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Evernote Premium – Presentation Mode

Posted by Anirban on 07 Apr 2016

Posted by Anirban on 07 Apr 2016



Presentations can be difficult, particularly ones meant for small teams and when done more regularly. They can be a pain because the presenter is forced to translate complex ideas into bullet points, and they’re difficult for an audience to follow because supporting information is often missing. It just feels like wasted effort.

In the world of slides, being prepared for a meeting refers not putting your thoughts together and build something new, but rather the hours involved to fiddle with design templates and turning good ideas into bullet points. With Evernote Premium, It’s time to rethink how we do presentations at work. The hardships that come with everyday presentations is what we set out to solve with our awesome Premium feature, Presentation Mode. It helps create a significant impact on the quality of our meetings. They’re faster, more focused, and more collaborative than they’ve ever been.

Single Workspace


The beauty of Presentation Mode is that it’s built into Evernote. The note that you’re working on is the same note that you’ll present. Format it however you like, add images and attachments, like you normally would. Then, walk into the meeting and click the Presentation Mode icon to bring your team up to speed. If you are conscientious to create your notes following structure, form and format you can quickly present your Evernote Notes to anyone, anywhere anytime with no additional effort.

Multiple Notes


When you’re in a single note and you click Presentation Mode, you present that note. You can move to the next or previous note that appears in the note list by using the left or right arrows.

If you want to walk through several, specific notes, select them and choose Start Presentation. Now, using the left and right arrows will only move you among those notes.

Night Mode

The beauty of Presentation Mode is in its simplicity: a solid background and a clean text layout. Sometimes, black text on a white background doesn’t match the aesthetic you’re going for. If that’s the case, you can switch into Night Mode, which inverts the colors. Just click on the moon icon in the top right corner when in a presentation.

Make your work beautiful


With Evernote’s Presentation Mode, templates and design will always be taken care of. Your work will looks great, automatically. On Mac, you can even control how content will flow when you present. Move the mouse to the top of the screen and you’ll see the option to resize text and the new layout editor. The layout editor gives you a preview of how your presentation will appear on screen, and lets you add screen breaks. These breaks don’t change your note, only how your note appears when presented. Hit the spacebar to move from screen to screen.

Try Presentation Mode in your next team meeting. We think you’ll love the results. Upgrade to Evernote Premium now to experience this productivity hack.


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