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Evernote World: Evernote for your Real Estate Business

Evernote World: Evernote for your Real Estate Business

Posted by Tiang on 04 Apr 2014

Posted by Tiang on 04 Apr 2014


Relationships are the foundation of my business, and Evernote helps me manage and strengthen that foundation.” – Benson Koh, Managing Partner of SRI5000

For professional realtor Benson Koh, the one thing that sets his division SRI5000 apart from others is their customer’s experience. These are three ways that Evernote Business has helped them provide a seamless experience for their customers:

Ensure that the team is on the same page

When Benson gets a lead for a potential client, he stores the information in a Business notebook that is shared with his team. If he is in between meetings, his team is then able to access the note and follow up on the potential business lead. The syncing of notes in shared Business notebooks ensures that they never lose a potential client and the entire team is always kept in the loop with what everyone is doing.

Maintain Relationships

After 7 years in the industry, Benson recognizes that a huge part of sustaining growth in the business is the service that they deliver to their clients. The Reminders feature plays a prominent role in ensuring that the team remembers when to send a personalized Birthday greeting or when their client’s rental contract is up for renewal. Reminders help Benson and his team to make their client feel valued and is instrumental in the sustained growth of their client base.

Organize the chaos of information

My Evernote loot for work and personal life.

Overseeing a team of over 250 while managing a large client base is never an easy job, Benson recognizes that Evernote Business has helped to lighten his load. With all the information in a universal inbox, Benson is able to keep track on the clients that are being serviced by his team. With every step of the sale stored in the shared Business notebooks, he is able to step in and help where necessary. Storing all client notes in Evernote has enabled his team to be readily access any material necessary when they deal with each sale. The addition of Offline Notebooks makes their job easier without having to worry about Internet access at the various house locations.


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