Graphite at Evernote – Open Source Release

Posted by sdossett on 02 Oct 2013

Posted by sdossett on 02 Oct 2013

In July I wrote about how we use Graphite at Evernote and the enhancements we made for our environment. These changes include templated dashboards, multi-device templated dashboards, and UI adjustments. The addition of templated dashboards allows us to create and maintain just dozens of dashboards instead of thousands. Not long after that article, graphite 0.9.12 was released. Our internal version has been updated to this latest release.

Today we are announcing the open source release of this code now available on GitHub. While this is an unsupported, unofficial fork of graphite-web, we will have occasional public releases to coincide with our internal graphite updates. As noted in the documentation, there are some configuration items to be aware of in order to use this version of graphite.

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