Popular sites perfectly captured with the new Web Clipper


Popular sites perfectly captured with the new Web Clipper

Posted by Anirban on 01 Jul 2015

Posted by Anirban on 01 Jul 2015


Browsing the web is a key part of your daily routine. Collecting the best of what you browse should be easy, but it’s not. Bookmarks are serviceable, but they’re hard to manage in quantity and they aren’t searchable. This is why we built Web Clipper. Today, we’re launching an update that makes it even better.

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The idea behind Web Clipper has always been simple: when you find something good on the web, clip it. It’ll be saved to Evernote, where it’s kept forever as a searchable note. It seems straightforward, but the peace of mind it provides is powerful enough to make it a favorite of millions of people.

Now it’s been updated on Chrome, Opera, and Safari to make the clipping experience even better. (Be sure to restart your browser once it’s updated.)

Your favorite sites, perfectly captured

Web Clipper works great with any site, but saving the sites you browse most often is now improved. Clipping from Gmail, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Amazon? These sites are treated differently to allow you to clip only the portions of the page that you want. Then, save it to Evernote as a clean and clutter-free note. In Gmail’s case, Web Clipper will even include the email’s attachments!


Draw attention, send it on

Some clips are for you. Others you’ll want to share. You can do that right from the Web Clipper. If you want to say more, you can add text and visual callouts to show others exactly what you want them to check out.


Keep clipping

Organize clips by assigning notebooks and tags right from the clip screen. The more you save, the better Web Clipper gets at predicting your destination. Clip often and train it well.

The updated Web Clipper will make saving stuff from the web smarter. You won’t know how you ever browsed without it.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

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