Employee Spotlight: Julia Figueiredo


Employee Spotlight: Julia Figueiredo

Posted by Garrett Plasky on 26 Aug 2015

Posted by Garrett Plasky on 26 Aug 2015

Julia is responsible for Market Development on the Latin America team at Evernote.

How I used Evernote to help me get hired at… Evernote!

I just completed my first three months working at Evernote and it’s been a great experience so far. My journey began more than three years ago, when I moved to San Francisco from my hometown of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. I never imagined I would be working and living in Silicon Valley. My plan was to stay a year studying Global BusinessManagement and Finance at UC Berkeley, but I became curious about the Bay Area and the opportunities to grow professionally here.

Upon graduation I started working for a Tech Incubator in Silicon Valley, which was a great first step for growing and expanding my local network. One day at the incubator, a client said, “Evernote is looking for a person to help with their Brazilian market efforts. I think you are a perfect fit since I started using Evernote because of you!”

I gave it some thought and realized she was right! I was a huge fan and power user, plus I had extensive experience working with Brazil. I decided to apply for the job, and used Evernote to get a job at… Evernote!

Here are some of the steps I took:

  • Got organized: I created a notebook called “Evernote Job” so I could gather all of the information I would need during the interview process. The first thing I added to the notebook was the job description.
  • Resume: Based on the job description, I updated my resume to highlight previous work experience that was relevant for the position.
  • Study the company: I started researching everything about Evernote right away and clipping interesting articles with Web Clipper. I looked at the company’s website, YouTube channels, Evernote Blogs (in English and Portuguese), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), Glassdoor profile and watched countless videos of Phil Libin talking about Evernote.
  • Study the product: I was already an Evernote power user, which meant I used the Premium version and had a thorough understanding of the tool. Also I was an evangelist of the product with my friends and co-workers.
  • Interview questions: Even before I was contacted by the company, I created a note with more than 30 possible questions they could ask me. I wrote all the answers down so they would come naturally to me during the interview.
  • Talk to employees: I knew the person that previously had the role and reached out to her to learn from her experience about the work environment and the company itself. I am really grateful she took the time to talk with me as it really helped me prepare for the interview.
  • LinkedIn: I checked the LinkedIn profiles of everyone on the hiring team to learn more about their experience.
  • Networking: It was important for me to take every opportunity to meet the team at different networking events in the Bay Area. For example, Luis Samra, the General Manager for Evernote in Latin America was speaking at a panel and I went to listen to him speak. I also met some of the other team members through local groups.

I decided to join Evernote because of the team and the work environment. When you walk in the office you feel welcomed and the people who work here are the best! Everyone is smart, talented and passionate about their work.

There is no right formula for landing your dream job, but if you want to come and work for Evernote I would say: love the product, use it, and believe you can make an impact.

I hope some of these tips can help you or somebody you know land a great job!

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