Celebrate Digital India with Evernote


Celebrate Digital India with Evernote

Posted by Anirban on 21 Jul 2015

Posted by Anirban on 21 Jul 2015


India celebrated the Digital India Week on 1st of July with Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing a number of ambitious projects and services to connect the next 100 billion to the internet. The campaign, undoubtedly has the power to change and transform the future by making India  a digitally inclusive society with the power to compete in the global “Internet Economy”.


The Digital India Week cannot be limited to a weeklong celebration but has to be celebrated continuously by the entire ecosystem to work together for the realisation of this dream.

For all these years, we have known government offices and documentation to be associated with thick piles of documents floating around on desks. But with our digitally savvy Prime Minister, things are certainly changing. Recently, Himachal Pradesh became the country’s first state to present a ‘paperless’ budget. Earlier, around 200 copies along with volumes of other documents used to be published during the budget session.

Furthering the e-governance initiative with the roll out of the beta version of the ‘digital locker’ we will no longer see piles of files and clipped paper stacks littering desks.  The initiative, labeled as one of the most aggressive  aspects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India program will hopefully usher in a new era of electronically empowering workspaces and less paper.


Evernote, with its ever expanding innovative product range is also celebrating the Digital India dream. With products like Scannable and features like document camera in the Evernote app, it is now possible to move to a “paper-free India”. By bringing paper into Evernote, you make its content searchable and easily shareable with your team. Evernote travels with you. It’s on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet so you can instantly find any document you may have created. Evernote is all about being organized and efficient. It provides you with the potential to change your work space and be more productive. It becomes a central hub to keep all of your resources for quick and easy access and help you maintain track of all your documents in an  coordinated organized manner. At Evernote we continue to support the strong vision towards a Digital India and strive to make products that can empower the cause.



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