best app to take notes on anything and everything and at anytime. It could be an idea for a new blog post, saving address and contact information while traveling, capturing interesting images to be used later, list of songs to be added to my playlist as well as the dimensions of my wheelchair which I need to pull out when booking flights”



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