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Some Work, Some Travel: Get the Best of Both Worlds With Evernote

Some Work, Some Travel: Get the Best of Both Worlds With Evernote

Posted by Anirban on 10 May 2016

Posted by Anirban on 10 May 2016


“I’m sure nobody will disturb me during my vacation”- said no one ever. No matter how much you try to finish of all your work, there is always something that needs your attention. Evernote solves your work-travel problems and gives order to all the chaos in your life.Last minute fret free: What if all those bookings, itineraries, flight confirmations could be in one place? Evernote does that for you!

It also saves you from the trouble of shooting a thousand mails to your colleagues as you can simply share your plans on Evernote and your teammates can never say “But hey, you didn’t tell me”.

Forget FOMO! Evernote eliminates any chances of missing out because you can access any and all related notes from your colleagues, which appear as you update your itinerary. And no, lack of internet connectivity is not a hindrance with Evernote’s option of offline viewing. Evernote’s integration with IFTTT lets you automate the (never ending) fleet of tasks and flag and forward emails to your Evernote account.



While Evernote provides services that make working easier, it does not overlook the very essence of your precious break time.  You can jot down notes about your travel checklist and the places you absolutely have to visit, alongside any other reminders and comments. That’s not all, if you wish to catch up on all the reading so had been procrastinating, vacations are a boon and so is Evernote. It helps you organize, read and share the content of your favorite sites through its suggested notes.

With Evernote’s Web Clipper, you can save all the travel related content that you spent so much time searching for online. What’s best? You don’t need another group on a messaging app for every trip, you can just share our ideas and plan with your fellow travelers, be it your friends or family.

You can also use the “Like, where?” feature, say if you want to find a similar spot to what exists in your hometown, you can search for it here.  LikeWhere is the tool for you.

Evernote helps you chalk out your travel checklist and also helps you plan the most dreaded part of any travel- yes, packing. You could even use the Web clipper to add location context by attaching a Google Maps screenshot once you are done writing your note.


Once you have decided on the portal to make your bookings, the process of paying and keeping all your bills has just begun. Evernote helps you manage all the bills as it can help scan documents and with its word recognition features, pulls out all the business receipts which are shipped back to Evernote and saved as a searchable PDF.


Now that Evernote has been right by your side throughout your “lets plan a vacation” phase, and your “no, it’s not working out phase” to your “all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go” phase, how can it leave you stranded when it comes to the most beautiful part of any travel- memories? Evernote ensures that even when you recount your visit to your grandchildren at some point, you don’t miss out on the small things that made your experience worth it or you don’t omit even a single dirty detail when you are telling your friends about your vacation as it can help you chart your travel experience as a journal through notes.

Share with us how you used Evernote the next time you travel, if you haven’t already!


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