Celebrating Productivity this Women’s Day with Evernote

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Celebrating Productivity this Women’s Day with Evernote

Posted by Anirban on 08 Mar 2016

Posted by Anirban on 08 Mar 2016



Many women today play multiple roles – as businesswomen, homemakers, mothers and friends. And we know that there are times when you can be overwhelmed with your to-do’s, and feel you lack control of your daily lives.

Evernote makes life just a little bit simpler by helping people stay organized and be more productive. While Evernote may not stop your child from breaking that vase, or make your boss less cranky, it can still do a lot. It is a perfect tool for women who play a myriad of roles every day – with Evernote, you can transform yourself into the organized person that your life demands. You have everything with you, everywhere you go.

International Women’s Day, celebrated each year on March 8, promotes the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. On this day in India, we look at how some successful local women professionals use Evernote to make their lives easier and more organized. These brilliant women continually find new ways to follow their passions, exceed their goals, and impact the lives of others. We’re proud to be a part of the way they work. This is what they said –

“Evernote Web Clipper is an amazing tool. I use it frequently to clean online articles from other distracting ads. The tool not only makes it easy to read but also speeds up my coverage reports by giving easy access to copy-pasting  from various sites. Simply love the tool.”

– Aditi Jain, Social media marketer, MSL Social Hive

“Evernote is the app that I use most often from my MacBook Pro and Galaxy S5. Evernote breaks across operating systems, gives instant sync and is the easiest way to capture thoughts and keep information handy. I use it to stay organized. I’m a big lover of checklists for professional as well as personal tasks and maintain those on Evernote. My work happens across devices, online and off-line – Evernote takes center stage as a common factor that tracks progress, reminds me of pending activities and helps in maintaining an overview of day-to-day life”. Read more.

– Mrunmaiy Abrol, Director of Communications – South Asia at Opera Software

“Being a working professional and managing a family at home is not an easy task. Evernote helps me immensely in managing my personal and professional lives, by letting me keep a track of all my to-dos for every day. I use Evernote to manage my client relationships, keeping notes on their wish lists and goals; their referrals to others; what needs to be achieved and much more. It’s all so easy and organized with Evernote. I encourage my team to collaborate on Evernote, and we all work together through shared notebooks, which are readably accessible from anywhere, anytime. I’m really reliant on my notes in Evernote, whenever I go shopping and to even plan out our family vacations. I recommend Evernote to all working women who have to play multiple roles at both home and office”.

– Rajasree Bhattacharya, Brand Consultant, Deloitte.

“I use Evernote on all my devices – to keep tabs on my to-do lists mostly and some random notes for writing. I like the fact that it syncs well and is simple. It is good to have a scribble pad which won’t get lost – one can jot down ideas, lists or things which otherwise go away from your mind. I think it simplifies it a lot since one app serves the need. No need to have scribbled notes, which you can’t understand or find or manage any more. Anyone with ideas and to-do lists would love Evernote.”    

– Sairee Chahal, Founder Sheroes


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