Wearable Tech: Build on the WOVE band!

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Wearable Tech: Build on the WOVE band!

Posted by Chris Traganos on 28 Sep 2015

Posted by Chris Traganos on 28 Sep 2015

For those interested in building and hacking on new wearable tech, our friends at Polyera have launched WOVE band and want to pull in developers for early access as they launch their developer program.


The WOVE band is a flexible display that encompasses the entire wrist – the potential for new Evernote use cases is exciting and we want to see what you can build!

Make sure to post your projects on devpost and tag it with #evernote – We would love to show off these awesome wearable projects on @evernote_dev .

Get involved and start building!
A limited number of Wove 0.1 prototypes will be given to a select group of artists, developers and designers, beginning in December. Starting today, those interested in exploring Wove’s potential can apply on Wove.com/apply

Learn more about WOVE band »

Wove’s Android-based OS runs compositions, which are like apps, but made for wearing.
Once the prototypes ship this December, Wove offers three ways to make compositions:

  • a Java SDK for those familiar with Android development
  • a Web SDK for those familiar with HTML5/CSS3/JS
  • and a graphics tool for those familiar with image editing and graphic creation

With Wove’s creation tools, a wide range of people can make compositions that combine aesthetics and utility in entirely new ways.

Technical Specs:


Have fun and keep coding!

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