Evernote SDK for Android v2.0 and Introducing Ralf!


Evernote SDK for Android v2.0 and Introducing Ralf!

Posted by Ralf Wondratschek on 28 May 2015

Posted by Ralf Wondratschek on 28 May 2015

By Ralf Wondratschek, Senior Android Engineer at Evernote

Developing open source projects is one of the most challenging tasks as software engineer, especially considering that partners, developers, and third party apps rely on these projects.

Evernote Material Design

With our recent improvements of the Evernote for Android app, our focus presented an opportunity to refresh the Evernote SDK for Android and launch the v2.0 release. We are inviting you to try it for yourself:

Get the Evernote for Android SDK on GitHub >>

Revamping the Evernote for Android SDK

This update included a number of important changes :

  • New Build Systems: Support for Gradle and Android Studio, the recommended IDE for Android applications
  • Source Code Rewrite: Many referenced Android dependencies were marked as deprecated and had to be exchanged with newer APIs. We retain current interfaces in our SDK, and have improved the network performance
  • 3rd Party Auth: Logged in Evernote for Android users no longer need to use web view for OAuth to grant third party apps access to their data using Android Intents. View example
  • Evernote Business Support: Connecting to a user’s Business notebooks (and shared notebooks) is now a lot easier and baked into the SDK. View details
  • Developer Token Support: Instead of using an API Key you can now create a developer token and start using the API on your account today. Also in order to add new features I’ve extended important classes with factory and builder objects. Now it’s really easy to exchange implementations and to customize the behavior.
  • Download the HTML of a note: With the help of the NoteRef class you can now easier fetch and save notes. A unified search lets you find notes with multiple scopes in a single call. An HTML downloader was added to open notes in a webview or other editors. See demo
  • New Android Intents: Without access to the Evernote API or handling network calls, you can now create, view or look for notes using the Evernote app on Android. It’s even possible to share styled HTML, which our app converts to valid ENML in a new note. View the Evernote Android Intents Library
  • New sample app: Demonstrates how to use the SDK and to extend your app with the new features and options. View demo app

The new Evernote SDK for Android is now public available and I’m looking forward to see how you integrate it in your app! Feel free to provide pull requests, file issues, and reach out on repo: Get the Evernote for Android SDK on GitHub >>

About Ralf:


Ralf Wondratschek is a Senior Software Engineer at Evernote. Ralf works on Evernote for Android app with a special focus on the built in camera and third party app integrations. In addition, he leads the roadmap and enhancements for the Evernote SDK for Android.

Prior to Evernote, Ralf worked together with several companies
in Germany and published three apps in the Google Play Store as an independent developer.

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  • I could not find how to use Android Intent library,can you help me?

    • Ralf Wondratschek

      The project page shows how to include the library and how to use it with a small sample. The demo provides more examples.