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Evernote for Apple Watch

Posted by Wong Zhi Kang on 22 Jun 2015

Posted by Wong Zhi Kang on 22 Jun 2015


It’s only 2 more days before the official launch of the Apple Watch begins in Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. In recent years, we have seen an increasing amount of people working across multiple platforms from their computer and subsequently switching to their mobile phones or tablets. With the development of the Apple Watch, we do believe that wearables would become one of these platforms in the near future as well. As Evernote’s VP of Mobile Products, Jamie Hull said, “We had to ask ourselves some tough questions to get started: What functionality can we give users on their wrist that will make them more productive? Are there workflows that could actually be better to do on a watch versus pulling out your phone?”

And that is what makes Evernote on the Apple Watch so special – it only focuses on a few basic actions which were the most useful and productive for its users. Here are some of the reasons to be excited for Evernote on the Apple Watch.


Setting reminders have never been easier with Evernote. You can do it on your computer or your mobile phone and it will automatically sync with all devices and show up on your Apple Watch as well. Or you could create reminders on your watch itself using the clear and simple Evernote interface.

When it comes to grocery shopping or running errands, people have been so used to bringing along a piece of paper containing handwritten notes and items. And what happens if you lose that piece of paper? Evernote solves that problem by presenting a beautifully drafted list which is easily accessible and checked. Simply open your checklist note, view your grocery shopping list, and tap that checkbox once you have gotten the item. Life has never been simpler.

Creating audio notes is the perfect way to capture inspiration and ideas wherever you are, be it on a hike or while you are having your lunch in a restaurant. We know that moments like these are special and magical, and that is why you should take them down as they happen. Simply tap the plus symbol and dictate your thoughts. The Apple Watch will transcribe your words and save it to a note. You can even add a reminder to help you recall your ideas subsequently.

If you have a need to search for a note urgently, fret not as the Apple Watch is here to help. Instead of pulling out your phone or your laptop, simply perform a voice search from your wrist and instantly access the note on your watch. This is particularly useful for last minute preparations before meeting clients or to check your shopping list while you are in the grocery store.



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We are excited for the launch of the Apple Watch and we are eager to hear what you think. What would you like to see on Evernote for Apple Watch? Hit us in the comments and let us know!


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