Evernote Announces INR Prices For India


Evernote Announces INR Prices For India

Posted by Anirban on 01 Mar 2016

Posted by Anirban on 01 Mar 2016


Last year, we introduced three levels of Evernote – Evernote Basic, Plus and Premium. We took into consideration, everything we had learned over the years and applied rigorous research to get our paid offering right.

Today, we’re very excited to offer local payment option for Visa and MasterCard credit card holders in India and will soon be rolling out other payment options. Along with the announcement of localized payment, users are also being offered generous introductory discounts on all Evernote subscription options.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.21.13 PM

With effect from the new pricing update, users can now buy yearly or a monthly subscription in INR.  Yearly Subscription for Evernote Plus is INR 850 and INR 1500 for Evernote Premium. Users will now be able to explore beyond the Evernote Basic offerings by upgrading to Evernote Plus and Premium and experiencing more space, flexibility and functionality.

Evernote is not static. It flexes and moulds around your changing needs. That’s why we’re introducing the local pricing for our users here. You should know that we’ve spent a considerable time looking closely at your requirements. What you need and observing how you use our product. We believe we now understand our users and what they expect out of a product they can trust for their life’s work.

We strongly feel that payment option shouldn’t be a barrier in getting the best productivity experience on Evernote. In addition to creating features that match user needs, we also make sure that our payment methods are optimized for each country. We will continue working towards making Evernote better and exceed your expectations.

Following is a quick comparison of our subscription offerings. This will help you understand your personal requirements and you can opt for the plan that suits your needs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.26.37 PM

We would love to hear more feedback from you and work towards creating a better Evernote experience for you.

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