Devcup 2013 Submission Deadline Extended

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 25 Jun 2013

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 25 Jun 2013


Today, we are excited to announce an extension of the Devcup submission deadline. All app submissions are now due by Friday, July 5th at 11:59 PM PDT. Through an invigorating season of hackathons, workshops, and meet-ups, we have come to know a growing community of passionate Evernote developers. We want to see you all submit to Devcup, and we hope this additional time will allow you to polish your apps for the competition.

Key Pieces to Focus On

This extension is your opportunity to fine tune your app and tie up loose ends. Remember, all Devcup submissions can be edited and updated up until the final deadline. Devcup seeks apps that adhere to a set of principles and stand as strong, independent products. Take this extra week to polish up on your app’s design, or improve that last-minute feature.

In addition, make sure to develop an impressive video demo of your new app. The video demo is your chance to pitch your submission to our group of judges, all within 2-3 minutes! With any pitch, you should focus on key details and work to persuade your audience. Luckily, we have put together a helpful tutorial on how to easily produce professional-grade app demonstrations!

Notes about the Evernote trademark: When naming your application — Don’t use the word “Ever.” Users will find the connection to Evernote through your messaging. Creating your own visual identity is important. If you want to stand out, the way to do so is to build your own unique identity. Be creative, but keep it simple. In addition, when designing your icon and logo, avoid elephants and other items that closely resemble the official Evernote logo. Create an app that is unique from the very first glance! You can view our design and trademark presentation here >>

The Accelerator & Other Great Opportunities


The Evernote Devcup has always been about our engaging developer community. This year, we are happy to offer many exciting opportunities for developers to win recognition for their hard work. Devcup winners can earn up to $20,000 in cash prizes, thousands of dollars in Amazon Web Services credits, and place among a slew of category prizes.

In addition, six Devcup finalists will be brought to our Redwood City headquarters as the inaugural class of the Evernote Accelerator.  Generously funded by our strategic partners Honda Silicon Valley Lab, Docomo Innovations, and Wayra, the Accelerator is an intensive, month-long incubator program. With all their living expenses covered, six teams will enjoy a month of mentorship and resources to turn their apps into viable products and companies. We are looking for the best, and this extension is your chance to prove your worth!

Reach Out!

It’s the perfect time to come to us with questions. With the last minutes of Devcup winding down, we are ready to answer any questions you may have. Join us for for a live discussion on UStream from 2-3 PM PDT on Tuesday, June 25th. In addition, connect with us on the developer forumsTwitter, or Facebook.

We are excited to bring you this additional Devcup opportunity. Together, we will build the next generation of Evernote apps!

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