New Age Notebook + Evernote = All Data At Your Finger Tip

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New Age Notebook + Evernote = All Data At Your Finger Tip

Posted by Anirban on 24 Jul 2015

Posted by Anirban on 24 Jul 2015


My name is Gokulraj, I am a Graduate in engineering from Chennai and have been an Evernote user ever since my college days. I use it extensively to organize my notes and have been using across platforms, be it my android mobile or even my windows laptop. I have been exposed to both Indian and US education system and personally believe that India is still lacking behind. It is more score oriented and there is an immense scope for it to become digital. We need to encourage students to follow their passion and motivate to guide into their passion. There is a very little practical approach and it needs to be changed in the coming time.

The adoption of technology in the education space is fast paced. More and more Indian schools and colleges are evolving towards this digital transition and are open to explore technology. Classrooms are slowly transforming from being teacher-centric to student-centric but there must be new models of learning including the use of technology. Digital class rooms have been set up in many educational institutes and so have been tab labs.  In this transforming ecosystem, the adoption of apps among students has also seen an uptake and will see positive growth in coming years. Students are moving beyond social networking apps and experimenting with apps like Evernote to share notes in classes. I believe, in the coming time, the Indian education will see a huge online transition and apps like Evernote will have a huge role to play.


Digital learning is still seen with suspicious eyes by many as they do not feel it is safe for students. The only way these apprehensions can be addressed is by creating awareness about applications like Evernote which are strictly for digitising studies and work. Use of applications like Evernote should be led by teachers and Principals of educational institutes who can showcase how the use technology in good fashion can help teach students in a more interactive way followed internationally. There is a need for continuous professional development, proper infrastructure and resources to facilitate professional development, which in turn will result in enhancing the learning outcomes of students.


Evernote, as an app can contribute immensely to the surging digital learning phenomenon. It can help professors embrace the new technology with ease catering to the needs ​ of teaching students in a modern environment. Evernote can revolutionize the way schools and colleges manage their work, and benefit professors immensely for classroom management, presentations, group work and brainstorming. Its utility ranges from planning curriculum, delivering a lesson plan or​to capture​feedback after class.


What is MyCopie?

MyCopie is a new age notebook of the present. The growing popularity of My-Copie notebooks is largely due to their covers, which are enabled with “augmented reality.” In this, if students scan the specially designed cover with a smartphone, a three-dimensional caricature of Albert Einstein springs up, dancing and mouthing dialogues from Bollywood and regional films. They are giving a facelift to the sober notebook, embedding it with technology and advertisements targeting the youth.

Similarly pages of the notebook can be archived in Evernote once scanned and can be use by the student to search their content as Evernote does OCR on your scanned written content. Students can categorize their data further on the basis of date, subject and chapter etc.


How do you use Evernote personally and professionally?

Post marriage I have been using Evernote for a number of things, mostly for making shopping lists for my wife, mother in law and father in law. I remember buying the items I noted down on Evernote for my Mother-In law’s birthday, once. It also comes handy for me during meetings, as I take notes for all the important things I have to remember.

Important Work to be Done

On professional aspect Evernote helps me collaborate with my employees as we brainstorm for new idea or campaign using Evernote notebooks. We share our ideas and conceptualise via Evernote. It also helps me in saving photos of all my employees in one place. I have also used Evernote as my travel planner, as it helps me keep check-lists of important things I need to carry.

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